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An unknown citizen said Germans now fear for their lives after the knife attack. Screenshot from YouTube

Würzburg citizen: ‘We are afraid in this country’

During a live broadcast of the German public broadcast Tagesschau on Sunday, a Würzburg citizen insisted on protesting against the conditions in his city and the inappropriate politically correct media coverage.

Published: June 30, 2021, 11:12 am

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    As reporter Alexander von Ammon stood in front of the Würzburg Cathedral, the unknown German citizen appeared behind him to speak his mind.

    “We are afraid, we are afraid,” the elderly man said again and again in front of the camera and did not allow himself to be distracted by passers-by who tried to push him out of the spotlight.

    The citizen spoke for the majority of Germans watching the show. Around 50 knife attacks are recorded in the country every week, but they do not receive any mainstream attention.

    Not every knife attack is fatal, it is often “just” a threat. And yet this should be enough to take the mounting fear among people seriously. The attack in Würzburg has shown in a dramatic way that anyone can become a victim, without exception.

    The jihadist was reported for having links to a terrorist organization

    In January, the 24-year-old Somali knife attacker from Würzburg, suspected of being a member of a terrorist organization in his home country, was reported to the Munich Prosecutor’s Office. The office confirmed this on Tuesday, stating that a witness had come forward, after having heard a phone call made by the young man in 2015, in which he made statements linking him directly to terrorists.

    According to this information, the perpetrator said at the time that he had killed civilians, journalists and police in Somalia between 2008 and 2009 on behalf of the terrorist organization al Shabaab. When the Bavarian Central Office against Extremism and Terrorism (ZET) learned of it, it forwarded the facts to the Federal Prosecutor General in Karlsruhe for investigation.

    In Karlsruhe, on the other hand, “for lack of concrete facts” they refrained from opening preliminary proceedings for membership of a terrorist organization abroad – especially since the accused at the time of the alleged crime was underaged.

    Federal states have meanwhile stopped a new deportation law even though some 291 000 asylum seekers are obliged to leave the country, according to tabloid Bild. At least 291 462 rejected asylum seekers are currently “legally obliged to leave the country”, the Federal Ministry of the Interior confirmed but only a fraction actually return to their home country.

    From January to May 2021, only 4671 migrants were deported, most from North Rhine-Westphalia (1163), followed by Bavaria (762), Berlin (413) and Baden-Württemberg (395). On Friday — the day of the Würzburg Islamist attack — federal states voted by an overwhelming majority to stop a draft law allowing federal police to deport if caught in their area of jurisdiction (e.g. in a train station).

    German football players ignore the female victims of the jihadist

    The massacre in Würzburg should also have been enough reason for German professional football players to wear a mourning black ribbon for the European Championship round against England in London. But there seem to be other matters occupying the German Football Association. Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer announced that he would wear a LGBTQ rainbow ribbon around his arm as captain instead.

    And that’s not all: For the first time in the tournament, the German players, just like the English, took a knee before kick-off. In doing so, they ignored the white victims of the Würzburg stabber, to elevate a black US citizen as a symbol against racism.

    The politicization and instrumentalization of sport, which has been on the rise, is part of an increasingly ideological society in which everyone is forced to make a choice. Those who refuse to follow the politically correct dictates and compulsory phrases are automatically ostracised with all the social, political, economic and societal consequences.

    Sport no longer has a unifying function. National goalkeeper Manuel Neuer has just emphasized this when he revealed in an interview: “We want to give the national team a face and show people that there are important things outside of football that we point out.” These “important things” are highly divisive.

    Unlike the aggressive BLM activists and culture warriors or the shrill LGBTQ movement, the victims of a completely failed immigration and asylum policy have no lobby however.

    Jihadists are portrayed as a ‘health issue’ not a security issue

    The chairman of the Federal Union for Criminal Police (BdK), Sebastian Fiedler, called for better equipment in the psychiatric field. “As with the attack in Hanau or the crime at Frankfurt Airport, we are apparently dealing with a mentally ill perpetrator in the Würzburg case,” he told the newspapers of the Funke media group. “We have significant problems with mentally ill people at many levels.”

    At the same time, there has long been a dramatic shortage of skilled workers in psychiatry, which prevents the sick from receiving adequate treatment, he claimed.

    “A particular problem are people who become mentally ill as a result of traumatic war experiences.” That is “not an original issue of the security authorities, but of the health sector,” said Fiedler. “The shortage of skilled workers in psychiatry is also an enormous safety problem.”

    Worse still, the mayor of the city, Christian Schuchardt, (CDU), worried that the attack could provoke migrant stereotypes, and told Sueddeutche Zeitung that “the crimes of individuals can never be traced back to population groups, religions or nationalities”.

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    • LuciusAnnaeusSeneca

      Until the public safety concerns of the German public drive more of them to vote for the AfD and not for those parties that acquiesce in the EU’s mass migration and open borders policy, stories such as this will be increasingly common. It’s too bad the German public still cannot seem to understand that people get the government they vote for. And in the case of mass migration and open borders, they have gotten a lot more than they voted for.

      • sezsue

        It’s not necessarily the voters who are to blame.
        Maybe your elections are being stolen to put people in office who will go along with the extreme mass migration & open borders policies wanted by the EVIL globalists.

        • LuciusAnnaeusSeneca

          Indeed, it is often a two-fold tragedy. The same ignorance and disinterest of the electorate that usually results in the election of scoundrels, often prevents serious public interest in, and support of, election reform.

        • Jimbo

          That is it. It cannot be possible to gain true representation from a small group. It is an illusion.

    • Hans Onrust

      en dat nog wel even op de GEZ dwangmedia ja.

    • Jimbo This I would recommend that the German citizen should do. Arm themselves.

    • gil

      you deserve what you allow

    • Phil mckracken

      Sadly the result of these disastrous globalist policies was predicted by many and yet dismissed by the political class and leftist groups as “racist” “xenophobic” and “islamophobic” …..reality has shown which group was right…and yet reality is still rejected as racist and supplanted by the fantasies the idealistic political class who totally disregard the safety and security of their own citizens.


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