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Vladimir Putin: We are witnessing the gruelling process of the forming of a more just world order. The old unipolar hegemony is inexorably collapsing. This is an objective reality that the West is categorically refusing to accept. Twitter

The ‘lunatic in the Kremlin’ is surprisingly lucid

Much is being said about Putin's grand speech on the annexation of former Ukrainian territories. But the alleged “madman in the Kremlin”, in contrast to the geriatric US President Joe Biden, offered valuable insights into the neoliberal and neocolonial Anglo-Saxon world view.

Published: October 3, 2022, 9:57 am

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    On September 30, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin and the heads of the Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions signed the accession to Russia. The incorporation of the new Russian territories was celebrated in a large-scale accession ceremony. The annexation has added almost 6 million new citizens to Russia, with the Azov Sea now totally surrounded by Russian lands. It has also exposed the powerlessness of NATO, Ukraine and their Anglo-Saxons sponsors to prevent the break-up of Ukraine.

    Moreover, the process included a referendum in these territories, something which had not happened after NATO’s war in Kosovo.

    The masks have fallen

    In his speech, the Russian President explained why the incorporation of the former Ukrainian territories was essential for the Russian people. He referred to Ukraine’s 2014 coup, calling it a “coup d’etat”. At that time, under the leadership of the US State Department, Victoria Nuland with the command: “Fuck the EU” had demonstrably given the order to snipers to fire randomly at demonstrators on both sides and ultimately to install Western agents in the government, as FWM reported at the time.

    From then on, according to Putin, the Russians in eastern Ukraine were subjected to genocide and the systematic destruction of their identity.

    ‘You can’t feed people with lies’

    Putin described what was going on in the Anglo-Saxon world. Politicians are ordering Europeans to dress warmer, eat less and wash less. But one can’t eat dollars, explained Putin, alluding to highly inflationary money printing by the US Federal Reserve. He also highlighted the importance of energy for economic well-being.

    “You can’t feed people with lies. You can’t heat homes with the money press, you can’t warm people with lies. You need food, you need energy, not printed dollars and euros. This inflationary high capitalization brings nothing to ordinary people. So that the houses can be heated, you need energy sources. That is why politicians in the West are trying to convince their own people to eat less, wash less and dress warmer.”

    The Russian President said those who questioned Western policies were labeled “radical” and branded as enemies: “Those who ask themselves, ‘Why should we do this?’ – they are labeled as radical. They are branded as enemies and fingers are pointed at Russia: ‘There are the real culprits’. Western elites and politicians do not want to hear constructive solutions.

    US only distinguishes between vassals and villains

    Ultimately, according to Putin, the US, which is finding it increasingly difficult to keep up in the global game of economic power, is always concerned with subjugating the ethnocultural identity of all peoples. “The US only distinguishes between its vassals and declares those who want to retain their sovereignty rogue states,” the Russian president said. Although there is always talk of “partners”, according to Putin there can be no question of a partnership if the heads of government of the states are controlled by the US secret service “as in Japan”.

    The West promises democracy and brings enslavement, exploitation and violence, he said. “Western countries have been telling everyone for centuries that they bring freedom and democracy to other peoples. On the contrary, instead of democracy, they brought exploitation. Instead of freedom, slavery and violence. The whole unipolar world order is anti-democratic, not free. Hypocrisy to the point of no longer working.”

    Anyone who does not give up their sovereignty and does not want to be subject to the US will face violence, including nuclear bombardment. In this way, the US “set the nuclear precedent with Hiroshima and Nagasaki”.

    Another example of US colonialism, which – as Putin pointed out – had its origins in the genocide of the Indians, is the use of chemical weapons in Vietnam, where the civilian population was attacked with napalm and murdered. The bio-weapons labs that the US had established in Ukraine were just another part of bellicose US foreign policy.

    Putin on Nord Stream: US elites want to deindustrialize Europe

    For Putin, it seems clear that the US has agreed on the attack on the two Nord Stream pipelines in order to stop the continuation of Russian gas and making deliveries impossible. Many European politicians have spoken out against the sanctions, said Putin. Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban was indeed planning a referendum on suicide sanctions. And in Germany, at a mass demonstration in Lubmin, the Nordstream 2 port, protesters demanded the opening of the pipeline.

    It is increasingly understood that the “US elites are going to deindustrialize Europe and want to take over the European market”, and have resorted to terror to achieve their goal.

    Putin on gender: ‘Leading to human extinction’

    The Anglo-Saxon world, furthermore, is demanding that Russia give up its values. However, Russian citizens did not want the Anglo-Saxon model to “replace mom and dad by a parent 1, a parent 2 and a parent 3”. He called this “crazy” and expressed fears that if it were forced on children in elementary school it could lead to human extinction. The Russian president called such values “Satanic”.

    “Western countries’ task is accomplished through total and absolute dispossession, hence their aggression toward independent states, toward traditional values ​​and native cultures.”

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