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November 3, 2021. Respect my HIV Protest in London. Photo credit: Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona

The very untimely death of Luc Montagnier

The renowned French biologist and virologist, Luc Montagnier, who isolated the HIV virus and received the Nobel Prize for it in 2008, died in Paris on February 8 at the age of 89 as FWM reported. The cause of his death is not yet known. On February 12, Montagnier would have given an expert witness statement at the hearing at Peoples’ Court of Public Opinion on "Covid-19 crimes against humanity".

Published: February 15, 2022, 10:26 am

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    He was an outspoken opponent of Covid-19 mRNA gene therapies, calling them “poison”. The Grand Jury was set up by international lawyers to conduct criminal investigations into those actors who had helped devise and execute a collective plan to launch a pandemic. The charge is that world governments have fallen under the control of corrupt and criminal power structures which had been planning the pandemic for years.

    Witness to “Crimes Against Humanity”

    The evidence is being presented to a citizen jury. Montagnier’s expertise would have been very valuable and insightful. In 1983 he discovered the lymphadenopathy-associated virus (LAV), later referred to as the HIV virus, and was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2008. The HIV virus attacks the body’s immune system and can lead to acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). To date, there is no vaccination against it, only drug treatment.

    Laboratory virus – mutations due to vaccination

    Montagnier rejected the current Covid-19 gene therapies. He spoke of “scientific error, medical negligence and an unforgivable historical error”. As early as 2020 he described SARS-CoV-2 as an artificially generated “chimera virus”, the starting point for its construction was a natural virus, he said in an interview for the Corona virus documentary Hold up – return to chaos. According to Montagnier, the virus variants are triggered by the vaccination. Because the virus is then looking for a way out, it therefore mutates.

    Professor Montagnier also drew parallels between Covid and HIV viruses. According to him, “at one time, while studying the HIV virus, I found that it acts in tandem with a bacterium. So, in the case of Coronavirus, we are dealing with exactly the same symbiosis”.

    mRNA – terrible unknowns

    At the beginning of January, Montagnier said at a hearing in the Luxembourg Parliament: “These vaccines are poisons. They are not real vaccines. The mRNA allows its message to be transcribed throughout the body, uncontrollably. No one can say for each of us where these messages will go. This is therefore a terrible unknown. And in fact we are now learning that this is a work published over a year ago that these mRNAs contain an area that we can call prion, which is an area capable of introducing protein modifications in an unpredictable way.

    “As a doctor I knew 21 people who received 2 doses of Pfizer vaccine, there is another person who received Moderna. The 21 died of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease caused by prions. The 3 vaccines Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna contain a sequence identified by Information Technology as transformation into a prion. There is therefore a known risk to human health.”

    A prion is a specific type of protein that attacks and irreversibly destroys healthy cells.

    HIV risk after the third jab

    A statement which has been attributed to Montagnier, has been circulating on social networks: “To those who have been vaccinated with the third dose of Covid-19… Go to a laboratory, do an HIV test, the result will surprise you. And then sue your government.”

    In October 2020, a group of researchers in the medical journal The Lancet warned that some of the Covid-19 vaccines under development could increase the risk of contracting HIV in vulnerable populations. The reason for this would be the adenovirus (Ad5) used as a “vector”. That was discovered a decade ago when the HIV vaccine was developed. They also contained Ad5 and increased the risk of HIV infection in men. Ad5 was finally discouraged. Incidentally, the lead author of the associated study from 2014 was Dr. Anthony Fauci.

    Alarming news

    Exactly this Ad5 is used today as a vector, for example at Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, the Russian Sputnik and the Chinese CanSinoBIO. “Covid-19 inhalation vaccinations with Ad5 are also planned. At the beginning of February 2022, a report in the Spanish Diario also referred to this development.

    According to the report, the World Health Organization had observed an increase in HIV infections, but attributed this to a decline in HIV tests in the wake of the Corona pandemic. In early February, the media reported that a highly infectious variant of the HIV virus had been identified in the Netherlands, which was far more contagious than the original variant.

    US approves HIV prophylaxis

    It is also interesting that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a therapeutic product from GlaxoSmithKline last December that reduces the risk of HIV infection. It is an injection that is taken every two months as a prophylaxis but only in the case of a recently confirmed negative HIV test. Warnings are given about side effects such as allergic reactions, liver damage and depression.

    Grand Jury proceedings

    Dr Bryan Ardis has meanwhile given a thorough presentation at Peoples’ Court of Public Opinion on the hospital protocols for treating Covid-19, arguing that these highly questionable treatments had been the primary cause of death, not the virus itself. “The vaccines by far was the end agenda. They had to convince [the population] it was a deadly virus.”

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