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Empty hospital beds. Stock photo from Unsplash

Norway reclassifies Covid-19: No more dangerous than ordinary flu

Covid-19 is treated in the mass media as a very dangerous disease in the face of which mass vaccination and severe restrictions for the whole society are applauded despite few deaths beyond the risk groups. But in Norway, it has now been decided to treat it like other respiratory diseases, such as influenza or the cold virus, because according to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health it is no longer more dangerous than these.

Published: September 23, 2021, 10:24 am

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    The Norwegian Institute of Public Health FHI has made the remarkable, but statistically supported, decision to classify Covid-19 as a respiratory disease that is as dangerous as the common flu. It is clarified that the pandemic is not over, but that it has entered a new phase where Covid-19 is now equated with a common respiratory disease, such as a flu or respiratory infection. This is done, among other things, due to the mutations that the Coronavirus has undergone, which makes it less dangerous, together with increased natural and vaccination-induced immunity that has been achieved in Norwegian society.

    Geir Bukholm. Photo: FHI

    Although the infection itself continues to circulate in the population, this does not mean an increase in hospital stays, which in itself means that the Coronavirus no longer creates a large burden on healthcare in Norway. This is because the vast majority of those at risk are protected. Those who are vaccinated also get severe symptoms and those who are not in the risk groups also usually only get ordinary mild cold symptoms. FHI thus makes the assessment that the Coronavirus now joins the ranks of other respiratory viruses such as the common cold and seasonal flu.

    “It is something positive and sends out signals that at least in Norway, at the moment, they consider themselves aware of the situation,” said Niklas Arnberg, professor of virology at Umeå University and chairman of the Pandemic Foundation to Aftonbladet.

    More contagious but less dangerous

    The FHI believes that the pandemic itself is not over because it is still out in the world and is spreading at the same time as the proportion of people vaccinated worldwide is low. As long as it spreads outside the territories of rich countries, it will be a continuing pandemic, it is said.

    With fewer in the high-risk groups who are in need of healthcare, the burden on healthcare decreases sharply.

    The second factor is one that is well known, namely that viruses with very few exceptions over time on purely evolutionary grounds develop towards becoming more contagious but at the same time less lethal. Sars-CoV-2 has undergone thousands of mutations and different variants have replaced each other in the rate of spread and degree of infection, but which have continuously proved less and less deadly. This spread also continues among vaccinated people as the degree of vaccine protection against this variant is lower than against previous variants, which also enables its continued spread, even in countries where the majority of the population has been vaccinated.

    In the studies conducted by FHI, it has been found that both partially and fully vaccinated people who receive Covid-19 have a low risk of having to go to hospital for care, but that the same also applies to healthy people who do not belong to risk groups. In those who were partially vaccinated, it has been concluded that the degree of protection against the Delta variant is only 22 percent, which increases to 65 percent for those who received two doses of vaccine. There are still low degrees of efficacy compared with the Alpha variant of the virus, where the degree of protection was instead 55 percent and 84 percent for those vaccinated.

    According to the latest statistics from FHI, 67 new patients have been admitted to hospital with Covid-19 as the main cause during week 37, which is a decrease from 95 cases the week before. But of the new cases in week 37, only 9 patients needed intensive care, a decrease from 22 from the previous week.

    It is also believed that the risk of needing medical care increases for those who are completely unvaccinated, but this is otherwise dependent on the risk group you are in. Around 40 percent of those who needed to be admitted for care in Norway during the past week have, for example, been fully vaccinated but have then an overwhelming majority belonged to risk groups. Around 5 percent have been partially vaccinated and around 55 percent of those admitted have not been vaccinated at all. A total of 11 people died with Covid-19 during week 37, a decrease from 13 deaths the previous week. The average age of those who died in week 37 was 80 years and thus in the risk group.

    In Norway, 90 percent of the population over the age of 18 have received their first dose and 83 percent have received their second dose and are thus considered fully vaccinated.

    Influenza does not require mass vaccination

    The significantly improved situation in Norway means that they choose to classify Covid-19 as a respiratory infection of the same degree of danger as influenza. This does not mean that it is seen as harmless, but rather that just as in the case of influenza, it is believed that it can be managed and that the risks for patients with a Covid-19 or influenza infection are comparable and that it is for people in the risk groups.

    “The total societal costs for virus-caused diseases can be tens of billions of kronor every year, without us having a pandemic,” Arnberg told Swedish daily Aftonbladet. He cited common colds and stomach ailments as causes for this.

    Every year, between 300 000 and 1,5 million Swedes fall ill with the flu, but few still die, only between 700 and 2000 annually, with fairly large annual variations within this range. As in the case of Covid-19, it is in the risk groups that the overwhelming majority of deaths occur, but no mass vaccinations are carried out at the societal level despite this.

