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Islam and the Left: an unholy alliance

Leftists are no longer proponents of atheism or secularism, as long as the religion concerned is Islam. From 'postcolonial feminists' to French municipalities, the Muslim faith has found favour in left-wing circles.

Published: January 5, 2019, 4:03 pm

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    Many people have already commented on the sympathy that Leftists all over the Western world feel for immigrants generally, and Muslim immigrants in particular. In the USA, the Democratic Party has become the preferred home of Muslims, with the Washington Post last year referring to The blue Muslim wave of candidates in that organisation. In Western Europe, socialist parties too have become enamoured of Muslim voters, continuing a Leftist tradition that may be traced back to Lenin and the Bolsheviks in Russia.

    Lenin famously said: “The socialist revolution will not be solely or chiefly a struggle of the revolutionary proletarians in each country against its bourgeoisie – no, it will be a struggle of all colonies and countries oppressed by imperialism, of all dependent countries, against international imperialism.”

    If one substituted “international imperialism” with “the West” or the more modish term “whiteness” in our time, it would sound as contemporary as any of the politically correct, multicultural clichés of today regularly uttered by left-wing politicians and commentators alike.

    Until a generation ago, most Leftists considered themselves atheists. They were against prayer at school and tended to promote secularism. Historically, left-wing movements may be traced back to the European Enlightenment and its egalitarian thinkers who were critical of both the aristocracy and the clergy.

    In France, which played such a large role in dismantling the power of the Church and where aristocrats were gruesomely guillotined, the notion of a secular country has become something of a dogma. Since 9 December 1905 when the famous French law on separation of church and state was passed under the left-wing government of Émile Combes, it has been forbidden for the French state to subsidise or promote any religion. Article 2 of that law states: “The Republic does not recognize, pay, or subsidize any religious sect. Accordingly, from 1 January following the enactment of this law, there will be removed from state budgets, departments and municipalities, all expenses related to the exercise of religion.”

    However, the secularism of the French state is primarily directed against Christianity. When it comes to the promotion of Islam, French Socialists have tried to circumvent the 1905 law by donating or making land available to Muslims at very low 99-year lease rates. Also, they have allowed Muslim states such as Algeria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Koweit and Turkey to finance the construction of huge mosques in France. In this way, the number of “places of Muslim worship”, which includes prayer halls, in France have grown from 1600 in 2004 to about 2500 now.

    Another way in which French municipalities are circumventing the law on French secularism is by giving financial guarantees to Muslim religious organisations who would then borrow money from French banks.

    The German government under Angela Merkel has, of course, done its utmost to import Muslim immigrants and even produced propaganda films glorifying Muslims for “being decent and law-abiding” while stigmatising Westerners and presumably Christians as “criminals”. One of these propaganda films came to light recently when the two young Scandinavian women were beheaded in Moroccco by radical Muslims.

    Earlier this year, a polemic took place between Angela Merkel and her interior minister Horst Seehofer of the Bavarian CSU after he had said Germans “must not give up [their] country-specific traditions and customs out of a false sense of consideration for other cultures… Muslims must live with us, not alongside or against us.”

    Merkel publicly rejected Seehofer’s statement, saying that “Muslims also belong to Germany, as does their religtion, Islam. We must do everything to ensure that religions successfully coexist.”

    Criticism of Islam or Muslims in the West is usually countered with the term “Islamophobic”. Leftists have mostly contempt for Western histories and traditions, and Christianity may be ridiculed and insulted, but anything besides sacred respect for Mohammedanism is deemed “Islamophobic”.

    At first glance, the position of women in Muslim society flies in the face of modern feminism which, among Leftists, is also de rigueur. Women should behave as men and compete with them in all fields, although as Canadian Jordan B Peterson recently tweeted, men are still overrepresented in all the most dangerous professions.

    Whereas a feminist would scream blue murder if a man had to open a car door for a woman or allow her to pass first through a door, as traditional manners suggest, she will not pronounce on the treatment of women in Muslim marriages, including, including polygamous or even child marriages.

