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Axel Fors

Articles by Axel Fors

Exclusive: Swedish politician’s Bilderberg attendance exposed through FOI

StockholmSweden's Minister of Social Affairs Lena Hallengren traveled to the US at the beginning of June to meet globalist politicians and vaccine companies, as well as to attend the Bilderberg Group meeting in Washington DC. The whole thing became an expensive trip for Swedish taxpayers. Hallengren not only chose to fly business class on all flights, but she also stayed in several different luxury hotels.

Majority of Swedes did not want to send weapons to Ukraine

StockholmOnly 39 percent of Swedes wanted Sweden to assist Ukraine with weapons, when Sifo conducted an opinion poll on 25 February. A narrow majority, 51 percent, wanted Sweden to help with financial assistance. Nevertheless, the Riksdag voted to send weapons to Ukraine.

Swedes put some ‘Adidas knights’ in their place

StockholmDuring the night of January 15, three Swedish men in their 30s were in the Stockholm metro on their way to an after-party. Suddenly they were attacked by several aggressive immigrants. One of the Swedes received two fist blows to the face, knocking him out. What the immigrants were not prepared for was that the Swedes, who all describe themselves as nationalists, would strike back.

Asylum seekers in Denmark can be sent 700km away – to Rwanda

CopenhagenPeople who immigrate to Denmark illegally and seek asylum will soon be transported 700 km away and placed in a Danish asylum centre in a Central African country.

Researchers sound the alarm: Swedes will be minority in 45 years

HelsinkiA Swedish weekly has revealed figures from Statistics Sweden that show that in as many as 18 municipalities, children with two Swedish-born parents are already a minority. Minority status for Swedish newborns now prevail in large cities such as Malmö, Helsingborg and Eskilstuna, but also in rural municipalities such as Lessebo, Hylte and Fagersta.

Roger Scruton’s friend: ‘He gave us hope’

Conservative philosopher Roger Scruton is dead. He died on January 12 of cancer. Scruton was honoured in 2016, but last year was subjected to a brutal smear campaign by the mainstream media and was at the end of his life persona non grata among the establishment. When death was imminent, Scruton told him that he had been deprived of both health and reputation, but expressed no resentment, only gratitude for all the positive things he had been involved in. The Swedish news outlet Nya Tider has spoke to Scruton's friend Gregory Lauder-Frost from the Traditional Britain Group.

Bullying and harassment at Sweden’s new Gender Equality Agency

Sweden is often synonymous with feminist fanaticism. The country's Gender Equality Agency was opened in January this year and is thus one of its newest agencies. However, even before the government could celebrate a year, 70 percent of the staff are at risk of ill health and more than half suffer from burnout and fatigue. It seems the agency's disastrous workplace culture is related to its staunchly feminist leadership. There is not a single man in the "equal" management group.

Latvian parliament rejects UN Migration Compact

Latvia's parliament has voted on the acceptance of the UN Migration Compact. This week, with 43 votes to 31, Parliament decided that Latvia should not sign the deal.