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Ukrainian soldiers are put into the meat grinder to enable the NWO to steal Russian wealth. Facebook

US Colonel: ‘We are urging Ukrainians to die needlessly’

In an interview with Fox News, a retired US colonel close to Trump said the fighting in Ukraine was all but over. The Russians' goal was a neutral state, and Russia should be granted that.

Published: March 2, 2022, 11:15 am

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    Douglas McGregor is a retired US Army colonel who had been slated to become the American ambassador to Germany in the case of a Trump victory in 2020. In an interview with the US broadcaster Fox News, he expressed the view that a neutral Ukraine should simply be allowed to emerge.

    Asked what Vladimir Putin’s goals were, he said Putin had warned for the past fifteen years that he would not tolerate US troops or missiles on Russia’s borders. The West simply ignored it.

    In 2014, Douglas MacGregor expressed his opposition to U.S. intervention in the Kosovo War. Wikipedia

    “Just as we would not tolerate their troops and missiles in Cuba. We ignored Putin and he acted. He could not under any circumstances allow Ukraine to join NATO.”

    The fighting in eastern Ukraine is as good as over. “Almost all Ukrainian troops are already encircled. In the southeast there is a concentration of about 30 000 to 40 000 men. If they don’t surrender in the next 24 hours, I suspect the Russians will eventually crush them.”

    That is the reason for the negotiations conducted by Vladimir Zelensky. “The game is over and he needs to negotiate to get the best possible result.”

    His statement that the Americans, and indeed US President Biden himself, had assured Zelensky that they would support him in the decision to neutralize Ukraine has not been confirmed.

    “And I think Vladimir Putin will do that for western Ukraine, on the other bank of the Dnieper. As far as the east is concerned, where he is now, I don’t yet know what he has in mind. Whether it will be another republic, and attached to Russia because that’s historically Russian territory, but western Ukraine isn’t.”

    It is about neutrality based on the model of Austria or Finland

    “We accuse him of things he doesn’t want to do, in our usual way of demonizing him and his country. We shouldn’t forget that Ukraine is fourth from the bottom on the list of 158 countries in terms of corruption. It’s not liberal democracy, the shining example everyone is talking about.”

    Zelensky is known to have jailed journalists and opposition politicians and does not espouse the much-touted American “democratic values”.

    “We should stay out. The American people think we should stay out. The Europeans want to stay out, too,” McGregor said.

    McGregor also strongly condemned the arms sales as an incentive to send the Ukrainians into a pointless fight.

    “What’s really disturbing is that while we don’t want to send troops, we’re urging Ukrainians to die in a pointless fight they can’t win. We’re creating a worse humanitarian catastrophe than anything we’ve seen before if that doesn’t stop.”

    War is simply an excuse to rob Russians of their wealth

    Washington, the UK and the EU have meanwhile frozen Russian foreign exchange reserves, in dollars, euros, pounds and yen, according to a report in the Financial Times. They are threatening to seize these assets permanently and essentially steal Russian wealth, using the war as a flimsy excuse.

    There are more than 300 Russian individuals who have had their assets seized. This begs the question of how this list was composed. Were these individuals associated with President Putin in a casual way or not? Or were they rather chosen for their considerable assets?

    For the moment Russia’s gold reserves have been spared this thievery since it is held in Russia and not in one of the Western gold trading centres such as London or New York.

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    • Rentia Diedericks
    • toedeladokie says hello

      The USA idiotic kleptocrasy has brought us on the brink of a nucear war .
      can we call it progress like we call the USA supported seperatist coup in Ukraine under obama a nice peoples revolution

      • Quartermaster

        There was no coup in Ukraine outside of Putin’s propaganda.

      • Jon

        Posting lies and hiding behind your hidden account like the piece of garbage you are…………. blocked

    • toedeladokie says hello

      Why are so many Idolizing Zelensky and Ukraine?

      if my dear mother, a Holocaust survivor, was alive, she would have this to say about Ukraine: ‘Loz em brennan’ (let them burn).To

      help understand her statement, you might recall one of the most

      terrible events in WWII, known as Babi Yar. It’s a deep ravine in the

      main city, Kiev in Ukraine. In 1941 in the period of just 2 days, almost

      34,000 Jews were murdered there! Think about that number. And it was

      all done by men shooting at innocent civilians. A very personal way to

      commit mass murder. That was nothing like carpet bombing a city from the

      air. As far as we know, that extreme murder rate had never been

      achieved until then. Of course the Nazis organized the killing. But it

      was the Ukrainians who actually did the killing. You see, the Ukrainians had such a blood lust for killing Jews that even the Nazis had to stop them.

      Read EVERYTHING here :

    • toedeladokie says hello

      Ukraine: On patrol with the far-right National Militia – BBC Newsnight
      Apr 3, 2018

    • toedeladokie says hello

      Neo-Nazi threat in new Ukraine: NEWSNIGHT
      Feb 28, 2014

    • Bob

      Agreed. All war are banksters wars. And usually the two sides are controlled by the banksters. If Putin is not controlled let him release the 911 evidence

    • Adolf

      There is some nationalist in Jewkraine in Azov battalion, but those idiots are joows and some ISIS masked members and all of this idiots are manipulated by joows who manage this battalion. There is video, how this batalion captured some Donetsk separatist, crucify him and burn a live. No real White nationalist would crucify Christiam and burn him a live. Azov and many like them is joowish-islamic terrorist who want to provoke war in Jewkraine. Watch this;

      • Jon

        awwww …. this poor little short bus rider is on the internet and can’t spell………. Hope mommy or maybe one of your two daddies will notice and block you from posting.

      • PCB333

        The khazars filled these lands at one time. …. the greatest story ever told.
        Same peeps who killed Christ have their elbows deep in this shit.

    • Quartermaster

      Putin has long wanted all of Ukraine under his thumb. Neutrality is the last thing Putin desires. Putin has lied about everything concerning Ukraine. he is not trustworthy and violated every agreement Russia was a part of. You can not reasonably make an agreement with him and expect it to be carried out.

      The only difference between the WEF types and Putin is that Putin wants his version of the NWO, and not WEF’s. Other than that, he’s no different.

      • gamira007 .

        Another CNN propaganda weasel you are. Russia is not Ignoring the treaties signed by USA and Nato 30 yrs ago? Everyone else except Russia violating all the accords agreed on from 2014 and on? Your a nut job peddling globalist filth. Ukraine will be liberated. Your Klaus Schwab school of ignorant drooling monkeys are a cowardly sinking ship.

        • Quartermaster

          Russia has violated every treaty it ever signed. That is not arguable as we caught them. We have signed no agreements with Russia since 2014. Your lame attempts at insult do not change these facts,

    • SrMyspace

      Meanwhile in the US, Hell’s Angels, MS-13 and countless organized crime rings run rampant.
      Putin can’t save the world from human villainy…. hell, not even Superman could stop all crime and corruption.

      Government causes more violent death than it prevents.


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