    In a sense, the citadels of Western Leftism were the first “cities” to fall to the Third World invasion, long before Malmö, Molenbeek or Seine-Saint-Denis. Already in 1991, an Irish feminist who apparently belongs to the “postcolonial” school of feminism published an article in which she foresaw that Western Marxist feminists would henceforth have to listen and kow-tow to their non-Western, Afro-Arab “sisters”. Her piece was entitled “Third World Women and the Inadequacies of Western Feminism”. As long as Muslim women oppose or even terrorise the West, they are “true feminists”, she seems to argue. She writes:

    “Many young Muslim women choose to wear the chador, their traditional dress, to resist western sex stereotyping. Indeed El Sadaawi informs us that Algerian women, during their revolution, used the chador to hide weapons, to carry guns, i.e. they used a manifestation of patriarchy for revolutionary purposes.” (Trócaire Development Review, 1991: 52)

    The person usually credited with coining the term “postcolonial” is the Arab or Palestinian intellectual, Edward Saïd, who spent most of his life in the United States, surrounded by the delights of the oppressive Western culture he denounced in his books.

    At first Islamists and Leftists found common ground according to the principle, “my enemy’s enemy is my friend”, their common enemy being Western conservatives, Christians, and the like. Increasingly, however, it would appear that Islam and the Left share a common rejection, not only of Christianity, but also of the European Enlightenment and what we used to think of as rational thought.

    Saïd’s term “postcolonial” is in fact just a euphemism for a “return to the origin”, a return to pre-modern customs and a kind of Islamicized Dark Age not too different to some of the excesses of the European Middle Ages, such as the Spanish Inquisition, for example.

    In a certain sense, Karl Marx’s Das Kapital has indeed been replaced by the Koran. In her lifetime Mrs. Angela Merkel went from being an enthusiastic member of the Communist Youth movement in the GDR to being an apologist for Islam and especially those of its principles that are not compatible with modern Western societies.

    The ideological divide that has fuelled political conflicts in the West, at least since the French Revolution, is no more. The conflict has become one between civilisations, and the Left has sided with those seeking to end the post-Enlightenment West as we know it.

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    • Skatymir

      The Roman Tacitus, an enemy of Germany had this to say in his book, Germania, published in 98 CE about the relationships between woman and men and specifically woman:
      It stands on record that armies
      already wavering and on the point of collapse have been rallied by the
      women, pleading heroically with their men, thrusting forward their bared
      bosoms, and making them realize the imminent prospect of enslavement —
      a fate which the Germans fear more desperately for their women than for
      themselves. Indeed, you can secure a surer hold on these nations if you
      compel them to include among a consignment of hostages some girls of noble
      family. More than this, they believe that there resides in women an element
      of holiness and a gift of prophecy; and so they do not scorn to ask their
      advice, or lightly disregard their replies. In the reign of the emperor
      Vespasian we saw Veleda [a seeress who helped lead a revolt against Rome]
      long honored by many Germans as a divinity; and even earlier they showed
      similar reverence for Aurinia [another seeress] and a number of others
      — a reverence untainted by servile flattery or any pretense of turning
      women into goddesses.

      Their marriage code is strict,
      and no feature of their morality deserves higher praise. They are almost
      unique among barbarians in being content with one wife apiece — all of
      them, that is, except a very few who take more than one wife not to satisfy
      their desires but because their exalted rank brings them many pressing
      offers of matrimonial alliance.

      • Emilio Lamaar

        Christianity is for men what the KKK was for blacks, including the mob justice and the lynching. (#metoo/#believe women)

        Christian Church is a feminized place that worships women and no longer worships Jesus/God.

        Ask a so called christian these:

        1) In case of divorce father custody or mother custody?
        Are women entitle of exploiting men as slave labor (child
        support/alimony) and steal thier homes and savings when they divorce or
        have children with them?
        3) Domestic violence should women be sent to rot in jails more than men as they are the main perpetrators od domestic abuse?
        4) Should be women that rape men (paternity fraud or sperm jack men ) sent to prision or stoned to death.
        5)In case of war, should women go like in Iran Russia, Turkey even Israel
        6)What do christian
        teach the women have to serve and obey their men or that men are born
        to be exploited by women and be disposable human beings at their
        service? (men must provide and protect women) and never complain about
        his explotation, …………. be strong!!.
        7)Do you believe women or men, sharia law women testimony half of the value of
        man´s they know women are liars.
        8) Excuses for women when they kill their husbands, (the batered wife syndrome) or
        sympathy for men when they do it out treason or honor.
        9) Same prision sentences for the same crimes?

