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Victim of migrant assault, Amanda. Watertower at Mariehem. Photo: Private/Google Maps

Young Swedish woman kicked unconscious after ‘looking at’ immigrant men

On Friday 21 May, while walking her dog, Amanda, 27, from Umeå, in Sweden, was beaten by a group of "young men". She justified wanting to speak out about the incident, suggesting that in these cases, victims should rather remain silent.

Published: May 25, 2021, 10:06 am

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    The badly injured woman said she hoped that the culprits – foreigners, according to her – would be arrested so that other people do not suffer the same fate. “It’s not just for me, but so that others don’t get hurt,” she told Swedish news outlet Samnytt.

    Last Friday, around nine in the evening, Amanda went for a walk with one of her dogs, a small one. Normally she takes her two dogs for a walk, but on that evening she left her large dog, a German Shepherd, at home.

    Near Mariehem’s water tower in Umeå, a gang of four dark-haired foreign men in their twenties suddenly confronted her. “What are you looking at?”

    Amanda decided not to take any notice of the troublemakers. “I ignored them and did not answer. They lined up and blocked the way and did not move so I have to go into the woods to get around them. And the moment I pass them, one turns, I can hear him come towards me and kick me. Then I don’t remember much.”

    The woman lost consciousness after the assault. She does not know how long she was unconscious, but when she awoke, the group of men was no longer there. She said she “hadn’t provoked them at all”.

    The “foreigners” spoke Swedish, and they used slang expressions. “I saw that they looked foreign, but maybe they were born in Sweden,” Amanda said. She believes they were from the Middle East, but said she was not sure. She had never met any of the men before.

    Samnytt contacted the Västerbotten area police, who confirmed that they had received a police report and that an investigator was working on the case. Over the weekend, Amanda was admitted to hospital. She said she now felt too afraid to go outside with her dogs.

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    • Diversity in action

      • rob

        The exact same thought I had – change spelling to ‘dieversity’.

      • jimhalfwit

        from the religion of peace?

        • Czechster

          The Kalergi Plan is working as expected.

          • ontheroadwitheric

            Czechster – I’ve only perused Kalergi’s stuff but I think it’s less race-mixing than culture-mixing.

          • Rob

            Genocide in Europe is very real. Who pays for it? Young white females. Rapes, attacks, and a deep feeling of permanent unease because… how do you get rid of the third world invaders at this point? Europe is now in a death spiral. The young people look around at the Muslims all around and say, “I’m not going to have children in this.” That accelerates the death spiral. Just as the Bible predicts, dark, dark times are ahead for Europe.

            • Cicero “Vi Victa Vis”

              Guns are a good start, thrown in some people with torches and pitchforks and I think the muslamen will decide to go back where they came from.

            • Dentgregg

              No, the weak white men have zero courage. They will go quietly into the night.

            • Czechster

              I started researching the Kalergi Plan by Coudenhove-Kalergi and was amazed at how much effort the German Oligarchs supported and funded this movement just to remove White Europeans. I am just going through “Practical Idealism” and it came as a complete shock as to how many of our US based Political Aristocracy are involved. I believe that once we get to the bottom of this movement it will be too late for our children and future generations.

            • Steve F1

              The females wanted it and dated all of them

            • aliswell

              Said the foreign rapist.

            • njartist49

              They even held up signs welcoming the invaders.

            • Steve F1

              I meant hey wanted the immigration to their country

        • Doug Dannger

          They don’t send their best.

        • I Am Royal

          Pieces, it’s easy to remember mooslimes like to chop people to pieces.

      • worm

        Which stems from the New World Order in action: central banking elites who fund communist-level anti-white propaganda and campaigns to hijack, replace, and subvert all of these nations and people. The end game is to bring people to their knees and beg for a one world tyranny/government. People’s families will be killed and bred out and their futures and freedoms eradicated while the central (banking) planners act like kings of the earth – what’s happening now but 1,000,000,000 times more consolidated.

