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Ilana Mercer

Articles by Ilana Mercer

A ‘Victims of Communism Day’ is long overdue

The creed's 'savage foot-soldiers' today are 'pacifist' Black Lives Matter and Antifa

Guess which surrender monkey won the Battle of the Monuments?

Should all statues of Southern generals and leaders be removed? asks Ilana Mercer. And what about Europe, where the same clamour to remove statues and change street names is being heard?

The looting is local, not imported

If rioters everywhere are from somewhere not here, what’s the logic?

US, not China, opened its borders and got the virus

Hate the Chinese government if you wish, but hold your own government responsible for hollowing America out like a husk, says Ilana Mercer.

Coronavirus and conspiracy: Don’t be a ‘covidiot’

Ilana Mercer says Government isn't competent enough to concoct and execute deleterious plots

Pandemic, Plague, and Protests: Will Chile Join the Sh–hole Country Club?

Lower-case, doctrinaire democrats in America doggedly conflate the “will of the people” across the world with liberty. This Disneyfied view of democracy ignores that, in a democracy, the right to vote gives one man control over another’s life and livelihood.

From Wuhan to Washington State with ‘love’

America's Patient Zero as far as the corona virus is concerned, first arrived in Ilana Mercer's home state, Washington, on January 15, from where the virus spread due to bureacratic rules about testing and the lack of an early response. She describes China's 'wet markets' where the virus originated as 'disease-breeding' and 'barbaric'.

30 Years Since F. W. de Klerk’s Great Betrayal

As even liberal and left-wing commentators agree, South Africa has been looted into bankruptcy by the radical ANC-Communist Party movement. On the thirtieth anniversary of its unbanning, Ilana Mercer places the blame for the catastrophic conditions in the country squarely on its last white president, F.W. de Klerk, and his calculated betrayal of his own people and constituents.

Suleimani: America is judge, jury and executioner

Ilana Mercer questions the notion that the USA should have the right to attack or execute leaders in other countries at will, following on the recent assassination of Iran's Major General Qassim Suleimani.

Why conservatives ignore white-hating politics

In "It's Not 'Identity Politics,' It's Anti-White Politics," I questioned whether the term "identity politics" vaguely comports with our racial politics on terra firma. The answer was a resounding "no".