        Sooner or later this will cause the Christian Church to implode and die.

        It’s shaming language on overload.

        Chances are a man in church will be accused of being a gay, virgin, asexual, creepy nerd who tricks women into sexual sin.

        is this? Because the church is feminized and misandrist, it throws
        everything that women consider to be “bad” at men even though they are
        physically impossible to all happen at once such as being a gay, virgin,
        asexual, creepy nerd who seduces women against their will.

        also has to do with hiding the real nature of the women in the
        congregation. If you were to compare the sexual sins of the women in
        church vs. the men, the men on average would be much more “sexually
        pure” than the women.

        women, old women, those mummified children, young female predators, and
        their eunuch servants are just feminists masquerading as religion.

        in reality is the other way arround, feminist is nothing more than
        puritan female criminals pretending to be a civil rights movement.

        can take the God out of the puritan. But taking the puritan out of the
        nonbeliever is proving more difficult. So feminism was vaulted into
        prominence in the formerly Christian world to
        renormalize repressive, guilt based morality and to make thinking that
        sex was dirty and degrading acceptable again…….. for men.

      • Emilio Lamaar

        Western chrisitanity is the racist
        version of christianity of the murderous white women from the KKK, and
        their criminal ideology in wich women, the rat class have the right to
        exploit the male population and treat them as animals like these
        repugnant creatures did with black men.

        our most destructive cultural disease is our hysteria that surrounds
        sex. Consciously, or unconsciously, any of us are motivated to violence,
        against any man, when a woman merely accuses him of rape, sexual
        assault or harassment.

        The savagery of this
        disease is no more apparent than in the history of the women of the Ku
        Klux Klan who, with false accusations of sexual misconduct, succeeded in
        lynching and murdering over 4,000 men.

        These murderesses initiated a culture of death and hatred of men that was enthusiastically adopted by modern day feminists.

        modern times, for example, women who make false accusations of rape
        against men are allowed to maintain their anonymity, much as the KKK
        women wore white hoods and robes to disguise their identities as they
        called for the murder and torture of innocent men.

        KKK traditions now also drive the media. For example, to the women of
        the Ku Klux Klan who murdered and tortured men at will, by simply making
        false accusations, the men weren’t even allowed to defend themselves.
        Similarly, today’s media never gives a man a chance to defend himself.
        All that matters is that today’s modern feminists have accused a man and
        everyone is forced to “believe the victim.”

        we have learned little from the violence and lynching of the Women of
        the Ku Klux Klan. As President Trump has recently pointed out to the
        American People:

        “Peoples’ lives are being
        shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation. Some are true and some are
        false. Some are old and some are new. There is no recovery for someone
        falsely accused — life and career are gone. Is there no such thing any
        longer as Due Process?”

        It’s time to put the false accusers in prison so that men can be safe.

      • Emilio Lamaar

        In the putrid american matriarchy the
        welfare of the female criminal class is based on the colective
        exploitation of the male the population via taxation, that suplements
        the individual explotations of men on a personal basis.

        female rat is asigned an individual man to exploit and loot, besides
        the rats are granted the right to cage them at will as animals to make
        sure male slaves remain servile, imprisionment is used as terror weapon
        to make other male slaves comply.

        Over the past
        40+ years, tens upon tens of millions of men’s lives have been
        destroyed through divorce slavery. Hundreds upon hundreds of thousands
        of those slaves, upon realizing that their future was destroyed,
        committed suicide.

        Feminism, (liberal or
        conservative), is about female superiority. In the US, thanks to their
        dead slave husbands, slave fathers and divorce raped X male productive
        slaves, women now hold the majority of US wealth.

        female criminal class already receive the majority of state and federal
        funding for heath, education and welfare. Slaves are the majority of
        poor and homeless. Slaves have between 5 and 8 years less life
        extectancy than the female criminal class, Laws are already in place to
        specifically allow women to oppress men and to give women easy access
        to destroy men’s lives (no-fault divorce, Title IX, Yes Means Yes,
        Affirmative Action, the VAWA, etc).

        If a
        female criminal rat want to get rid of his house slave, she just have to
        call the police, in some countries Spain for example, no even the
        police, it is a service provided by the town hall, like the library,
        sports center, grabage collection, etc. just one more service .

        the criminal female class, men are just another kind of garbage,
        plastic, crystal, organic,…. male slaves, and their children too, did
        you know the female rats can have a baby and call the town hall to come
        to their homes and get rid of them? no questions asked, 6 months to make
        up their minds.

