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Colourful Munich: Socialist Bundestag member experiences ‘diversity’ up close and personal

In the real world of multiculturalism, sooner or later pro-immigration politicians are also bound to experience "the party and event scene" as the German mainstream media euphemistically calls immigrant mobs wreaking havoc on society. The SPD [Socialist] member of the Bundestag Florian Post was one of them.

Published: June 19, 2021, 8:27 am

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    The multicultural society imposed by globalist politicians is increasingly proving to be wishful thinking. The effects of foreign and non-integrable cultures have become so noticeable that they can hardly be overlooked. The self-sacrificing hospitality and tolerance towards certain cultural groups have not had the hoped-for effects.

    The SPD member of the Bundestag Post (40) criticized young “party people” who regularly cause problems at Odeonsplatz in Munich. Post told German tabloid Bild: “These are often young men with a migration background. But you can’t say that — but I don’t want to hide it!”

    Around midnight, a “young man” threw a beer bottle on the pavement at the entrance to a courtyard garden. When Post asked him what that was all about, the man hit him in the chest with full force, the Bild reporter learned.

    Bild has also revealed, belatedly, that migrants are the absolute frontrunners in sexual criminal offenses. And they are mainly from Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea. In addition, “leftist violence” has increased by an amazing 345,8 percent.

    According to Bild: “Sexual crimes in trains and stations are mostly committed by migrants! This emerges from data from the responsible federal police, which Bild has exclusively … child abuse, rape, coercion, harassment, exhibitionistic acts and other crimes against sexual autonomy.”

    In 2019, the federal police identified 693 suspects, 371 of them without German citizenship (53,5 percent). Most of the non-German suspects came from Romania, Syria and Afghanistan.

    In 2020, 346 of the 621 suspects did not have a German passport (55,7 percent). Most of them came from Syria and Afghanistan. Between January and March 2021, 80 of 137 suspects were non-German (58,4 percent), most of them from Afghanistan and Eritrea.

    “The proportion of non-German suspects is disproportionately high – and continues to rise” suggesting that only “swift asylum procedures and fast, consistent repatriations” would protect the population . Ultimately, “mainly rejected asylum seekers” made up “15 to 16 percent of the suspects in bodily harm or rape”.

    An enormous increase in left-wing extremist acts of violence has also been seen in Germany. The number rose in 2020 by 34,3 percent to 1237 offenses. These include five attempted homicides and 423 assault offenses.

    Bild noted a” high propensity for violence in left-wing extremism” and “numerous riots”. The number of trespassing offenses rose particularly dramatically (to 321, 2019: 72) which is an increase of 345,8 percent. The number of properties damaged, which was already high last year, rose again by 6,1 percent to 3734 offenses (2019: 3520).

    “This partly significant increase in left-wing extremist criminal and violent offenses continues to develop… A turning away from violence in the scene has not been discernible. Rather, individual violent groups are committing more and more serious criminal and violent offenses.” In fact, some parts of the left-wing extremist scene have shown a “clear radicalization”.

    The number of right-wing extremist violent offenses with an anti-Semitic background fell (-14,3 percent) to a total of 48 offenses. Instead, some “378 acts had an Islamist background … In 2020, a total of 409 extremist crimes were assigned to the area of “politically motivated crime – religious ideology”.

    The majority (378) of them had an Islamist background. Of the 409 crimes with religious-ideological extremist motivation, most were violent. Despite these clear figures, rapists continue to be described as “men” with “southern to dark complexion” while every white suspect has a name, age, occupation and photo.

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    • LuciusAnnaeusSeneca

      The evidence is very unambiguous, and has been for some time, that the biggest threat to the security and safety of the German public is left-wing and ‘immigrant’ (i.e., Muslim) violence. However, the Merkel regime and its SDP allies are only acknowledging this because it can no longer be hidden or denied. They would instead wish that it was extremists on the right. In fact, the government and its security apparatus are looking under every bed for ‘far-right’ perpetrators, while the problem of leftist and ‘immigrant’ violence and violent crime is being deliberately underplayed.