    More children aged 10-19, for example, die of the common flu each year, between five and ten children, which is more than what died with Covid-19 in 2020 and 2021, as according to the National Board of Health and Welfare’s death register only four children who died with Covid-19 so far. In terms of this age group, the flu is more dangerous than Covid-19. This is interesting in itself, because in Norway, unlike Sweden, they have chosen not to vaccinate children under 12 years of age.

    The future looks bright

    By the winter, it is suspected in Norway that the hospitals will not be burdened with patients who have fallen ill with Covid-19, but instead there will be a mixture of Covid-19, other respiratory infections and common flu.

    “I think we have reached the top this time. Then I think instead that we will get a winter wave that comes later. But we do not think it will be bigger than the healthcare system can handle,” Geir Bukholm told Verdens Gang.

    According to FHI’s assessments, the infection is on the decline, fewer people become seriously ill, very few die and Norway’s assessment that Covid-19 is no longer more dangerous than a common flu looks increasingly correct.

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    • LuciusAnnaeusSeneca

      Norway’s approach breaks ranks with other nations, as the health authorities there are apparently looking at the number of hospitalizations and deaths as compared to those from other viral infections. It remains to be seen how the health services of other countries will react to the Norwegian approach to COVID-19. Currently politics, not epidemiology, seems to be a major complicating factor in most countries.

      • Sivalingam Canjeevaram

        ” Currently politics, not epidemiology, seems to be a major complicating factor in most countries”
        Well said.
        What was a boon has now become a bane in North America, Western Countries
        That is ; economic growth, surplus income, individual freedom, has endowed people with lots of FREE TIME! so much so that they are now feeling bored who are then hot potatoes for Media and Politics to be hijacked and groomed.

        Politics is going to screw us all up, terribly.

      • winni

        In Singapoor they have done exactly like in Norway. Classified Covid19 like the common cold

      • nygard1

        Wrong! In Denmark ALL Covid-19-related restrictions have been lifted – the pandemic is considered over.

        • LuciusAnnaeusSeneca

          If so, I’m glad to be corrected!

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    • Rentia Diedericks

      “In summary, the value of these COVID-19 inoculations is not obvious from a cost-benefit perspective for the most vulnerable age demographic, and is not obvious from any perspective for the least vulnerable age demographic.”

      • Marmocet

        The data shown on this newscast actually shows that people who are fully vaccinated are ~55% as likely to become “covid cases” as unvaccinated or partially vaccinated people are.

        Here’s the arithmetic:
        Partially/unvaccinated: 29/279 = ~10.4% of cases, 6% of population. This makes the partially/unvaccinated over-represented among covid cases by a factor of ~1.73.

        Fully vaccinated: 250/279 = ~89.6% of cases, 94% of population. This makes the fully vaccinated under-represented among covid cases by a factor of ~0.95.

        0.95/1.73 = ~0.55, or 55%, meaning that people who are fully vaccinated are 55% as likely to become covid cases as partially and unvaccinated people are.

        How much of this can be attributed to a person’s vaccinated status is another question. For example, people who haven’t been fully vaccinated might have chosen not to get the vaccine or boosters because they’re already in a fragile state of health. It’s also possible that the vaccine might appear in the data to be more effective than it really if for some reason people who have immunity from having recovered from Sars-CoV-2 infection are also more likely to be fully vaccinated. The data, as far as I know, aren’t good enough to resolve these questions.

        • Steve Golf

          Both vaxed and unvaxed could benefit from the supressed safe effective cheap medications.

          • Marmocet

            Very true. It’s an absolute scandal that public health authorities in developed world countries aren’t recommending cheap, safe agents to treat and prevent Covid19, like vitamins D and C, zinc, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, bromhexine, fluvoxamine and meltatonin, among others. It isn’t as if there isn’t scientific evidence – in some instances quite a lot of it – that they’re effective. The arguments these public health authorities make for not recommending these agents are completely incoherent.

            • Shaymus

              where is this scientific evidence that the aforementioned medications work?

            • James George

              Seems our death tolls in India are about one fifth of the US, we never banned Hydroxy, zinc, Ivermectin etc…. USA in blue, India in Red.


            • Noneyah Biz

              data is inconsistent as they have inflated those numbers in April of this year…quoted by…death data is unmeasurable as it stands…and last I checked the data itself is not cleaned, or filtered for data anomalies by the CDC or WHO….but i mean since you made a pretty graph…and all LOL- the greatest anomalies in data is the death factors are no longer confirmed deaths but assumed deaths…actually your graph reflects the inflation done by the US were India didn’t inflate their numbers…but since you don’t know that what you made only confirms what I said….it only confirms that you don’t know data as well as you graphed it out clueless to what your looking at LOL- just saying

            • Rentia Diedericks
            • Noneyah Biz

     – for april inflations to push delta variants as a more deadly disease when it isn’t anything different than the first one-It just has different markers- (if its still there….LOL- probably sensored, because posting their data findings got me shadow banned from Linkedin)

            • Marmocet

              You can see evidence from clinical trials at c19early dot com.

