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Vávra Suk

Articles by Vávra Suk

The IOC and the crisis of the Olympic movement

The Olympic Games were meant to promote world peace by the means of sports competition, channelling rivalry between countries into peaceful games. This idea is now being undermined by the decision to ban Russian athletes to compete under their national flag. In the times of heightened tensions, the Olympic Games’ raison d’être is being degraded when it is needed the most.

Denmark’s game-changing plan for zero immigration

Denmark has taken a historic step when it was decided on 3 June to move the entire asylum process to Africa. Not even those who are granted asylum will be allowed to immigrate to Denmark, but refuge will be offered to them in an African country. This means zero asylum immigrants to Denmark as soon as the new system is in place — the first of two necessary steps to make Denmark Danish again.

Religious schism in Ukraine – religion in the service of new cold war

Ukraine has become the battlefield of the new cold war, fuelled by neocons in the US and their desire to dominate the world. Not even the Orthodox Church has escaped the mundane calamity and the politicians desire to use it as a tool of anti-Russian sentiment. In this text, I will try to explain the fate of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine and how a new, competing Church was constructed.

Chisinau Forum: Vávra Suk on the role of alternative media in international affairs

ChisinauIn a common struggle for the freedom and identity for all peoples around the world, Vavra Suk brings a brief but important message from his field of work: He has been involved in alternative media for 20 years.

New York Times shows why they will lose

Why are the citizens of Europe so angry and turning away from the established parties? It must be because of … Russia! That at least is what the New York Times is claiming in an article published August 10, with logic that bears a striking resemblance to the narrative that explains why Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016. With this kind of reality concept to navigate from, it is not surprising that the mainstream media are failing.

‘We have hit an unknown object’ – Radio and radar comms from HNM Helge Ingstad

BergenThe Norwegian frigate HNM Helge Ingstad, NATO designation F313, collided with the fully loaded tanker Sola TS in Hjeltefjorden, north of Bergen, Norway, on November 8, 2018. FWM translated the radio communication during the accident.

Sweden won’t deport child rapist ‘as he risks being raped in Afghanistan’

StockholmRohollah Karimi, 17, is one of all those thousands “unaccompanied minors” who received asylum in Sweden last year.

Dalai Lama in Sweden: ‘Europe belongs to Europeans’

The Tibetan Buddhist leader Dalai Lamas message is that Europe belongs to Europeans and refugees should return to their home countries as soon as the danger is over. Swedish journalists quickly changed from celebrating the peace laureate to suggesting the old monk is ignorant.

Anti-establishment sentiment grows in Sweden

The establishment parties dropped in yesterday’s election in Sweden, but far from what would be expected from early polls. The Social Democrats and Conservatives remain the biggest parties, with anti establishment Sweden Democrats at third place, growing from 12.9 to 17.6 percent. However, the party could still play an decisive role, since the difference between the socialist and conservative block is one single seat.

Swedish elections: Anti-immigration party set to be largest

Today the Swedes are going to vote for a new parliament, as well as regional and local representatives. The anti-immigration party, the Sweden Democrats are expected to rise to the position of biggest party, while a completely new Alternative for Sweden has a chance to enter the parliament.