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Christer Ericsson

Articles by Christer Ericsson

A Kennedy-like assassination shakes Japan

TokyoThe murder of Japan's 'shadow shogun' Shinzo Abe raises many questions. Japan's strongman and longest-serving Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated on July 8. Before stepping down as prime minister for a second time in 2020, after a total of nearly nine years in power, Abe was instrumental in pulling Japan out of the country's dire economic crisis. He did it with his own economic policy, "Abenomics".

Australians urged not to charge their electric cars

The world is plagued by record high energy and fuel prices at the same time as energy supply is becoming increasingly strained. It can be seen not least in the southern hemisphere where winter now reigns. At the same time, the globalists' mandatory "green" change is taking place all over the world, which has created and is driving the energy crisis and the now rampant inflation.

European feed stocks expected to run out soon

BrusselsThe situation for Europe's farmers is getting worse. Prices are rising and feed stocks are starting to run out. Animal breeders around Europe are deeply concerned. At the same time, the EU and the governments of some countries in various ways prevent farmers from maintaining or increasing their production. This is in addition to the already alarming shortage of seeds and fertilizers.

Anti-Russian sanctions: A bane for the West

BrusselsMoscow is planning more countermeasures against Western sanctions. If implemented, they will have a devastating effect on the West's economy, production and energy and food security. Commentators point out that Western leaders seem to be doing the opposite of what should be done.

US Climate Tsar: Wait until you see 100 million refugees coming to Europe

WashingtonThe US "climate tsar" John Kerry believes that the Russian operation in Ukraine creates carbon dioxide emissions and that the war takes focus away from the climate issue, which is more important than anything else.

The global supply chain faces unprecedented hurdles

The conflict in Ukraine has created more disruptions in the already very strained supply chain, which is affecting the delivery and thus the prices of all goods. This applies not least to vital food and energy. After several merchant ships carrying food and energy were attacked in the Black Sea in recent days, multinational companies have decided to interrupt maritime traffic there.

Fertilizer shortages could become the death knell for global food production

The ongoing energy and logistics crisis is affecting most countries in the world. Many are beginning to feel the "pain" of a shortage of goods and skyrocketing prices for mainly energy. However, another more unknown shortage, which has now emerged, could be the death knell for global food security: Fertilizers.

Pope: Private property is ‘not Christian’, WEF agrees

At the turn of the month November-December, the pope made a move that was described as shocking by many. He argued that Christianity did not support the right to own a home.

UN Convention on Biological Diversity: Pandemic offers unique opportunity to restrict freedom of movement

The notion of ​​zones that people are not allowed to enter, was introduced by the EU. The proposed measures are part of binding international conventions, which the EU have signed. The latest is a "leadership event" held in September this year, overshadowed by the UN summit on biodiversity, in which heads of state and government from 64 countries and the EU promised to "take urgent action" to "achieve a sustainable development" before 2030.

Global cooling? New snowfall records set worldwide

Massive snowfalls in November affected several countries in Central Asia and North America, among others. In the northern hemisphere, the total snow mass is said to be an unimaginable 400 billion tons above average and has been growing faster than usual.