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'New Swedes'. Photo credit: Brett Jordan

Sweden welcomes 85 000 ‘new Swedes’

Before the end of the year, Sweden issued about 85 000 new citizenships, and “the new Swedes” come mainly from the Arab world, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Eritrea.

Published: January 5, 2022, 8:03 am

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    About 40 000 of the citizenship approvals last year went to people from the Arab world, of which 27 340 were migrants from Syria. In addition, 4 305 Somalis, 4 067 Afghans, and 3 471 Eritreans have become Swedish citizens in 2021. For Norwegians, Danes, and Finns the numbers are much lower: 163, 198, and 204 respectively, reported Swedish daily Nya Dagbladet.

    It also seems that almost 50 000 persons with Swedish citizenship emigrated during 2021, but it is unclear how many of these are immigrants from the third world. In 1 530 of the applications the homeland was listed as “unknown”.

    One can also see that Sweden is especially popular with the immigrant groups who already have a large number of resident fellow-countrymen for example, Somalia or Syria. For persons from African countries like Chad, Malawi, Madagascar, and Equatorial Guinea, only 4 citizenships were granted in total.

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    • Lauren

      Sweden is really blowing it. Men coming from these very patriarchal societies, are not respectful toward women, and according to stats, commit rape at a much higher rate than locals.

      Why is Sweden doing this to their own women?

      • Marvin

        They are satanists who desire to destroy the western world. They love death and destruction.

        • The Vax is a Bio-Weapon


      • Nathan Durhing

        Because Sweden is run by feminists and Swedish men are their cucks.

        • Padraigin Eagle

          By their Protocols you shall know them: Sweden is run by the small hats, as is most every country. The unfeminine buttfugly feminists are the frontline slags of their divide and rule agenda, used to deknacker the Swedish men.

      • Don’t forget their children, who are beaten, stripped, raped, including boys.
        Sweden needs to wake up, and take over, as a small number are ruining their country.

        • Guy Montag

          The West is already LOST :-(((

      • The Vax is a Bio-Weapon

        to destroy it to be replaced with some new form of Marxist/globalist woke corporate government

      • GLM

        It is the intentional dilution of western society. The middle eastern hoards have no loyalty to their own countries (they’re known as nomads for a reason). Western civilizations cherish their own culture, country and sovereignty. Dilute the western races is the goal. Think not? It’s happening on a global scale, not just Europe and Canada but here in the US as well. Take your time and look around, it’s happening everywhere. The event is calculated and carefully planned.

        • Guy Montag

          10 Points !

      • FED-UP with it all
        • Guy Montag


      • Guy Montag

        They are Liberals .
        What is worse than Fascism . . .

      • Padraigin Eagle

        Sweden is Tribe; at the top the small hats take the vikings for a ride: Read the article at the link below and you’ll clearly see the hidden hand that imports/drives the dark side invaders into most every country.

        entityart dot co dot uk/multiculturalism-is-being-used-against-humanity-to-help-bring-about-the-zionist-new-world-order-kalergi-plan-white-genocide-immigration/

      • Edward

        Why? I will tell you why; it is because they have been indoctrinated and brainwashed since kindergarten to hate themselves and lay themselves open for others to take over their country. Masochism and penance mixed together with self-righteousness and misunderstood morality.
        The people who maybe were a bit weak and cowardly to begin with have had everyone against them; the intellectuals, the media and the politicians, they did not stand a chance really.

    • Coffee Long

      Hoooooooly fuск what a disaster.

    • swimologist

      The jooish Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan continues apace while Western traitor politicians abet it.

    • ✓ Certified Deplorable

      You can thank Barbra Lerner-Spectre and her ilk for this.

      • Padraigin Eagle

        Hasbarbara: Coudenhove-Kalergi is the man, he and his small hat mates opened the invader flood gates, the ugly Spectre carrying on the tradition, but then The Protocols have always been their ‘chosen to do evil’ mission.

        entityart dot co dot uk/multiculturalism-is-being-used-against-humanity-to-help-bring-about-the-zionist-new-world-order-kalergi-plan-white-genocide-immigration/ In plain sight, the target is the genuine white

      • yougottaproblemwiddat

        She herself claims the credit/blame.
        She also got a big prize bestowed by the King of Sweden, so there’s plenty of credit/blame to go around.

