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Hunter Biden is deeply involved in funding bioweapons research in Ukraine. Is he the bagman for his father? Polls show that American voters believe the crack addict is indeed which may not bode well for Joe if he intends to make Hunter the fall guy. Screenshot from YouTube

Hunter Biden funded biowarfare research of US labs in Ukraine

The company linked to bioweapon gain-of-function research in Ukraine and pandemic insurance was also funded by none other than Hunter Biden. Information contained on his abandoned laptop has turned out to be reliable.

Published: March 26, 2022, 9:32 am

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    After the US undersecretary of state for political affairs Victoria Nuland admitted to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that Ukraine had biological warfare facilities, the World Health Organization quickly called on Ukrainian officials to “destroy high-threat pathogens to prevent any potential spills”.

    “High-threat pathogens”? These were undeniably created in gain-of-function laboratories. The US has been heavily involved in developing and managing these biolabs in Ukraine, as a NewsPunch investigative report highlighted.

    A deleted web article from on June 18, 2010, which was recovered by National Pulse, contained specific information on the construction of the a level-3 bio-safety lab in Odessa, Ukraine, in 2005. The article was included in Issue No. 818 of the US Air Force Counterproliferation Center’s Outreach Journal.

    A 2011 report from the US National Academy of Sciences’ Committee on Anticipating Biosecurity Challenges of the Global Expansion of High-Containment Biological Laboratories detailed how the United States Department of Defense and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine focused on “preventing the spread of technologies, pathogens, and knowledge that can be used in the development of biological weapons”.

    A permit had been issued “to work with both bacteria and viruses of the first and second pathogenic groups”.

    The smoking gun

    The information contained in these revelations may have gone unnoticed until Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, a Bulgarian journalist, in 2019 identified biotech company Metabiota as deeply involved in the Ukrainian labs.

    It’s not just any company. This particular company, inextricably involved in researching gain-of-function zoonotic diseases also sells pandemic insurance because it is able to track the trajectory of outbreaks and pandemics. The company is indeed linked to the Coronavirus gain-of-function research – SARS-CoV-2 comes to mind – and funded by none other than Hunter Biden.

    The Russian government held a press conference on Thursday to underscore Hunter Biden’s involvement in bioweapons research in Ukraine. Emails and correspondence obtained by from the laptop of President Joe Biden’s son, confirmed the information. In October 2021, Twitter suddenly suspended The New York Post account after the newspaper reported on the files found on Hunter’s laptop.

    It turns out that Metabiota was awarded $18,4 million in US federal contracts under the Pentagon’s DTRA program in Georgia and Ukraine for providing “scientific and technical consulting services” which include global field-based biological threat research, pathogen discovery, outbreak response and clinical trials.

    Last year, the San Francisco-based Metabiota curiously predicted an almost 60 percent chance that there would be another pandemic more deadly than Covid-19. They appear to be both on the forefront of lab-created diseases and the provision of insurance against such man-made plagues.

    The CEO of Metabiota is the virologist Dr. Nathan Wolfe. He is a member of the official journal of the controversial EcoHealth Alliance (EHA), the company at the center of the gain-of-function research on Coronavirus spike protein. According to his LinkedIn profile, Wolfe “has been honored with… the NIH Director’s Pioneer Award” and is “a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader”. Wolfe is also a close friend of the disgraced criminal Epstein family.

    The National Pulse revealed financial reports of Hunter Biden’s investment firm Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners (RSTP), which confirmed that it had funded Metabiota. And the relationship is even more incestuous: “Former Managing Director and co-founder of RSTP Neil Callahan – a name that appears many times on Hunter Biden’s hard drive – also sits on Metabiota’s Board of Advisors.” Callahan is the co-founder of Pilot Growth Management, which is Metabiota’s current top investor.

    In EHA’s 2014 annual report, Metabiota is listed as a partner on the US Agency for International Development’s (USAID) PREDICT project, which seeks to “predict and prevent global emerging disease threats”.

    Bioweapons instead of hypersonic ones?

    The US government has evidently been working on bioweapons to deter their enemies, in this case Russia. The leaked lab-virus, Covid-19, which has especially enriched Anglo-American pharma companies, does not inspire trust in the Biden administration as they have repeatedly dismissed hard evidence of their involvement as “Russian disinformation”.

    Andrew Huff, a former vice president at EHA turned whistleblower, said highly dangerous gain-of-function research was being conducted, and the funding had been managed by his former employer.

    EHA partners received money, Huff further revealed, including not just from the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (Tony Fauci), but also a slew of other government agencies, private corporations, and foundations such as Google, Wellcome Trust and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

    The Department of Defense (DoD) also funded EHA. In a January 23 Twitter thread, Huff maintained that “not only is EcoHealth Alliance a CIA front organization, but the United States of America is primarily responsible for Covid, not China. Covid was a US scientific R&D program where Covid was transferred to China”.

    “The start of the Covid-19 bioweapon was at the UNC lab with Baric and Shi,” the Daily Exposé reported. The “UNC” is the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where Ralph Baric and Shi Zhengli were working on weaponizing the virus.

    Targeting Russian women

    Roscosmos CEO Dmitry Rogozin said on March 21 in his Telegram channel that the bioweapons being developed in Ukraine, worked on the reproductive system of women, particularly against “the Russian population of Russia, and immunity of “certain ethnic groups”.

    “These weapons affect both the reproductive function of women of a certain nationality and in general the immune system of a particular ethnic group, causing allergies, intolerance in relation to traditional food and exposure to diseases, leading to the weakening of the immunity of the nation and its extinction without the impact of wars,” he wrote.

    Rogozin clarified that he chaired a government commission on biological and chemical security from March 2017 to April 2018, which repeatedly addressed US biolaboratories’ encirclement of Russia.

    “It is also no secret to the leadership of our country that the purpose of these biological experiments conducted by the Pentagon using biomaterials obtained from Slavic subjects in Ukraine and other countries neighboring Russia is to develop ‘ethnic weapons’ against the Russian population of Russia,” Rogozin added.

    American voters have lost confidence in Biden

    “Nearly two-thirds of voters say the story of Hunter Biden’s lost laptop is important and believe President Joe Biden was probably involved in his son’s foreign business deals,” a pollster found.

    The incriminating contents on Hunter’s laptop are “important,” a majority of respondents confirmed in a recent national survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports. Some  66 percent of likely voters said the story was important, while 48 percent believed it was “very important”.


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