    • More Liberty

      Not surprised really

    • 0_0

      You can’t relax around certain people.

      • purple1960


    • Tupatshakur

      I’ve never met a people more determined to commit suicide than the swedes.

      • I Am Royal

        And have their women raped.

    • Carl Timothy Smith

      We used to have large families and crimes like this would be punished immediately. The father and brothers would be demanding these men come out for their beating.

    • Bierstadt

      Diversity is polluting our country with third world s…hole dwellers so they can try to turn our country into a s…hole like the one they came from.

    • River

      This is because Sweden opened their borders to islamic aholes. Blame your government. they ALL need to be tossed back into their 3rd world countries where they can kill each other and leave the intelligent people alone.

      • GeorgeRomero

        And as ironic of all these Nordic countries importing savages were ruled by female nazi sociallists

        • Dentgregg

          The Lesbian Nazi Socialist secretly desire to be raped by these invaders. It has always been like this.

      • Cicero “Vi Victa Vis”

        No good deed goes unpunished, or there are always unintended consequences, sort of like look on the other side of the log before you step over on to a snake.

      • JohnK625

        No one who subscribes to the teachings of the Koran can ever be trusted to live in a Western-Style free society.

    • William Thomas

      Never walk alone after the sun goes down. Male or female, old or young, rich or poor. The WORLD is no longer a safe place. A Poodle or Yorkie will not save your butt. Sweden? Who Da Thunk Dat?

    • J Mahrberg

      castration time.

      • BuckFiden

        Caning, too.

    • Mitch USA

      Sweden was Neutral in World War II and wasn’t flattened …. and they prospered, is that not true? So, avoiding hard decisions and accommodating evil comes naturally to the Swedes …. It’s not as if they believe in anything enough that it is worth protecting or fighting for …. The monster knows this and the Swedes have no compass to guide them …. They lost their courage, then their souls, their Country and now their women …. and they remain clueless as to what to do.

      • Name

        Technically Sweden was “ neutral”, but in reality very sympathetic to the Nazi regime and had no qualms about supplying Hitler with much of his iron ore for steel production. Enabling to carry on his war. Later on when it was apparent Germany was losing the war, the Swedes tried to appear to be more sympathetic to the allies. It was really all sham. The Swedes are very anti-Semitic and their acceptance of massive Moslem immigration is really biting them in the ass. The Muzzies have taken over some Swedish cities totally.

        • Mitch USA

          Sweden abandoned God long ago and God gave Sweden over to its fate

          • George

            And Swedes better take hold of Jesus soon.

      • johnsillasen

        Was not strategically important to Germany, is why.

        • Mitch USA

          A Nation of old women with no morals is no threat either …. The goat herders you opened the gate to own you

    • Give white civilization bricks and they build cities. Give third world subhumans cities, they destroy them.

    • TM1

      So sorry Amanda this happened to you, your government is to blame for allowing these third wold mudslime terrorists into your country.

    • BlueTarski

      Stipulated: Immigrants are clients and representatives of the Swedish State, not of the Swedish people. Ergo, “Young Swedish Woman Kicked Unconscious after looking at Swedish Government Representatives.”

      • Mitch USA

        If you are a Swede, it was your sister that was attacked, your mother was harmed & your daughter frightened. Do your duty as a man.

    • Jerry the BANNED

      ahhhh yes, the religion of pieces strikes again

      • johnsillasen

        But their introductory smiles and warm feelings are worth the eventual onslaught, right? Otherwise why would the public choose to be beguiled?

    • Bull Manure

      Sweden should start correcting this problem by hanging all officials that opened the boarders to allow all the filth to enter their country. Bleeding hearts will literally bleed at the hands of the migrants they opened their doors to. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

      • Hang them? rope and lumber is expensive you know, cheaper to just shoot them. Löfven would be the third prime minister from the socialist party to get shot, within the last 50 years mainly because of crappy immigration policies.

