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Why South Africa is a threat to world peace

Given its radical anti-Western policies and ideology, South Africa could soon become a base for terror attacks and propaganda against Western countries, argues Dan Roodt.

Published: July 30, 2018, 2:54 pm

    As I argued some years ago in my book The Scourge of the ANC, South Africa has seen a rare takeover by an international terrorist movement, the ANC-SACP. No matter how much PR Nelson Mandela might have received from the mainstream media, he was but the imprisoned figurehead for a sinister gang of terrorists who waged their self-styled jihad against the then legitimate South African government. They committed at least 200 terror attacks inside South Africa, and killed thousands of people in order to increase their “support” among the country’s terrified black population.

    Historians will soon start to rewrite South Africa’s history, as the season of Cultural Marxism in the West starts waning. However, what concerns me even more than the history of my country and of the Afrikaners, is the threat that the ANC-SACP regime poses to the whole of the West. If I am right, the ANC-SACP regime could become the nucleus of anti-Western terrorism and war such as the world has never seen. The ANC-SACP’s doctrine of “transformation” – which essentially means “racial transformation” – may represent a far bigger threat than Salafist fundamentalism or even the imminent demographic implosion of Europe and European-America.

    The first thing to understand, is that until recently sub-Saharan Africa has had very little influence on international affairs. For thousands of years its relatively small population composed of thousands of warring tribes and clans wandered nomadically from one natural water source to another, while the great wars of Eurasia passed it by.

    While so-called “animism” is the historical religion of sub-Saharan blacks, very few people outside the continent have ever adopted it. In the field of ideas or of secular ideology, Europe has produced most of the great modern schools of thought. Admittedly, Mao wielded enormous influence at the head of the world’s most populous country, China, but even his ideas largely derived from nineteenth-century European socialism, especially Marxism. Once could call Maoism, “Marxism with a Chinese flavour”.

    The surrender of South Africa’s National Party in 1994 was not only novel as an event, but it has also created a completely new situation in the world: a radical, militant, anti-white movement  with all the resources of an industrial state at its disposal. During the first phase of its openly racial (and racist) revolution, it has ethnically cleansed all Europeans from government and the public sector, and has also made draconian laws to force private concerns to do the same.

    Any normal person might be inclined to think that that would be enough: the all-conquering band of terrorists within the ANC-SACP have far exceeded their objectives in assuming complete control of both the state and large swathes of the corporate sector. And yet, to those who follow the nauseating rhetoric of South Africa’s ruling party, it is clear that the Afro-Marxist monster’s appetite has only been whetted. It wants more, so much more.

    In a word, the ANC-SACP wants world domination; it is not satisfied with lording it over the formerly Western state of South Africa. The crazy regime and its ventriloquist brother, Malema’s notorious EFF, are dreaming of a vast Bantu empire that will span the world. Perhaps China, Japan and the Koreas will be allowed to remain sovereign, but the Western countries — those citadels of “whiteness” in Afrocentrist parlance — must be subjected to a similar programme of population replacement. It logically follows from its transformationist ideology and its sheer hatred of anything Western, anything European.

    Of course, the notion that the ANC-SACP could launch a vast conquest of Germany, France and Italy today seems far-fetched, even absurd. But the same demographic factors that have laid low white South Africa militate in favour of a Great Replacement in Europe too. The steady stream of migrants into the EU is the first sign of such a development. However, in order to succeed, such a radical civilisational and racial revolution needs both an ideology and a centre of command.

    The same combination of terrorism and propaganda that overwhelmed South Africa, could still undermine and topple the West itself. Why not? We observe the same fatalism, weakness and hesitation on the part of most Western governments.

    For what it lacks in efficiency and expertise, the ANC-SACP makes up for in ruthlessness and disrespect for the law and civilian lives. Mandela’s colleagues are masters of terror and lies. They also have chutzpah, lots of it. If Cyril Ramaphosa had to tell Mrs. Merkel, “I want to rule your country because you are all German racists,” what would she reply? Certainly Mrs. Merkel’s emissary in Pretoria, Martin Schäfer, would welcome the idea of Africans lording it over Europe. He has a profound contempt for anything Western or European, and absolutely adulates Africans.

