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Karin Bredenkamp

Articles by Karin Bredenkamp

Italian councilor attacked because she defends Christmas

Councilor Chiorino has invited schools in Piedmont to enhance the traditions of Christmas. By doing so, she has unleashed a storm.

French magazine outlines new hyperviolence linked to immigration

ParisOne of France’s leading conservative news magazines has highlighted the "denial, abandonment and powerlessness" of the French state faced with hordes of foreigners who do not fit in and do not want to become French.

Trump warns EU against immigration

President Trump on Thursday denounced mass immigration in an interview with a mass-circulation British tabloid newspaper. Unless Europeans "act very quickly, it’s never going to be what it was, and I don’t mean that in a positive way" he said.

‘Extremists use schools to pervert UK education’

LondonReligious extremists are indoctrinating pupils and undermining British values, according to the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills, Ofsted.

German broadcaster ARD accused of hiding Kandel murder story

German public broadcaster ARD has been criticised for its coverage of a crime by a migrant suspect. The channel had refused to report on last week’s fatal stabbing of a teenage girl in the town of Kandel.

Irish residents living in fear as new gang culture grips community

The Irish law enforcement - Gardaí - in Blanchardstown is struggling to deal with an upsurge of crime and violence and anti-social behaviour by gangs of youths in "new community" areas of Tyrrelstown North Dublin.

Finnish politician tells women ‘be patriotic, have more babies’

HelsinkiFinland is suffering a dire demographic fate. Bloomberg reported that Finland, a first-rate place in which to be a mother, has nevertheless registered the lowest number of newborns in nearly 150 years.

Richard Spencer tells Israeli TV he is a ‘white Zionist’

Tel AvivConservative activist Richard Spencer told an Israeli TV interviewer that he was essentially a “white Zionist”. Spencer made the comment to Israel's Channel 2 recently in response to charges of anti-Semitism on display at the rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

British voters back a hard Brexit

LondonThe British public overwhelmingly backs a hard exit from the EU. A major new study from the LSE and Oxford University shows even Remain voters now generally reject the soft Brexit policies advocated by the anti-Brexit lobby.

Congress set an ‘impeachment trap’ for Trump with Russian sanctions

WashingtonPresident Trump tweeted on Thursday morning that US-Russia relations were currently at an "all-time and very dangerous low," adding "you can thank Congress". The vote might actually have been a trap to impeach Trump.