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Brendin Horner with his girlfriend. He was tortured and murdered by his attackers. Facebook
Paul Roux

South Africa: Two farm attacks in two days, farm manager tortured and killed

It is clear that a slow war is being fought against South Africa's white farmers and this slow racial war is increasingly also being taken to towns and cities. The murder of a white farm manager, Brendin Horner (21), serves as proof that the South African government’s rural safety plan is failing.

Published: October 4, 2020, 9:15 am

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    Horner was tortured and murdered on the farm De Rots near Paul Roux on the evening of Thursday 1 October 2020, in the Free State. Bheki Cele, the South African Minister of the Police, recently said that “farmers must not complain if they get hurt”, suggesting that the victims of farm attacks were the ones who were to blame if they become the targets of violent crime.

    Horner’s lifeless body was found tied to a steel pole about 100 metres from the farm gate on the farm De Rots early on Friday morning 2 October. He was in a standing position with a rope tied around his neck.

    He had been stabbed several times and it was clear that he had been in a violent struggle to defend himself. Sources told FWM that his knuckles were bloodied from trying to fight back.

    Herkie Viljoen of Free State Agriculture told Netwerk24 that Brendin went to visit another farm in the area on Thursday evening where his father Robbie lives, but left before 1900. He never arrived home.

    His girlfriend Lenize Taljaard waited for him on De Rots and when Brendin did not come home, the Taljaard and Horner families started a search for Brendin. In the morning they called in the help of the police.

    Brendin’s cap with a knife on top of it was found near the farm gate and then his body which was bound to a pole. His vehicle was found abandoned in the area a distance from there and there were blood stains on the seats.

    Brendin worked for Gilly Scheepers, a well known farmer and owner of Bloukruin Farm. A shocked Scheepers told Netwerk24 that attackers came to kill the youngest of his employees for an unknown reason because he did not have enemies.

    Meanwhile, the ANC clearly plans to implement collective farming, or a kolkhoz system similar to the disastrous project from the former Soviet Union. Ernst Roets of Afriforum has pointed out that the 900 state farms that the ANC says it will give to new black owners will remain in State hands. New occupants will just rent from the State denying them private ownership.

    The fact that the ANC is now looking for new black occupants for their state farms also indicates that whatever was done on the land previously, has failed.

    Another farm was attacked the very next day. On Friday 2 October 2020 a vehicle with 5 black occupants arrived on the farm of Paul Da Cruz in the Losberg area in Fochville, just after Paul and a worker left.

    The occupants of the vehicle asked to speak to Paul’s wife Karen. The mistake that she made was to ask them what they wanted when an owner should be enforcing access control instead.

    The strangers took out a firearm and detained Karen. The initial 5 attackers were joined by 4 others. Paul was then overpowered when he arrived home.

    Paul da Cruz later told Netwerk24 that the attackers took 2 laptops and a number of firearms that were in the safe after threatening that they would hurt them if they did not hand over the firearms.

    Da Cruz also said it was clear that the attackers knew exactly what was happening on the farm yard and knew the layout. Which means the attackers had either surveilled the place beforehand or had informants on the property.

    Fortunately in this instance the family was not injured but they were obviously traumatized.

    Farm attacks and murders are out of control and cannot be considered ordinary crimes, particularly when the cruelty associated with these incidences is taken into account, South African opposition party, the Freedom Front Plus said in a statement.

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    • The Viking

      It is now open season for attacking and/killing white farmers and their black employees
      A favorite target of these murderers are the aged, living in rural areas.
      The following link will give you some insight as to the reality of the situation in South Africa.

      • Rentia Diedericks

        It is essentially the same modus operandi as in Palestine.

        • The Viking

          Hi Rentia.
          These are not random killings. They are agenda driven by forces inside the ayensee and Malemmer’s EFF.
          White genocide is going to escalate exponentially until someone stands up and start killing blacks for the sake of killing.
          But we are too civilized and morally focused which makes us look like quitters.

          • Rentia Diedericks

            The architects of this – obviously not random – plan need to be exposed. The ethnic cleansing of Palestine was put into effect through systematic expulsions of 500 Arab villages, as well as terrorist attacks executed mainly by members of the Irgun and Haganah against the civilian population in the same fashion. Author Ilan Pappé cites Plan Dalet and village files as abundant evidence of the planned expulsions. The morally corrupt instigators who want to line their pockets should be quitting their evil scheme.

            • The Viking

              Being outnumbered by 11 to 1 makes us vulnerable to the point of total annihilation .
              A couple of us, concerned boers have been propagating the situation in SA on various international news forums but all we get is an “Ag shame” from respondents.

            • Stev60

              See suggestion above.

            • The Viking

              Thank you Steve. It is worth considering but it wont be easy since they, especially Malema, believe that the whites stole “their land”

            • Stev60

              The Cape (or most of it) was never Bantu land to begin with. It belongs to the whites, and the (Khoi-San) coloureds, period, as far as ethnic groups go. It’s also the last hope for a secure homeland for either – otherwise the Bantu blacks will take over the lot in the end, via the ANC and EFF with Chinese and other anti-white/commie support. It also has a longer history as a separate entity than as part of the RSA.

              It ought to have been enacted already in the nineties, de Klerk made a fatal error handing everything over to the ANC, especially from a position of strength. What a jerk.

        • SIGN IT Salute Marine -Wingnut

          Have you seen the photos of Palestine? Malls, schools and the usual missile launch sites next to the schools and other public buildings. They have so much concrete they actually build tunnels trying to get into Israel. When Palestinians get sick they go to Israel. Many Palestinians work in Israel because there is no Sharia law there. Of course when the Palestine worker crosses back into Palestine, he has to surrender some of their pay to the terrorists.
          Check out obesity in Palestine. Lots of food and no work.
          Check out what happened in “Palestine” when the islimmey savages attacked in the 640’s AD.

    • Ma’Lisa Mirelli Ayala-Woodward

      When whites are being attacked and exterminated, the world will ignore because it cannot and will of admit they created a failed policy where integration has become revenge justice.

    • Stev60

      There is only one way for the white (and even ‘coloured’) South Africans to be safe from ANC-Bantu-Zulu domination, expropriation, and massacre: a separate state in the Cape, minus the Xhosa-dominated areas of East Cape, as in in the times of the pre-Republic of South Africa colonies/kingdoms. In fact the Cape was politically separate from the rest of what is now the RSA for much longer (even as a white-settled colony) than it has been part of it. The RSA was cobbled together by the imbecile British (minus eg Lesotho and Swaziland) for their own half-baked purposes only after the second Boer War, and has been a disaster practically ever since in one way or another. It has become a death-trap for the whites, and a vehicle of Communist penetration and takeover of South Africa, with ruinous results for not only the whites there but worldwide, whilst not actually improving the lot of most of the non-whites either. (Re-)partition is the only way to guarantee safe and secure homelands for the various peoples, all of whom have a right to it, eg the Afrikaners go further back in the (West/North) Cape than the Bantu blacks who arrived later as colonizers from the (north)east. Of course basic rights should be guaranteed within each state for minorities, but in the current and likely future RSA, that is in name only, for the whites especially, who are doomed under the likes of the China-backed ANC and bloodthirsty Malema and his ‘EFF’. At least in an independent Cape they would have a decent chance, along with many or most of the coloureds, and even such Bantu blacks as were resident. It would also stimulate productive competition instead of crony commie crookedness which is now the norm.

    • Beeeleee

      Africa deserves to starve after killing all the farmers who feed them.


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