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Ilana Mercer. Photo supplied

Vetting Afghan immigrants for a religious comorbidity (Islam)

Establishing a functioning centralized state in Afghanistan didn’t work. Neither did the backend Deep State take in that country: Corruption runs deep in Afghanistan, but it’s a decentralized affair.

Published: September 23, 2021, 8:44 am

    Even so, it would appear that the “U.S. government helped the country set up” a mini-American Surveillance State, namely, “the ability to wiretap and monitor phone calls for surveillance purposes,” even helping “create some of the data through funding and efforts to modernize the government,” reports Politico.

    A constitutional republic was not what was being exported to Afghanistan.

    Certainly, the extent to which the US can surveil its citizens bellies the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution—that quaint notion that “the people [have a right] to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.”

    As the quintessential surveillance state, the United States had tried to foist its spying ways on Afghanistan. At the behest of the US, “The former Afghan government started collecting biometric data about Afghan citizens, including military personnel.”

    This was as recently as 2006. But ensconcing a remotely reliable records-keeping bureaucracy in Afghanistan would have taken many more centuries.

    “Given Afghanistan’s low level of development,” conclude s Mark Krikorian, “record-keeping there was [never] comprehensive and efficient, if it existed at all.”

    Post decampment, Afghanistan, at a cost exceeding $2 trillion to American taxpayers, is still a tribal society without a functioning bureaucracy. It is highly improbable that the country has kept reliable birth, death, marriage and criminal records on its citizens—many of whom are making their way to the United States.

    The best way, then, to vet immigrants is by the faith they practice. As the data show, young, second-generation Muslims are well-represented among terrorists acting out against their hosts across the West. Second-generation Muslim-Americans are more prone to act out on their faith than their parents.

    Omar Saddiqui Mateen shot up a Florida gay nightclub, in 2016. He was a second-generation Afghan-American. Although Mateern’s father was an admirer of the Taliban, the moron media concluded that junior was no Jihadist, only a latent, self-hating homosexual, fixated on phallic symbols like big guns.

    Another proud Afghan-American who’ll be welcoming the hundreds of thousands of Afghans airlifted and funneled into America is Najibullah Zazi, arrested for plotting to blow up stuff stateside, in September 2009. He was released in 2019.

    Since public policy is aimed at the common good—a cohort that commits more faith-based murders than another, say Christian Afghans, is, on average, unsuitable as a source of immigration to the US.

    The reason for second-generation terrorism is no mystery. More so than girls, boys need strong men in their lives—men who’ll affirm their masculinity. Young men crave manly mentors with a strong moral message. But in contemporary American culture, men are sissified and feminized and biological boundaries blurred. American boys, K-12, are mired in an estrogen-infused, cloistered world, where strong men in authority are an endangered minority.

    When a Muslim male, moreover, hears American preachers, parents, pedagogues and politicians pounding on about our country’s Founding Fathers as the archetypal pale, patriarchal oppressors—he quickly learns to reject his adopted country’s heritage and look elsewhere for masculine inspiration, maybe at Muhammad and his acolytes.

    The fact that there are moderate Muslims doesn’t mean there is a moderate Islam—or that these moderates won’t sire sons who’ll embrace the unreformed Islam.

    As painful as it is to say, being Muslim is a predisposing characteristic, a risk factor, if you will, for eruptions associated with this religion.

    By “risk factor,” I mean that Islam predisposes its believers to aggression against The Other. For in Islam, we have a religion that doubles up as a political system counseling conquest, not co-existence. “Islam’s borders are bloody,” cautioned famed historian Samuel Huntington. The data support his prescient and profound analysis.

    “The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society” is a 2013 report authored by the Pew Research Center. In case you needed confirmation of Islam’s radicalism, this report found that there is universal support among Muslims in Afghanistan (99%) for making Islamic law the official law in their country.

    “Muslims across all the regions surveyed also generally agree that certain behaviors – such as suicide, homosexuality and consuming alcohol – are morally unacceptable. …” And most “Muslims say a wife should always obey her husband…”

    Even in regions “characterized by relatively low levels of religious observance and strong support for a woman’s right to decide whether to wear a veil, seven-in-10 Muslims agree that a wife should carry out her husband’s wishes.”