        Maybe it doesn’t solve anything, maybe they’ll just send the next clown in.

    • Fences Only Work In Dem Cities

      My 18yo pretty 110# daughter can defend herself. It’s called a 380. 9/10mm better, but I’ll take her carrying 380 over nothing

      • BuckFiden

        But you’re American. Our Constitution, unlike any other in the world, guarantees your 18yo pretty 110# daughter and the rest of us the right to own a firearm. Commiefornia, NJ, MA, DC, MD, MN, DE, CT, WA, HI, OR, NY and other schiff states will one day be overruled.

        • johnsillasen

          Waiting eagerly for Greater Idaho to kick into gear.

          • Denise

            That would every exciting but I doubt ID wants OR issues or the hassle of figuring out how is it would work. A huge state of ID would have lush farmlands, beautiful lakes and oceanfront. I wish the merge well and send a message to all states with dictators for Governors.

            • Fences Only Work In Dem Cities

              If it happens I’m moving there

            • Denise

              I would look into that too

        • Fences Only Work In Dem Cities

          Absolutely my brother. Absolutely.

        • When the government openly says they don’t give a fuck if you get attacked, why should you bother to give a fuck about their gun regulations? Skjut, gräv, glöm (Shoot, bury, forget) that’s how you deal with monkeys harassing you on your own property.

        • SIGN IT Salute Marine -Wingnut

          If the 1775 Patriots DID NOT need a license to take up arms and revolt against the King,
          then surely the nation they created does not requires its citizens to buy a license to RKBA!
          And you can take this to the bank.


      • johnsillasen

        Lately hearing about .22 rimfire magnum being effective … and lower recoil means more rounds on target in same few moments. Could likely crank out as many of those as one 12 g buckshot round.

        • Fences Only Work In Dem Cities

          I’m an ER doc. I’ve cared for as many dieing from 22cal as the rest of handgun calibers combined

      • SIGN IT Salute Marine -Wingnut

        You are a GOOD parent.


        • Fences Only Work In Dem Cities

          Thanks kindly

          • SIGN IT Salute Marine -Wingnut

            Where its due.

    • BuckFiden

      Try this schiff in America, you get shot.

    • Newmanian

      They’re called Muslims. It’s what they do.

      • SIGN IT Salute Marine -Wingnut

        Go see Dante’s Inferno and see that allah and mohammy are at the 9th ring of Hell.
        You can take the islimmeys out of the cesspit, but you can’t take the cesspit out of the islimmey.


    • johnsillasen

      Time for Amanda and her friends to taking courses on hunting, urban tactical concepts, and firearms.

    • phillyroll

      The Swedish people asked for them. Now they’ve got them, all they want.

    • Jao “Sniffy” Xiden

      Why would anyone allow ((( them ))) to import such cancerous maggots into their nations ?

      • Why does America allow sleepy Joe to occupy DC?

        It’s just a tiny little 4% “green party”, that’s in charge of Sweden’s destructive immigration policies. It takes just a small group of armed people walk into the government and put an end to it. Same thing in DC, had everyone been armed on the 6th the globalists wouldn’t have had a chance.

        So why didn’t anything happen? Are people cowards? Is it not a wise move considering how many people would die in a war like that? Whatever it is, we need to stop blaming the people. The people didn’t vote for this crap.

    • Jao “Sniffy” Xiden

      european pansies need to man up and flush these maggots from their borders and send them back to the sand dunes and jungles.

    • MrCairo

      The Swedish Government will naturally blame and punish the White Males because somehow this was all their fault.

    • LucasMcCain123

      wow…sounds terrible….but before I start TGAS…..can you tell me how she’s voted in the last 10 years!!

