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Covid vaccines are essentially shortening life spans. Photo credit: Mat Napo

German doctor confirms that excess mortality is directly linked to Covid 19 vaccination

For Dr Reitz there is no doubt: The excess mortality that has been observed since 2021 is largely due to the vaccination against Covid-19. According to their analyses, particular importance is attached to the booster vaccinations. She cannot understand the silence of leading institutions despite the clear data, nor the uncritical behavior of her colleagues. There is also no correct information about the risks of vaccination.

Published: February 6, 2022, 10:20 am

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    Reitz is a specialist in general medicine and psychotherapeutic medicine with her own practice in Hamburg. In a speech at the Monday demonstration in Offenbach on January 31, 2022, she presented the results of her research to the audience.

    Since the spring of 2021, since the start of the nationwide Covid vaccinations, people have been dying, according to Reitz literally, like flies, so that millions of deaths have now been recorded worldwide. The doctor differentiated between rapid death within the first fourteen days after the vaccination and a permanently increased chance of early death. In the latter case, the booster vaccinations play an important role.

    Millions of deaths worldwide are attributable to the Covid vaccination

    “In Germany we have such an obvious excess mortality rate of 22 percent in December and 20 percent in November. That hasn’t happened since the war. That’s what a big newspaper wrote.” She expressed astonishment that politicians have never shown any interest in the effects of the shots and instead tried to find ways to make them compulsory.

    “You die in Germany. You die in England. They die in Europe. They die all over the world. The fact that no one puts their finger on the wound here, from the press, from the government, is the part that actually makes your blood boil. We’ve all seen it before, that a million deaths don’t interest us. There are millions dead, there are millions dead. Worldwide.”

    Reitz pointed out that “very hard data from young people in England” showed that people under 60 have an excess mortality rate of 100 percent. “Hundred percent more chance of dying if you get shots than if you don’t get shots and then get some virus or whatever.”

    In Germany there have been around 12 000 to 13 000 deaths per month from vaccinations with numbers rising from booster shots.

    “We had ten percent in October. That was way, way, way too much. And we have institutes that are incredibly well paid, such as the Paul Ehrlich Institute and the RKI, which are supposed to be the guardians of our health and should also be able to recognize epidemiological emergencies. All these institutions have this data. Since June, they have seen that we have an inexplicable excess mortality rate that can only be explained by the vaccinations. And what are they all doing? They’re certainly not sounding the alarm.”

    She accused Karl Lauterbach, the German Minister of Health of being “absolutely irresponsible”. Reitz added that three-quarters of excess mortality was due to vaccination.

    “It’s not just an allergic shock that can occur. Instead, it has been proven – these were American cardiologists, cardiac doctors – that the vessels and organs are inflamed and therefore the probability of developing a serious heart disease increases by 120 percent. Not by 20 percent, but by 120 percent.”

    Cancers are rife after Covid vaccination

    “It has been proven by a study from Sweden, by Bansal and others, who examined people who had died after vaccination and found up to four months later that the spike proteins, which should actually have been excreted by now, still sit in the cells in the body, in the organs and cause inflammation there. The pathologists in Reutlingen have confirmed the same thing. They also said we see white blood cells everywhere in the organs that don’t belong there. That’s inflammation. That’s why these people died and they could only associate it with the vaccinations,” Reitz explained.

    Further studies from Sweden revealed that the human repair mechanisms in the cells become permanently damaged by the vaccinations. “That explains why so many cancers explode when people have been vaccinated. This explains why many illnesses that seemed to have been alleviated reappear,” said Reitz.

    “We’ve had a 50 percent increase in probability, an increased number of heart attacks and strokes in emergency hospital admissions since April. That’s what the figures from the RKI say. These are all official data that I bring, these are all studies that exist. They explain why so many people are dying and have died.”

    Booster vaccination increases risk of death

    “Well, it’s been proven that vaccines are to blame for at least 12 000 deaths a month since November and December. And each booster increases the risk of dying.”

    Those who took the jab have fifteen years less to live on average. “So if I were to enlighten someone about vaccination, I would have to say, listen, your risk of dying early from the vaccination, of dying fifteen years earlier, is statistically proven. And the risks of dying from the Corona disease are significantly lower. Would you like to be vaccinated? This information is not communicated anywhere at all. And certainly not for children.”

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    • sgtdoom

      Real whistleblowers — medical officers in the US military —- come forward to speak the truth to congress and the DoD responds with the DMED (Defense Medical Epidemiology Datbase) has invalid statistics between 2016 to 2020 due to data corruption, which magically disappeared in 2021 — so all those numbers were valid?!?!

      Huh?!?!? Even the most dimwitted can see the obvious 100% corruption in action!