        The police will show in a few
        minutes handcuff the slave and throw him in jail, two days later after
        the gestapo has intimidate him, he will be thrown to the street with a
        restraning order, at his trial in a KKK slave court the female rat
        will only have to say that he threatened her, thats it, the male slave
        will never come back to his house again.

        you know in Spain there are men rotting in prision just becouse they
        told their wives they have put on weight, or becouse they farted in
        their presence?

        “False Accusations in Spain”

        but a drunk female rat killed three men with her car, no prision just
        2,000 euros, slave lives are cheap, not so cheap when they are
        islamists. The criminal female class and their minions only understand

        These laws and policies are disguised and promoted as “equality” death camp equality, or apartheid equality, wink! wink! .-).

        are all about ensuring women’s oppression and explotation of the male
        slave class and the redistribution of men’s wealth and power to women.

        you know what? The matriarchy can only last as long the MAYORITY OF MEN
        SUBMIT VOLUNTARILY, thats right, they need that men become willing
        slaves of women and enforce the matrairchy on rebellius men, you know
        their kind, the manginas, blu pills, white knights those pathetic
        excuses of human beings.

        You know why? becouse if men do not submmit the matriarchy collapses.

        Using brute force there is litle they can extract, men must have an incentive to produce.

        Like during the times of the Soviet Union:

        THEY pretend to pay us, we pretend to work. This half-serious summary
        of communist economics contained a kernel of truth: for Soviet workers,
        the freedom to pilfer and dawdle made up, to some extent, for empty
        shelves and wretched wages.

        Each day more men are working part time or out of work, so women will also have to work to support “their children”.

        Next they will be sent to die in wars.

        parasitical matrairchy is crumbling, the criminal puritan-feminist
        matriarchies are based on male slave labor, but males must produce
        enough surplus to be looted by the criminal female class and

        No surplus, no more gestapo, no more feminist Apartheid prision system, etc.

        Why waste your time at the university?, why start a business? why work extra time?

        China and other cultures will continue graduating STEM students,
        patenting, inovating, starting new business, all the while the female
        criminal class will be graduating in gender studies.

        Then there is the demographic collapse.

        Now we’re in a situation where we don’t even come close to replacing our population.

        70% of American men ages 20-34 aren’t married and women lose 90% of their ovarian eggs by the age of 30.

        One generation more and the repugnant parasitical matriarchy will be gone.

        95% of the people married ten years ago are divorced.

        people talk about a 50% divorce rate, is a dangerous lie, it takes in
        account men married in the 60´s and the 70´s , the relevant data is that
        95% of the people married ten years ago are divorced.

        National Survey of Family Growth:

        Sounds inviting, isn’t it?

        And the cultural implosion:

        are many young white men converting to Islam as they want to rebel
        against what they think is an unfair society. Islam growth in Europe via
        conversion is now almost as important as the growth via immigation

        year, thousands of British people convert to Islam. In Britain, there
        around 10,000 – 20,000 people convert to Islam per year. 25% of American
        Muslims are converts to Islam.

        Number of converted Muslims increases in Norway

        in many other European countries, Islam is one of the religions that is
        seeing the most growth in Germany. This has been going on for many
        years and not just through immigration, but by conversion too.

        Islam – The fastest growing religion in USA

        On the other side:

        is expected to drop as a majority from 159 to 151 nations. Christians
        are projected to make up less than 50 percent of the population in
        Australia, Benin, Bosnia-Herzegovina, France, the Netherlands, New
        Zealand, the Republic of Macedonia and the United Kingdom.


      • Emilio Lamaar

        Inevitably, every Matriarchy eventually abolishes itself by the absence of (viable) offspring.

        Dawn of the matriarchal west, the aftermath of the First World War: the
        male population of the West has been decimated by four years of trench
        warfare and the female population of the West is forced to take over
        male societal functions.

        The female electoral franchise combined
        with female economic emancipation results in totalitarian ‘social
        security’: the government takes on the function of abstract ‘super
        husband and father’ and forces the remaining concrete husbands and
        fathers into tributary payments in the form of ‘taxes’ and ‘alimonies’.
        Thus, the collectivist totalitarian super-state of 20th Century
        Matriarchy is born.