      • reality_check

        Exactly the same here in the states. The dick head Attorney General Merrick Garland told Congress that white supremacists represent the greatest danger to America…..meanwhile Antifa is still looting Portland..

        the left here is of the view that they are literally fighting a new Hitler so anything goes.

        We live in opposite world.

        • Richard Head
          Attorney General

        • Toni Pierfelice Reed

          Meanwhile in NYC aka the rotten apple Antifa criminals are let go and charges quietly dropped.

          • Anonymous Guy

            And J six patriots are still held in solitary….

          • greggreen29

            NBC News: Charges dropped for hundreds of alleged looters in New York City
            “I was in total shock that everything is being brushed off to the side,” said Jessica Betancourt, whose Bronx eyeglass shop was looted last June.

            What dems (and voters themselves) are doing to small businesses is sinful.

      • novi59

        Here in America we have a phenom going on called “false flags”. There are two methodologies being used. One is the worn out “hate crime” hoax where due to a total lack of actual hate on behalf of white people; folks of color or Jewish DNA stage crimes, paint swastika’s, smear feces on themselves, or hang nooses here and there then cry “hate crime, white guys bad!” When the hoaxsters are revealed the media ignores the fact that all “hate crimes” are manufactured, and gets back to their “white people bad” narrative. Second method is FBI agents forming “right wing extremist” groups then recruiting some patsies to join in. This is a change of direction; after 911 they ran this same drill with men they found in mosques. When the group acts; the patsy recruits are the only ones arrested and the media has more fuel to drive their “white bad” “right bad” narrative. The big secret is that there are many black, Hispanic, Asian, and Semites who are in America to enjoy liberty and are on the right, not the left. Right Wing thinking Blacks, Hispanics, and Jews are what terrify the Elite more than anything else.

        • Miron Vulakh

          Most provocateurs are brainwashed young White self-hating anarchists. They do it willingly for the “cause”.

      • Sunshyne Units

        You are wrong about your greatest threat.

        Your greatest threat is the politicians who allowed such people such autonomy as to enter and do such harm to you.

        If you had weapons you could take them out. But what difference would that make when 10-20 more will rise up where the one fell down when you took them out?!

        And in some instances when the govt/police DO show up they arrest the VICTIM and CODDLE the perpetrator(s)!

        Notice that in Poland they have a record of zero problems from migrants from Libya and other places in Africa. Why? Because no matter what the EU threatens to do to them, they decline to accept them into their nation.

        The real problem is the politicians who permit such things. In the long run THEY are the more dangerous ones.

        • LuciusAnnaeusSeneca

          No argument from me on the ultimate cause of the troubles. Your politicians are just as bad as ours, and similarly in the service of their leftist-globalist paymasters and controllers.

          However, in terms of an immediate focus for the police and security forces to make the streets safe for the public, the leftists and ‘immigrants’ (Muslim settlers) need to be contained.

          That said, I agree that the same forces that hinder the police from doing their job are the same ones that allow mass migration and open borders, as well as continued existence of no-go zones where a parallel society is emerging before our very eyes.

    • MWB0311

      As Watson would say… No sh^t Sherlock.

    • Grumpy Cat

      Ah, socialism: you can vote your way into it, but you have to shoot your way out of it.

      • MorbidlyDumb

        And they can’t because the right of self defense was stripped from them.

        • Under Siege

          THERE’s a clue for our fellow Americans…

          • Jonathan Galt

            Too many Americans are clueless.

      • Miss miller

        Where? When? Who?
        Home of the brave?? Lol

        • No sane, decent person wants to kill another person. The activist left and the enabling liberals are forcing a civil war upon us. Give it time, they won’t stop until it has become a clear case of them or us.

          • Anonymous Guy

            Thank you for being normal. God bless and good luck.

          • Ted

            It’s that right now. That decency you refer to will be costly. What I always say is, do what they do and do it better and harder. Afterward, we can return to civility. They never will.

          • Terry Hillick

            Divide and Conquer

    • MorbidlyDumb

      Imagine you have a beer, glass of milk or whatever your favorite beverage is (except water, I need that one). If I take water (see I told you I needed that one) and pour it into your beer, milk or whatever, did I make your drink diverse, or did I simply dilute it?

