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The bus stop where driver Philippe Monguillot was assaulted by African immigrants. Facebook

Immigrants suspected of deadly assault on bus driver in France

Four "youths" that boarded a bus in Bayonne, France, without tickets and without masks violently attacked a bus driver on Sunday. The driver was left brain dead. Yet another sad story totally ignored by the system media that illustrates the impoverishment of French society as a result of "diversity".

Published: July 8, 2020, 7:52 am

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    In France, the scourge of violence continues to spread, leaving in its wake its innocent victims. After the death of a gendarme, then that of young Thomas , the savage assault of a bus driver in Bayonne once again underlines the worrying rise in immigrant delinquency and crime. The latest victim is Philippe Monguillot, 58 years old and father of three, attacked and savagely beaten for having pointed out to immigrant youths that they were violating the law.

    The four thugs that got into Philippe’s bus, were without masks and without tickets. After pointing out the illegality of their situation, one of the young Africans approached the driver and started beating him. Just like Mélanie Lemée, a gendarme killed last week by an African motorist, Philippe was assaulted for wanting to simply enforce the law.

    His wife Veronique confided in French tabloid le Parisien on Monday: “We were destroyed in a few seconds, I have the impression of living a nightmare. A nightmare which is getting worse by the day.” She told the media that her husband’s cranium had been totally deformed due to the extremely violent assault.

    Following this heinous attack, an African in his thirties was arrested on Sunday evening and four other individuals were placed in police custody on Monday. Unsurprisingly, their profile is not that of the average citizen: the first person arrested in the apartment of Mohammed A, is known to the police.

    “These are people who live on the margins of society, who regularly drink alcohol and take drugs,” Olivier Lahet, a deputy departmental police union secretary told LCI. But no race-obsessed media outlet dared to speak the truth about the ethnicity of the attackers – contrary to their feverish reporting over the death of African-American George Floyd.

    Several dozen of the driver’s colleagues marched to the hospital where Philippe lies after being announced brain dead. Jean-Philippe Paulmier, CFDT delegate, contacted by France Bleu Pays Basque, recalled the violence suffered daily by bus drivers: “There are verbal attacks all the time, the atmosphere has been hyper-tense for a few years. Bus drivers have been exposed more and more in recent years, and Philippe’s aggression, marked by violence, is far from being an isolated case.”

    In February 2019, a bus driver was hit in Sartrouville (Yvelines) for refusing to stop immediately. Times are difficult for the drivers whose unions increasingly denounce the incivility and the violence they suffer.

    Drivers of the Chronoplus bus network, colleagues of Philippe Monguillot, say no bus has been running since Monday morning, with the exception of certain subcontracted lines.

    The attack on the driver elicited angry reactions from opposition politicians. “A man, a driver, tried to enforce basic rules and he lost his life, ” Julien Aubert, LR deputy and president of the Oser la France movement, tweeted.

    “When the honest man must lower his eyes in front of thugs, of savages, collapse is not very far away. Living together is an illusion,” Aubert added. His colleague Valérie Boyer, denounced the increase in violence and the lack of media outrage: “Once again, barbarism is spreading. I am scandalized when I learn of the assault of a bus driver in Bayonne. I am scandalized by the cowardice, the savagery which has become daily violence with selective indignation.”

    Céline Pina, former elected Socialist and contributor to the new magazine Front populaire by Michel Onfray, even speaks of the “return of the law of the jungle”. The multiplication of violent attacks committed by immigrants and the domination of immigrant youths in the “no-go zones” of the Republic are now indisputable facts.

    “Not a day without this gratuitous and unleashed violence that hurts and kills. The worrying generalization of the savagery is a fact that that can no longer be only ‘disparate’. They are becoming the norm in a country whose elites have abdicated,” said the manager of Marine Le Pen’s RN, Jean Messiha, who happens to be an Egyptian immigrant himself.

    For his part, the identity activist Damien Rieu wanted to recall that the victims of crime did not enjoy the same compassion from the media, cultural and political class. “Who will kneel for Philippe, a bus driver massacred in Bayonne? Who will set up a committee? A mural fresco? Which star will launch a petition against the country’s impoverishment which kills dozens every day? Omar Sy?” he remarked, in an allusion to the Adama Traore affair.