        This process accelerates after the Second
        World War and reaches full speed in the baby boomer counterculture of
        the ‘60s: it intensifies in a vicious cycle of mutually reinforcing
        social ‘deconstructions’.

        The end of the Second World War marks
        the final psychohistorical ‘castration’ of Western manhood: biological
        reproduction and cultural transmission soon start to falter. The ebbing
        of the last demographic boom – the baby boomers are the children of the
        great generation, the last authentically ‘Western’ generation – is
        followed by demographic sui-genocide.

        During the Postmodern Era
        arround the year 1992, the Modern Western Matriarchy achieves a position
        of social-political and cultural-historical monopoly.

        marginalization is continuously affirmed and reinforced by the
        aggressive Culture Nihilist agenda of neoliberalism (demolition of
        social security), globalism (demolition of economic opportunity) and
        Umvolkung (demolition of ethnic cohesion).

        Matriarchy degrades
        Western civilization to the status of the Great Whore of the world: the
        matriarchal ‘open society’ is a calculated invitation of boundless
        exploitation by unscrupulous bankers, political mercenaries,
        opportunistic criminals, ruthless colonists and resentful barbarians.

        Matriarchy cannot and does not want to defend itself: it represents unconditional surrender and blind submission.

        Undoubtedly, ethnic replacement is the most stereotypically cruel instrument within the matriarchal torture machinery.

        peoples of the Western heartland are proving themselves demographically
        infertile under totalitarian dictatorship, economically unproductive in
        urban-hedonist stasis and politically unreliable in debt slavery – they
        are simply replaced by less intellectual, less demanding and less
        self-conscious slave peoples that are more easily manipulated.

        The indigenous peoples of the West, including the progeny of the baby boomers, are sacrificed in a ritualistic ‘holocaust’.

        terrifying combination of matriarchal social implosion and ethnic
        replacement, still largely hidden behind the (self-)censorship of the
        media cartel, are so unspeakable disgusting that are effectively

        But the collective price paid by the
        post-babyboomers is becoming increasingly visible in official statistics
        and the public sphere. The White Death has many faces: disturbing
        suicide rates, epidemic drug addiction, escalating psychopathology,
        massive youth unemployment, collective impoverishment and permanent
        social degradation.

        Unfortunately, the majority of women will sit
        back and watch men be destroyed. Why? Because the denigration of men
        and the redistribution of wealth from men to women suits them.

        bonus is – so long as they don’t claim to be feminists – they really
        had nothing to do with the plight of men. It’s no different than the
        mass silence of people during the slave days or the mass silence while
        the Jews were being slaughtered.

        There was an unacknowledged,
        unspoken gain being had – and those having it weren’t going to rock the
        boat. Sure – there’s a minority of women out there working for true
        fairness and equality, but the vast majority of women will sit idly by
        as men are pushed further and further down the economic and social

        Now that men are opting out of marriage in record numbers
        and the birth rate is collapsing in Westernized nations, and men
        starting to convert to ISLAM, they are afraid. If you want to see the
        future of the US and all Westernized nations, look to Sweden.

    • uyfsdyhtfsdytfsdytfsdytfsd

      you are 100% right
      there is sth going on in the background confirmed by russia iran alliance which was shown in syria….


    A country without an honest media is lost

    For some time I have reported to you that in place of a media, a media that our founding fathers relied on to protect our society, the United States has had a propaganda ministry whose sole purpose is to destroy our society.

    Sweden’s decaying democracy

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    Russian, Chinese intelligence: ISIS heading for Central Asia with US cover

    Operatives of the crumbling Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS) are moving to new battlegrounds near the Russian border, intelligence sources have revealed.

    The unraveling of US/Russian relations

    Washington has taken nuclear war against Russia from a hypothetical scenario to a real danger that threatens the future of humanity. 

    Hero commander killed in Syria – when the war is nearly won

    For most Syrians it came as a shock: One of the most popular military commanders of the Syrian Arab Army, Issam Zahreddine, was killed on 18 October 2017.

    What Is The Obama Regime Up To?

    Obama has announced new sanctions on Russia based on unsubstantiated charges by the CIA.

    Kevork Almassian: Aleppo resisted and triumphed

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