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In Short

Brussels: Foreigner ‘in search of wife’ harasses female passers-by

BrusselsOn the Grand Place, the central square of Brussels, an individual subject to deportation, was caught in the act of public harassment. However, he was released after his hearing.

An estimated 90 000 slaves in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania today

NouakchottThe National Human Rights Commission in Mauritania is calling on national and international NGOs to collaborate with the mechanisms put in place to fight against slavery and the difficulties of enlisting in civil status.

Germany: Afghan child rapist released by judge rapes second child

DortmundA 23-year-old Afghan is suspected of raping two young girls in Dortmund. In this latest child rape case, the big scandal is that after the first crime, the asylum seeker was already in custody. .

France: Afghan defrauded, raped 30 women from dating sites

StrasbourgA 24-year-old Afghan defrauded 30 women by registering on dating sites, taking advantage of dates to rob them. He also allegedly raped one of them.

Germany: Leftist mayor who chants BLM booed by BLM mob

Frankfurt Pandering to BLM mobs in Germany has not had the desired effect: the leftist Mayor of Frankfurt am Main, Peter Feldmann (SPD), had to be sheltered by police officers from angry BLM protesters.

South African Police refuse to investigate murder of white farming family

South Africa's lackadaisical police service, run by ex-terrorists, has again shown that it does not care for the country's farming community who are under constant attack.

Somali taxi driver rams into pedestrians in Swedish town

BorlängeThe taxi driver responsible for an attack on pedestrians in the Swedish town of Borlänge, is a Somali. The ethnicity of the driver has indeed been confirmed.

Rutgers University declares correct English grammar ‘racist’

New BrunswickThe English Department at Rutgers University in the United States announced that the correct use of grammar was racist because it disadvantages students of “multilingual, non-standard ‘academic’ English backgrounds”.

Black Trump supporter killed in Milwaukee

MilwaukeeA black Trump supporter, Bernard Trammell (60) was shot in front of his business, Expression Publications, in the American city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Thursday. Trammell was well known for holding up "Vote Trump 2020" placards, also in front of the city hall.

Migrant gang rapists laugh about their crime in German court

FreiburgThey were hailed as poor, suffering "refugees" from Syria, Iraq and Algeria - then they gang-raped the 18-year-old girl for several hours and laughed about it in court.