    • willem buckdefoe

      Why would Middle Eastern – presumably Arab people immigrate to cold weather Sweden ….?
      The EURO Union has free pass immigration through all Euro Union countries…!!
      & “Immigration has been happening for about three point five millennium now- so get used to it ” – Mickey Mulkvaney – special immigration adviser to Donald Trump ….!!

    • vortilon


    • Roman Quail

      Portland rads will explain why it is her fault

    • Catapult

      Ah yes, more joys of inclusion and diversity. Sweden, you begged for this and you got it.

    • ahvc

      Honey, those foreigners are worth more than you according to your’s and my government.

    • Xabre

      Presumed to be Middle Eastern….Hmm, what to do…How bout all the fathers of all the Swedish born Daughters go looking for Trouble and find all those Dark haired 20 something young Middle Eastern gentlemen, and bring some items like base ball bats, tire irons, 2X4’s and then commence to opening a Can of Whoop A$_$, ya know, just start beating the crap out of these Punks, whether had anything to do with it or not… It would send a clear message to these Camel Jockeys mess with our daughters or our sons YOU WILL ALL SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES FOR YOUR BROTHERS INDISCRETIONS!. Or you can get on the next boat, Bus or Box and go back From whence you came.

    • Hammertime

      This smells of fake news.

    • Wizbang

      They should outlaw AR-15’s and dog walking.

    • sheepdog

      Must not have been Muslim or else they would have raped her.

    • Bunky

      TS lady, you get what you vote for.

    • Jonathan Galt

      “Dark haired men.”

      Translation: Extremist Muslim Terrorists.

      Stop allowing people to be “politically correct.” Call things what they are.

    • Flashman
    • Jonathan Galt

      Here’s a fast fix for these problem everywhere.

      Pass a new law: For EVERY citizen attacked by “refugees,” one politician who voted in favor of refugees must be executed.

      Watch politicians around the world line up and vote for walls.

    • Maria Rizzo

      Unfortunately these European countries that had open borders the last 30 years will change forever in a very negative way. And it will only get worse Very, very, very sad. Such beautiful countries with wonderful cultures ruined by open borders. But they did it to themselves.

      • 426Hemi

        Actually, it is the birth rate in the Western European countries which have forced governments to import foreign people to shore up the tax-base. A shrinking tax base means the Tics running the show won’t have a sufficient / legitimate revenue source to ride on. Here in the U.S we can rely on a steady stream of Christian Mexican, or Central American Christian or South American Christian countries to draw upon. In Europe these countries are relegated to importing non-christian muslums. it is really that simple. Now if the American women’s movement hadn’t been promoted by a famous female CIA ‘activist’, its possible that the number of abortions wouldn’t be so high, or gained so much traction as an ‘easy way out’. Between 1964 – 2020 over 40 million American babies were aborted. Now if those kids had been allowed to live, America would not have a 2.2 birth rate, nor be relegated to importing foreign people from countries with a much lower standard of living.

        • h5mind

          Here’s a crazy thought: pass a balanced budget amendment. No more deficit spending, no more pointless wars, bridges to nowhere, and lobbyists writing all laws to benefit the .01% at the expense of everyone else. With what Washington spent to blow up the Middle East, they could have rebuilt our entire infrastructure (roads, bridges, rail, ports) while achieving permanent energy independence.

    • BeagleBiscuits

      They let them in. Alot of them.
      They will pay dearly. Multiculturalism is very very bad.

    • h5mind

      Next time, bring the German Shepard. And for God’s sake, take some self-defense classes. Or are those not allowed in pillow-soft Sweden?

    • Jim W.

      All need to understand that Muhammed did not design Islam to assimilate or peacefully coexist with any other belief system, religious, social, political, or otherwise. The Islamic fundamentalists who closely follow the words and commands and deeds of Muhammed will forever be the sworn enemies of non-Muslims and seek their destruction.