    Rare African victims of alleged police violence are entitled to all the tributes of the progressive system but those who suffer daily violence are ignored.

    The local mayor of Bayonne was praised by the New York Times for sheltering illegal African migrants crossing the Spanish border into France last year. The newspaper called Jean-René Etchegaray’s city in the French Basque Country, “refined” because it fulfilled its “humanitarian obligation” since Italy all but closed its borders. The mayor has been providing the illegals with cosy beds, hot meals and heating in winter.

    Spain has now become the prime gateway into Europe for migrants from Africa, with more than 57 000 arriving last year.

    “I saw that the frontiers were closing, and as far as I’m concerned, there are some fundamental rights that can’t be trampled on,” Etchegaray truimphantly declared last year. He alluded to the attack on the driver as an isolated act this week. Etchegaray was re-elected recently.

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    • angry american

      imagine that mooslum trash attacking

    • pcl

      The spineless politicians who bring in this filth keep getting elected. It’s as if France has a death wish.

      • James Power

        They weren’t immigrants. Do you believe everything this racists rag tells you?

        • when the moslems take you for a rooftop flight, i’ll be filming it.

          • James power

            Another paranoid idiot.

            • paranoid about what? reality? use a dictionary and stop sabotaging the English language you tool.

        • DonnyCuillo

          THANK YOU FOR REPORTING THE TRUTH FREEWESTMEDIA!!! FRANCE’S INSANE eu IMMIGRATION POLICY IS UNRAVELING THE NATION. You’re a blind man James. They were Muslim immigrants… Are you a Marxist James? Perhaps Muslim yourself? I suppose you don’t believe in the no-go zones in Europe as well. Marxists are blind men – leading the blind – but you ARE NOT LEADING US pal… France: it is time to throw off the European Union, save your culture, and get your house in order!

          • James power

            Paranoid much LMAO. I feel sorry for people like you who get so paranoid about everything. The muslim world not out to get you. In fact the aren’t even thinking about you. The Middle East is mostly made up of Muslims. The US with the assistance of France and Britain have been bombing the Shiit out of the Middle East for decades killing millions of Muslims. And you think that there the threat?? Of the thousands of Muslims that have come into Europe As asylum seekers and refugees a handful are terrorist and idiots like you think the entire Muslim world is out to get you.
            I have no idea what that bullshit about Marxism has got to do with anything. Are you that paranoid that you think anyone who points out reality to you is a supporter of Marxism?I feel sorry for you man.

            • Niamh Keany Pattison

              He may be hyped up but James the truth is there are a lot of people coming into Europe, ending up in france and the uk and Ireland whose culture is so so different to the countries they settle in its just asking for trouble….if I go to Iran with blond hair and white skin and walk around with bare arms and uncovered face I will attacked and stoned for nothing more then being outsdie….there will be no media shouting about it no outrage from people…afterall I should have known better right??? If immigrants come with disparate cultural ways and beliefs to the country they settle in they need to assimilate…abide by the laws of the land and respect the host country and people…I live in spain and am irish …I respect the spanish and the police and enjoy their way of life…I am still irish but i dont force my culture on them…I am here to enjoy another country. The reason why as the article above says 57k immigrants come into spain and travel to france and uk is the spanish police wont put up with any crap from anyone…irrespective of colour, religion or origin, if you are bad or you commit crimes you are treated swiftly and with a strong hand immigrants DO NOT WANT TO STAY in spain…its not a cushy number for social welfare and you have to assimilate and not rock the boat. Demands for spanish people to change their society and culture to accommodate outsiders just dont wash here. . CURRENTLY THERE IS ONLY ONE STANDARD APPLIED TO REPORTING OF CRIMES…IT IS A DOUBLE STANDARD…if four irish men killed that poor french man it would be reported..four irish men…but as they are african immigrants their country of origin is omitted…definitively that is a double standard. The french should be marching on the streets to stop what is going on.

    • the media, banks and politicians need to pay for this.
      now boris johnson wants to flood the UK with 3 MILLION HONG KONG CHINESE.

      • James Power

        I would rather have 3 million Hong Kong Chinese as neighbours then the same number of English. You won’t get trouble from them like the trouble you would the English tugs.