      • Doug Wakeman

        or putting a turd in a milkshake.

        • Miron Vulakh

          or putting quick-drying cement in milkshakes, and hurling them at the cops.

      • Diversity is Our…Strength?

        • disqus_RUOK

          Unity is our strength.
          Diversity divides us in ways that lead to where we are.

      • disqus_RUOK

        Diversity is only a good thing in investing money.
        All other area’s it serves to dilute and make weaker whatever is being “diversified”.

        Diversity in people is a major, colossal weakness.
        Takes away traditions, laws, morality and ethics.
        Makes everything less than what it was before being made diverse.

        • Sonny Crockett

          It means anything but white and that includes traditions, norms, ethics, morality and relative safety. All elements of a stable and flourishing society. A society lead by independent thinkers, achievers and leaders. Everything the left despises. It must eliminate all barriers that stand in the way of it’s drive for absolute power.

      • digitaltexan1

        People want to be with people like themselves. Look at a school cafeteria. Kids group into like bunches.
        Force diverse cultures together and you remove what makes a community. The result is often violence. Diversity might look good on paper, but there is no evidence that it is good for anyone.

    • Name

      And if you express any criticism of Moslem behaviour, they start screaming at the top of their lungs, “ Islamophobia, Islamophobia”.

      • JoeDisqus56

        Despite their often being here because they’re fleeing muslims – real islamophobia.

      • purple1960

        I DOES NOT CARE…

    • MilesMonroe

      We call it the “Private Benjamin Syndrome”.

    • Fontaine

      I’m shocked I tell you…..shocked

    • Paul Hunter

      Let’s hope it only gets worse, because ignorant people deserve all the worst onsequences for their actions, and the right for not hating their opponents more but too often wanting to feel sorry for them instead.

      One should feel No sympathy for leftists being victims of their own policies.

    • Bierstadt

      Diversity is our weakness. It destroys traditions and the identity of a country. It is poisonous to the host nation. It is an excuse to flood the country with the unwashed masses from s…hole countries who want to turn whatever country they migrate to into a s…hole country like the one they left.

    • Alwuhush

      When “there” moves “here”, “here” becomes “there”.

      Europe was too stupid to understand that.

      • disqus_RUOK

        … and so are we.
        25+ million illegals in the nation challenges some European countries entirely.

    • Richard White

      When will the German men man up?

      • Alwuhush

        How? No 2nd Amendment rights in Europe so they can’t take control of the situation and have to wait for their governments to do so – and the governments won’t do so. If they try to “man up”, THEY will be arrested instead of the invaders.

    • Nick099

      Same old story with these Socialists and elites. They live in a fantasy world not connected to reality. They espouse all of these impossible and improbable goals for humanity….. And a certain amount of people fall for their bs.

      Even though history has demonstrated time and again the folly of such ideology and practices.
      Hundreds of millions have died because of Marxism and yet we still have these fools in positions of power. What does that say about the human race as a whole?

    • Mac Attack

      We have the same problem here with blacks. Non-integrable!

    • 10man

      Merkel & company have f’d Germany beyond repair. Next stop: civil war.

    • Francine Bowman

      Clown World

    • Anonymous Guy

      At some point, if this guy lives long enough, he may actually become a, OH MY GOD,,,, CONSERVATIVE!

    • DFLYER

      So called “cultural diversity” is in reality cultural suicide. Diversity is fine when applied as racial diversity, genetic diversity, intellectual diversity, and others. But if those who move to your country refuse to ASSIMILATE, then your countries culture will be diluted to the point that you no longer have a country. Nobody cares what color you are, but when you try to push your bullshit culture onto the country, that causes problems.

    • Maria Rizzo

      The disease of political correctness, weak beta males, cultural marxism, and post colonial “white guilt”…..has caused western European nations to destroy themselves and their culture the last 50 yrs. Now they will pay the price the next 50 yrs. Better wake up quick.

    • Ted

      Is this guy finding out what any rational person knows intuitively? So now what, they’re THERE?


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