    • h5mind

      BTW, if countries REALLY wanted to discourage illegal “refugees” from invading their land, they should STOP rewarding them for doing so. “Free” food, housing, healthcare, schooling for their miserable racist kids and a pile of other ‘no strings attached’ goodies are extremely powerful incentives to jump the fence into Europe. Phase out freebies to non-citizens and they will find other places to mooch off of.

    • bo1921

      Next time you walk your dog, take your gun with you!!!! Hahahahaha! I’m only kidding. You’re probably not allowed to own one, and you might well not want to, anyway. OK.

    • Alvin Dudd

      Did this woman ever stand around with a sign welcoming the invaders? Does she or has she ever supported the politicians or socialism that brought the invaders here? Sorry, but not sorry, because most European women deserve this kind of treatment for their stupidity who they support.

    • Jizzmo Onyabhutti

      The beasts have been released among us.

    • Terry

      How could it be possible that Women want this?

    • jeepwonder

      Bring the big dog, always.

    • HawaiiRules

      They left their countries because their people made them crappy.
      What is the logic of letting them make other countries crappy?

    • jon landon

      must be zero’s cuzzins

    • Under Siege

      IN AMERICA – she legally could have, in self defense, pulled a gun a killed them on the spot AND have legal ground. If they are successful in TAKING our 2nd A, we can never defend ourselves again. Never again.

    • coolercoleman

      Leaving Muslims into your country is inviting in pure evil!

    • Dk

      Was a X’s when I lifted heavy weights & did harsh cardiovascular workouts. Would have taken an aluminium baseball bat to em in very short order!

    • hanblecheya

      I guess lieberal white females get what they deserve. Wouldn’t lift a finger to defend.

    • Fox Hound

      Shoulda been Greta.

    • Mr La

      Sweden Dying to Be Multicultural (2017) – Youtube

    • Steve F1

      Sweden the king of libtardism, these people, mainly women wanted all these immigrants and sexual freedoms and no more God

    • Hawkdriver1961

      No doubt this was a group of US Critical Race Theory instructors on sabbatical in Sweden, who graciously took time out of their R&R, to instruct this woman on her inherent white supremacy that severely oppresses those with brown and black skin.

    • jake

      Women need to understand that the queer imports feel impotent when a woman looks at them.

    • bill k.

      there you go sweden. you asked for it, you got it.

    • seth rich

      Sweden = Cess pit.

    • Freedad

      And that’s why we have the 2nd. The police are minutes away, or in the case of Sweden’s feckless LE – totally AWOL. You know when seconds count and when a high capacity 9mm will fix these perps, forever.

    • Dentgregg

      Weak Swedish white men allowed this to happen. Pathetic weak white men can not even protect their women.

    • oromae

      Good. You wanted them there. You insisted on it.
      I’m glad they taught you this lesson

      They are just getting started.

    • Washington Hoax

      The Islamics just might bring out the Viking spirit from dormancy. Then – watch out Muslims.

    • CP

      Here we have Constitutional Carry. Wife goes nowhere unarmed. Trained, proficient and lethal if need be.

    • Zoe2010

      how dare she live and breathe… but of course, sverige has to remain neutral… blech…

    • Kat

      Only way to deter this is identify then deport. Deport the perpetrators and their entire families – even family members born on European soil. Rescind their citizenship and deport. It’s the only way.

    • Gloria Semadono

      Soros funded mass migration is killing whole counties. Still can’t believe he’s alive.

    • greggreen29

      Citizens pay for the actions of politicians, the vote for the politicians again.

    • WDS

      She: Looked at them, walked around w/o a niqab or male escort, was walking a dog. Pick any reason
      you want, the imported vibrant diversity will suffer zero consequences.

    • I Am Royal

      After bringing so many mooslimes in, I’m surprised Sweden isn’t using sharia law yet and interracial marriage isn’t required.

    • SIGN IT Salute Marine -Wingnut

      Abject stupidity for a woman to walk alone in Sweden….but then it’s Sweden.



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