    • Marsha Bacon Lancaster

      Gorvemental feminism at its most destructive.

    • WookinPaNub

      Libbies love savages.

    • MsFreedomWatch

      Dementia Biden abandoned hundreds of Americans in the war zone of Afghanistan, while allowing unvetted 40 year old middle eastern men with 12 year old little girls enter the US. Many of these illegal immigrants wish harm upon any country that is not their own. Our dysfunctional government is our own demise, however they will never be held accountable for crime and the coming destruction.

      • Guy Montag

        Liberals – the Enemy Within .

    • Robert Anderson

      Politicians are doing this for money or being blackmailed to do so. Larry Fink of Blackrock controls a portfolio of about $10 trillion, and is making corporations woke through requests or blackmail (i.e. child labor overseas, tax cheats, working with corrupt ruling families overseas, etc.). Then there is Soros, Garland, Sanders etc. If Western culture has to change, why not Israel? Why do woke women desire cultures where women are second class?

    • David S.

      This indicates Sweden is not focused on Nationalities. We should ask why this movement. What is motivating so many to leave their homeland. How will these affect their culture. Many questions.

      • Guy Montag

        The answer is Liberalism .
        The Plague of the XXI-st Century 🙁

    • throughthewringer

      sweden will lose its culture. goodbye, sweden.

      • Guy Montag

        Already lost .

    • Bubba01

      Policy makers failing to understanding the nature of Islam is what we are seeing here.
      Ignorance and willful ignorance will destabilize and destroy the West.

      • Padraigin Eagle

        Ignorance it ain’t, The Great Reset Agenda, it is: The so-called policy makers are the small hat clan, and everything is going exactly to plan.

        entityart dot co dot uk/multiculturalism-is-being-used-against-humanity-to-help-bring-about-the-zionist-new-world-order-kalergi-plan-white-genocide-immigration/

    • Ralph Mouth

      As Sweden will come to see, the Somalians offer nothing but drain on their coffers and the tearing of their social fabric.

    • Symore Butts

      I used to be pretty moderate. now I honestly believe ethnic cleansing might not be the worst solution.

    • Artie

      And the country will act surprised when these Muslims start raping white women.

      • Moose

        The only surprise will be if the rapes and molestations of children are even reported at all by the dishonest media that encourages this foreign invasion.

        • Guy Montag

          The who report it will be jailed for racism .

      • Guy Montag

        Westeners will NEVER act .
        Viking MEN used to do it .
        Werts bow their heads and obey .

    • jbwilson24

      And the rape rate is going up….

    • AtilHun

      The best thing that could happen to Europe is a Russian invasion

      • Guy Montag

        Well said !

    • The Vax is a Bio-Weapon

      this is like an athlete eating a bunch of greasy deep fried food and sugary candy and pop.
      It’s not going to kill you right away but,……..

    • Matvey Ivanov (матвей иванов)

      I read many times now that Sweden would like to join NATO because they are afraid of us Russian. The leaders of Sweden say the greatest lies about the the Russian people and our President. But these fools get to their knees for Africans. What these idiots in Sweden do not realize is that they have ALREDY BEEN CONQUERED. But instead of having dignity and being friendly to Russia, they should to be conquered by those outside of Europe while watching their women getting taken by these invaders.

      I would like to know what percentage of the new Swedish are young men.

      • Guy Montag

        Not for Africans, rather Muslims . . .

      • Padraigin Eagle

        Sweden is part of that Big Club, the one they use to beat all and sundry into submission: The ‘leaders’ aka string pullers of Sweden are the small hats. And Russia is ruled by the same menagerie. As with South Africa, Slovo, Bernstein, Sachs, Kasrils, etc, from the same cloth are these creatures cut, The Protocols demand that each and every country bow to the Luciferian slut (sic).

    • Number 6

      There goes the neighborhood.

    • 2nd amendment vs evil govt

      Sweden reminds me of Jonestown……..only thing missing is the Kool-Aid.

    • WhatHaveWeDone

      They elected women there, they’re getting what they deserve.


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