        • AutomaticSlim

          I would rather have 3 million hardworking, Christian South Africans.
          I think you can guess which ones…

          • James Power

            Why do you want just christians? Those who identity as christians are far more likely to be terrorist and terrorist enablers and protectors. After all so-called Christian countries like the US, Britain, France and so on have been bombing the shit of the Middle East for decades now and have slaughtered millions. Not to mention the millions up their own citizens that the US have
            slaughtered with their obsession with gun violence sessionHow many millions of people have African countries slaughtered?

            • Janie Lanie

              Rwanda massacre was approximately 1 million according to Wikipedia. I read about massacres in Africa and the Middle East often. It’s usually massacres to its own people by its own people. Educate me if I’m wrong but don’t other countries step in to help usually? I’m not a Christian and am full aware of all the violence inflicted by Christians too. Religion has caused a lot of problems for people.

            • Randy Abramovitz

              Look up Janjaweed to find the real killers.

            • Intelligentia

              Look up Srebrenica Genocide. Find the victims and the killers.

            • fcbasel

              Stop with the anti-Christian propaganda Schlomo, no goyim here.

            • James power

              So what you are saying is that What you are saying is that US France and Britain are Muslim countries bombing the site of Muslim countries in the Middle East? FACE PALM

          • Intelligentia

            I hope you’re not talking about the Apartheid savages?

        • what’s that smell? it smells like a jewish paedophile.
          oh it’s (((james power))). Catch my lead, kike.

        • Niamh Keany Pattison

          Really not a decent comparison James…Chinese people who live and work abroad are extremely law abiding, very hardworking and certainly in Ireland going into first and second generation Chinese Irish are really decent people…I hardly think you are going to see s news report four chinese men drag french bush driver off bus and kick him to death???? You arent being honest here….would you choose to live beside 3 Million Nigerians, Moroccans, Algerians, Senegalese, Iranians, etc…notice I am not interested in the colour of their skin…that is utterly irrelevant…it is the cultural and religious differences that are the issue…many people coming to live in European countries from certain countries are set in their ways, dogmatic in their views, but they want the benefit of a new life in a new country without changing to fit into the host country. Coming from countries that have corrupt governments, corrupt armies and police forces, lawlessness, where the violent rule, they bring this way of life with them, it really dismays me, they come for a new life, a better life and they bring with them the very things they want to escape, in the end TURNING THEIR HOST COUNTRIES into the very thing they wanted to get away from?!! For some the come and they dont care, the are criminals and law breakers in their own countries and they act the same in Europe, with its liberal laws and equality, they know they can get away with it.

      • Yvonne Lashford

        Those people from Hong Kong will be fine. They are educated, have money and brought up under the British system which is why they do not want to live under Communist rule.

        • Intelligentia

          British system? You’re hilarious!

        • why don’t you accept them all in israel you fucking moron?

        • why do you want to turn the UK into an asian colony?
          i hope you get raped and have your head sawn off by moslems you fucking worthless cunt.

    • reakcionář

      Tak v US zabitý černý kriminálník a máme BLM. Tady černými zabitý bílý pracující a kde je WLM?? Do pr**le PROČ??

    • AutomaticSlim

      I finally found a site that published the ethnicity of the attackers.
      Even the UK tabloids didn’t do it — and they usually do.

      Thank you for being honest about this attack and the situation we as Westerners are facing.
      Amazing that career violent criminals who have run ins with the police are being lauded while honest, hard working people victimized by violent savages are ignored.

      • Ib4N8R

        religious believers following the words of founder

    • Ib4N8R

      islam… understand its fundamental precepts.

      Prepare to Protect your family.

      Support self-defense training and neighborhood groups Megan Am and Legion.

    • Intelligentia

      The race propagandists, just like the ones we have in the United States, like to mix apples and oranges to justify their racist savagery! Since you want to mix apples and oranges to brand Africans and Muslims as savages, tell me what you think about these official French Christian savages, like these ones who were supposed to be “civilized saviors,” raping and maiming Africans since time immemorial, without any accountability:

      “Case against French soldiers accused of raping children in CAR dismissed”

    • Ouvert Bon

      Where does this stop? Does it stop or do we allow these POCs to overtake our civilization? It we allow them to continue to live among us and allow more to enter civilization will be destroyed. There are hundreds of millions more who will gladly come if allowed. How can people be so stupid to allow these people to enter their countries? The results are are a foregone conclusion.


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