      (Reminds me how we spent years tracking down that oft–printed “fact” that offshoring one American job magically creates two or more American jobs!? Finally tracked it to its source: an unproven assumption to fit a false narrative!)


    • Donald the President

      Thank you for making my day as I am NOT and WILL NOT get jabbed.
      I pray for all those who trusted our governments.

    • This means absolutely nothing unless Dr. Anthony Fauci is executed for mass murder (or raped & beaten to death in prison) so let’s see what happens.

    • Novus Ordo Seclorum

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      • Novus Ordo Seclorum

        For those who haven’t been poisoned yet with Fauci’s gene therapies, please read the Disclaimer of Liabilty above seriously. It’s not a joke, I copied the text from the patents filed by Pfizer, Moderna, John &
        Johnson and Astrazeneca. The damages caused to you by these injections are permanent!

        Some of your genes are been deleted and some updated and that’s why cancers are very happy with the recipients of these serums.

    • usaspanker

      Various doctors say families of loved ones hospitalized with covid19 are resorting to desperate measures when approved treatmentss(slow death protocols) have failed. When it’s not too late, some have seen tremendous success by sneaking Ivermectin medication prohibited by hospitals to patients. It is really sad situation what has our country become. You can get your ivm by visiting ivmcures/com (Looks like I can’t post links, replace / with .)

    • Rentia Diedericks

      The German hospital data for the last quarter of 2021 are now available, analysed by @FrankfurtZack. Significantly increased incidence of myocarditis compared to previous years confirmed for the year of mass vaccination (most recently boosters). In 2020 there was only Covid (without 💉), in 2019 neither.

    • Christopher Schultz

      But I don’t wanna make spike proteins. I JUST DON’T WANNAAA!!!

    • Jamfer Jones

      Whew, that was close. No jab for me and this is a case where all of the rumors about the jabs being a dangerous conspiracy are all true and maybe even an understatement. I still wonder why the silence by dedicated physicians? Are they being paid off or coerced and blackmailed?

      • come-and-take-it

        Yes. Both!

      • According to the book Pseudopandemic by Iain Davis, there are Three classes of people involved in driving the HOAX …
        1. CORE Conspirators … The ELITE, Bankers, Royalty, Empire Builders etc
        2. INFORMED influencers …. the liked of Bill Gates, Neil Fergusen, Chris Whitty, Tony Fauci
        3. DECEIVED Influencers …. Doctors and Proffessors who simply go along with what they receive FROM ABOVE … either because they are well paid to do so, or they are too afraid to lose their position or to lose funding.

        I strongly advise you click the link and pick up your Free Download of the e-book ‘PSEUDOPANDEMIC’ …. trust me, you will not be disappointed!

    • Gary Brown

      FEBRUARY 2, 2022 Hidden Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine Trial Data suggests all Pregnant Vaccinated Women Miscarried

      A lawsuit filed by Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency produced documents from Pfizer revealing that its Covid-19 vaccine caused all of the pregnant women in its trial to miscarry.

    • usayawl

      Joint research between Kowa Ltd, with Kitasato University, of the drug Ivermectin used in Phase III clinical trials for the treatment of Covid-19 infections, has confirmed that, just as with existing variants (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta), the same antiviral effects have been confirmed for the Omicron variant. Get your ivermectin before it is too late ivmcures/com (Looks like I can’t post links, replace / with .)

    • Bob

      Anyone can look up the data. The vaccine has maimed and killed millions. It is genocide.

      For scientific studies:

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    • Bob

      It is easy to look up the health consequences in numerous articles in peer reviewed medical journals. More than a thousand have been published over the past year alone. And it looks anything but pretty.

      Here are a few hundred links:

    • come-and-take-it

      The health effects have now been documented and published. Those lemmings who got the jab are in denial and therefore continue to wander toward the cliff, determined to prove they were right in allowing themselves to be poisoned before doing their due diligence. My question has always been, why? I recently read a treatise on the replacement of 80% of the population by AI, robots and low skilled workers. The elite don’t think the human population is worth the drain on the planets’ resources and cost of disposing of the huge amounts of waste. They may be right, but I don’t think it’s a decision they are qualified to make alone. A friend once said, “There is no economic solution that is politically acceptable and no political solution that is economically feasible.” He may be right, but between the jabs and Fukushima I believe the extinction of ALL humans is only a matter of time. Our leadership and the mega-rich have assumed the role of Bozo. Enjoy the show. The test pattern will come on shortly.

    • IRISH

      and? will big pharma be held responsible? nope. will sheeple listen? nope. after all they are desperate to be saved from colds and flu that might kill them.

    • iconoclast421

      If you still don’t believe they worship Moloch and are ritualistically murdering millions just for the high it gives them, don’t worry … they will not stop providing more and more proof.


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