    Both in South Africa and in the continent at large, the system functions by way of an economic asymmetry between the rapidly-growing, impoverished masses and an elite that has all the trappings of a political aristocracy, living opulent lives remote from their so-called “supporters” or “citizens”. The citizens’ numbers simply serve to legitimize their claims on aid and loans from the West. Such claims on aid will soon become, as has already happened in South Africa, demands for concrete power and access to the finances and savings of the West, to be squandered by Mandela clones spouting “humanitarian” rhetoric. Such “human-rights” rhetoric usually goes hand in hand with terrorist action of the most sinister and Machiavellian kind.

    Ideas have consequences, as Richard Weaver once said. And the infatuation of Western elites with Africa will ultimately be their undoing as the burgeoning megapopulation of the continent, doubling in size every generation to reach 5 billion by the end of this century, will “democratically” overwhelm Europe and North America. A small group of corrupt potentates will ultimately reap the benefits amid chaos for most ordinary people, exactly as has happened in South Africa.

    The beginnings of this process is well underway, with every migrant boat that is launched in the Mediterranean. However, South Africa is a democracy in name only; like others in Africa, it has become a terrorist state well capable of using its power and ample budget to foment terror and havoc in the West with the aim of “eradicating whiteness” as our state-owned media and universities preach every day.

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    • Mariaca

      And on a similar subject, black South Africans should enjoy their short glory years before stark reality sinks in. Zimbabwe, here it comes!

    • Nofearorfavor

      Quoting Mr. Roodt — “Historians will soon start to rewrite South Africa’s history,”
      Agree– However, is it not a reality that apart from SA’s history, historians should rewrite most of western and for that matter– global history. Yes. can hear people laughing … mostly in derision at me, for suggesting or considering that such a beyond momentous historical undertaking is even possible! Yes– the possibility of it happening, is incredibly remote at this time, but nonetheless, daunting as it is — it is achievable.

      The only two factors standing in the way of exposing the lies we’ve lived throughout human history, in my opinion– are:-
      1) The global cabal and the power and might the few wield, over the lesser and the many;
      2) The critical global shortage of honest historians– historians of integrity– unbiased and incorruptible people recording the God honest truth of humanity’s political past only — of which it would seem a rare few such people remain worldwide. Yes, I’ll hasten to add, although not qualified as historians — there are still many amazingly fearless and brave journalists all over the world committed to bringing the truth– but mainstream western media is the cabal’s weapon slaying these voices of truth.

      “as the season of Cultural Marxism in the West starts waning.”
      Is it waning? Never forget, the little truth we possess of SA’s and global history, shows that since virtually forever, the global top dogs initiated and are behind every global conflict and war and without exception– play their game, not only on both sides– but on all sides.

      “However, what concerns me even more than the history of my country and of the Afrikaners, is the threat that the ANC-SACP regime poses to the whole of the West.”
      What then of the radical Muslim world? The house of Saud etc, heads of states of both west and east are part of the global cabal– a cabal which has no loyalties to or allegiance to any nation, culture or creed– only to it’s hedonist global dominance agenda. This is a fact of life humanity lives with and the reason why conflict, invasions, regime changes and war and chaos — are ever with us– reflecting the mindless greed of a few in an evermore Godless world.

      While off topic– How degenerate has Man become, when — while our magnificent planet is in increasingly dire stress — Man, at his own peril, ignores his only home in favour of indulging in wars and setting up nations and peoples against one another? I sometimes wonder and gravely so, how the Almighty Father views the ‘doen en late’ (actions and reflections) of humankind?

    • Mkhuseli Mazungula

      Why are you racist porn websites saying this stuff about South Africa when you know it’s all lies?


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