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Paul Craig Roberts

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The drums of war beat louder

My forebodings/predictions about the Kremlin’s limited go-slow war in Ukraine are proving correct. Putin and Russia are demonized. Unprecedented sanctions amounting to piracy and theft have been imposed on Russia. The US and Europe are joining the war as de facto combatants. More countries are joining NATO with the result being the prospect of more US missile bases on Russia’s borders.

Our world of lies

If the inflation narrative we are being fed is true, the sanctions policy of the US government makes no sense as the worst sufferers are the American and European populations who are paying for the supply restrictions in higher prices and interest rates.

US governmental dysfunction rises with time

The US Constitution with the Bill of Rights dates from 1789. All of the safeguards against central government growth and ability to indebt the country have been eroded. Today the Federal national debt is $30 trillion, about two times the gross domestic product of the 28 countries that comprise the European Union, whose combined populations of 447,007,596 is approximately 120,000,000 larger than the US population.

The real threat in the Ukraine conflict

I still have forebodings about the manner in which the Kremlin is conducting the Ukrainian operation. There is no doubt that the Russians had to come to the defense of the Donbass republics.

A free person is one who owns his own labor

For decades on or about April 15, I published a tax day column pointing out that working Americans in our time are as enslaved as 19th century blacks on cotton plantations. I never in 30 or more years saw any response from any economist, historian, or anyone. I think my statement was regarded as too fanciful for comment.

Nuclear war is on the horizon

Some readers have asked why Russia regards Finland’s membership in NATO as a provocation. For the same reason that Ukraine’s membership is a provocation: US missile bases on Russia’s border.

Rule of Law in America is on its death bed

Kimberly Gardner, a black American Democrat circuit attorney in St Louis hired a black American FBI agent to help her frame white American Republican Missouri governor on false charges. Gardner’s scheme blew up in her face.

In case you care to know what is really going on

Putin is catching on

It took Russia 31 years to figure out she was trusting Satan

It took Russia 31 years to figure out she was trusting Satan but the knowledge hasn’t translated into action.

Ukraine update #6

A few remarks before I take the day off. Nonsensical news reports continue to appear in the media.