    Whereas church-state separation is a fulcrum of America, most Muslims think “religious leaders should have at least some influence over political matters.”

    A preponderance of Muslims will remain dormant. But, as we’ve learned, a Muslim individual could be “triggered” at any time to act on his radical religion.

    So what if moderate Muslims assure us that each and every terrorist was acting out-of-faith! That’s irrelevant to the irreversible outcomes.

    As is it a distraction to claim, as the moderates do, that Jihadis are misinterpreting Islam, and that we must all do battle for the real Islam, a thing as elusive as Bigfoot or unicorns. Fact: A Muslim’s actions, be they in accordance with the “real Islam” or not—sanctioned theologically or not—could be deadly to Americans.

    Afghans are as tough as teak. America, however, is a soft, feminized, sentimental and self-hating society. It is dangerous to import men from such a militant manly culture into a country that teaches its immigrants to hate American history and heroes, and to despise and dominate our naive, eager-to-please people and their customs.

    More so than chaotic countries-of-origin, religion is The Risk Factor in vetting Afghan immigrants. In the popular parlance, w e might say that their Muslim faith puts Afghan Muslims in a security risk group and that Islam is a religious comorbidity.

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    • LightCrusader

      Ilana you hit the nail on the head in this article. The main point you make of America, and the west in general, being feminized is and has been pushed by the left always. Their aim, as in everything they do, is to weaken us as a society.

      • John U

        Spot on from Ilana! A similar situation exists here a-x the Atlantic in Britain. A previously tough society that endured & coped with economic depressions/recessions, two World Wars among so many (other) major problems is now weak & infantilised, dominated by girly men & butch women in a reversal of the natural balance & role of the sexes, gender bender types in thrall to the militant LGBTQ brigade & multiculturalism. The situation has also been replicated in many Western European countries. The main reason is the long march of the militant left, cultural marxists, graduates of the Frankfurt school in the institutions to control & dominate the levers of power; education, media, judiciary etc, which explains why Western civilisation is rapidly sinking into a cesspit!

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    • Brutus

      Ilana, here is where you miss the boat.

      “Whereas church-state separation is a fulcrum of America, most Muslims think “religious leaders should have at least some influence over political matters.””

      The Founders of America, and I’m talking the before the Articles, did not wish to exclude Religion from government, quite the contrary, all those elected were required to be Christian as a condition to hold office.
      The present Constitution specifically eliminated that, the States soon followed, and now we have a government of man’s making and man’s law, not God’s Law.
      The laws of a country reflect its religion.
      The god of America is known as “We The People”, as that is the stated source of the authority.
      Go to sermon audio dot com
      Find John Weaver.
      Key word will be “Immigration”
      Then “Political Correctness”
      Then “Nations”

    • Brutus


      “ “The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society” is a 2013 report authored by the Pew Research Center. In case you needed confirmation of Islam’s radicalism, this report found that there is universal support among Muslims in Afghanistan (99%) for making Islamic law the official law in their country.””

      Of course they do.
      If not their religion is not worth 2 cent to them and it is just for show!
      Devout Christians understand the God’s law is perfect and only through adherence to it, will one prosper.
      Throughout the Bible those nations that did not, were destroyed.


    • Brutus

      “”And most “Muslims say a wife should always obey her husband…”
      “Even in regions “characterized by relatively low levels of religious observance and strong support for a woman’s right to decide whether to wear a veil, seven-in-10 Muslims agree that a wife should carry out her husband’s wishes.””

      The quickest way to destroy your husband’s manliness is to challenge his authority.
      His most deep seated need is to protect and provide for his family.
      Women who fight to be his equal, or superior, do so at their own peril.
      You will wake up one day and wonder where he went, even though he is physically still there.
      Better you remain single or find a “feminized” man who wants to be “mothered”.

      Good times make weak men.
      Weak men make hard times.
      Hard times make strong men.

      And so it goes.


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