            • el_will2010

              How many of the 279 were fully unvaccinated?

            • Rentia Diedericks

              Well you’re free to get the shot anytime:

        • el_will2010

          How many of the 279 were fully unvaccinated?

          • Rentia Diedericks
            • el_will2010

              Just to be clear, I asked how many of the 279 were fully “UN”vaccinated. These people love to play sleight of hand games with the data coming up with conclusions with little to no actual evidence to support them. I see nothing in any of these post or on the news report itself to actually define the number of FULLY “UN”vaccinated people out of the 279 but we do know that it must be a very small number. I’m guessing less than five if not zero. Why do they do this? Well how bad would it look if the only people getting ill are those who have injected at least “some” arm poison into themselves? You can be certain that this is in fact the case and most of those getting ill are at least partially “vaccinated” because if it wasn’t true they wouldn’t work so very hard at manipulating the data and lying to the public like they do.

            • Frank Bazzoka

              it stands to reason , that if you vaccinate 95% of your population , it’s highly likely that breakthrough infections will make up the bulk of the cases. Vaccines are not 100% effective at preventing transmission or disease, but a jab beats waiting for “Natural immunity” where one risks ending up dead or sucking on a ventilator pipe.

            • Milan Pustai

              ..why can’t you use the proper name for the “jab” – it is EXPERIMENTAL DRUG and NEVER VACCINE …. most of you keep forgetting

        • Rentia Diedericks

          Daily tests show that unvaxed are tested 70 percent more than vaxed. This also heavily skews calculations.

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    • The Viking.

      Covid paranoia is the machination of corrupt politicians the world over.
      I have always trusted the Nordic peoples to be realistic in their approach to world affairs.
      Thank you Norway. Now to convince the MSM is a different matter.

      • Les

        They have zero interest in the truth, surely you must know that, by now?!
        They are as culpable as the fake, phony and false guv liars … I see prison as too good for them.

        • 𝓢𝓲𝓻 𝓖𝓻𝓾𝓶𝓹𝔂 𝓪𝓵-𝓐𝓶𝓻𝓲𝓴𝓲

          Since Norway’s approach
          doesn’t contribute to the establishment
          of the New World Order,
          it will be ignored by other countries.

          • Baron Samedi

            Exactly, we won’t hear about any of the Scandinavian countries anymore…

    • Holly Dunn 👄

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    • Alan

      I really hope they’re right. I suspect however that winter will reveal just how dangerous these ‘vaccines’ are.

      • iwundr

        I don’t believe they have considered “antibody enhancement.”

        • Alan

          There are forms of pathological priming with vaccines too. Winter is coming…

    • Jennifer Jones 💗

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    • wastedideas

      They’re still being shills in their response… What they mean to say is they cannot verify that any of their measures over the past year have had any effect, when compared to their neighboring country. They don’t know how to beat the virus, so they are simply giving up and allowing people to go back to their lives.

    • Deejayemmm

      The enemies of Christ will prevail until Christ returns. This is God’s final judgment. May of God’s chosen will die, a few will remain but this world is done. Praise God.

      • el_will2010

        We still have free will and where two or more are gathered in his name he is there. I believe we can always turn things around until the great falling away and the Antichrist is revealed. This is why the Bible is clear that no man knows the day nor hour, not even the angels and not even the Son but only the Father knows. It’s all about our free will. You’re probably correct though. If this isn’t it then I definitely don’t want to be here when the time does come because these demons running this world have a pretty tight hold on things now.

    • Patricia P. Tursi

      Most, people with open minds, have known this from the beginning. However the bioweapon shot is not the same as the flu. The synthetic mRNA which bioengineers our immune system via DNA manipulation is potentially lethal, as is graphene oxide and other ingredients such as nanobots.

    • Shaymus

      how odd…
      I just perused the FHI website, and found no reference to COVID being lowered to Flu status – in fact, there’s parts of the site that are recommending flu shots as well as the COVID vaccine.

    • Shaymus

      Kind of a shame that there is no corroborating links to actual quotes from the people who allegedly made them.

    • Mitch Perry

      Please list the sources for this article

    • Frank Bazzoka

      Norway had restrictions for 561 days
      They have fully vaccinated 76% of the population vs Murica’s pathetic 57%
      They took collective responsibility seriously.
      There, now you want the same result….get vaxxed, and wear masks.
      Norway will have Christmas whilst Usa will have a Nightmare.

      signed Santa Claus

    • Milan Pustai

      ….yuupeeee I am so happy – that is exactly what I was saying from the very beginning of the scamdemia … back then I was just looking at few countries statistics about flu and deaths THE NUMBERS DID NOT LIE …now what we need is to kick all the pushers for experimental drugs and “boosters” for something which did not work in first place AND LIVE HAPPILY AS NEVER BEFORE good healthy diet get out and exercise is all we need


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