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Ilana Mercer

Articles by Ilana Mercer

An intramuscular injection that enters the bloodstream

"While at the outset of the vaccination campaign in 2020 it was unknown to what extent COVID vaccines entered the bloodstream, human data from 2021 reveal that the spike protein shows up within the circulation on the very day of the injection [15]."

Vetting Afghan immigrants for a religious comorbidity (Islam)

Establishing a functioning centralized state in Afghanistan didn’t work. Neither did the backend Deep State take in that country: Corruption runs deep in Afghanistan, but it’s a decentralized affair.

Outsized and excessive in everyway: The immorality of the Empire and its military

Fox News celeb anchors continue to trip over one another to talk up the wonders of our Afghan allies and the affront of failing to lift them to safety.

South Africa shames U.S. Democrats by uniting against criminality

Unlike in America where rioters are revered by kneeling down to them, Ilana Mercer finds that South Africa has been surprisingly united in its rejection of looting and public violence.

N.Y. shrink Aruna KhilaWhiteMan: A made-in-America monster

Ilana Mercer unloads on psychiatrist who lectured at Yale about murdering light-skinned folks

A white-out of whites: Ignoring the albino, dhimmi elephant in the room

Prior to being shot in the head this week by four brothers in a melee at a wild party, Sasha Johnson, of the British chapter of Black Lives Matter, had big plans for whites.

On the backs of poor whites? How J.D. Vance elites become elites

Ilana Mercer takes 'Hillbilly Elegy' author to task for using 'misplaced compassion' to gain access.

How America’s foreign-policy Alinskyites destroyed South Africa

Wrongheaded radicals of both parties quickened the demise of my former homeland, writes Ilana Mercer

The developing Orwellian Covid terminology

The “vaccine hesitancy” pejorative is an attempt to demonize clear thinking and reasoning.

AOC’s coven of spitting, #MeFirst cobras comes to Congress

Washington has been taken over by the histrionic politics of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others of her ilk, writes Ilana Mercer. They play the race card with a new intensity and verve.