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Paris protest. Photo credit: Thomas de Luze

Paris: 98 police officers injured, one lynched as march turns into riot

In Paris, the demonstration against the draft law that would ban filming police officers, very quickly turned into a riot. In the midst of chaos, law enforcement often had to back down, sometimes leaving one of their men isolated in the middle of the angry crowd.

Published: November 29, 2020, 8:44 am

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    The scene, of incredible violence, will undoubtedly be remembered. On Saturday November 28, during the “march for freedoms” which very quickly degenerated, at least one police officer was violently lynched by the demonstrators. Ironically, the lynching of the policeman happened despite protesters claiming that they were also demonstrating against a video that had emerged of policemen beating a black music producer.

    The scene, which took place around 6 pm, was filmed by Amar Taoualit, a journalist reporting images. Overwhelmed, a dozen officers tried to escape after being backed into a corner by rioters. Charged by the demonstrators, the police were then forced to break ranks and engage in hand-to-hand combat.

    One of them found himself isolated, fell to the ground, and was then violently lynched by the demonstrators. Covered with beatings and insults, the man was rescued in extremis by his colleagues, before being exfiltrated.

    Throughout France, in Rennes, Lille, Bordeaux and Lyon, several demonstrations were organized on Saturday afternoon against the “comprehensive security law”. In more than 60 French cities marches were held with authorities estimating the number of participants at around 150 000. In Paris, very soon after the start of the Marches des Libertés, violent clashes broke out.

    In a context strained by the Michel Zecler affair, a major demonstration was organized in Paris with 46 000 people taking part, according to the Interior Ministry. It started at 3 pm, from the Place de la République to Bastille. According to Le Parisien, tensions were already high barely an hour after the departure at République.

    Around 4.30 pm, street furniture was set on fire, and the police were targeted by projectiles and fireworks. The latter then responded by firing tear gas. Rioters were smashing vehicles and shop windows, torching cars and a motorcycle. “Black block” protesters were spotted early in the march, according to the regional daily. The security forces had to retreat on several occasions.

    Numerous fires were reported as dozens of demonstrators began to ransack nearby businesses and a bank – behavior that even the anti-white Algerian journalist Taha Bouhafs tried to denounce. His supporters mocked and insulted him however.

    In the afternoon, hundreds of demonstrators chanted to the police to commit suicide. On Twitter, the Minister of the Interior mentioned 37 injured police officers throughout France, including 23 in Paris.

    At 7 pm, the evacuation of Place de la Bastille was still in progress with law enforcement deploying water cannons, in a particularly tense climate.

    The Interior Ministry later revised the number of injured policemen, saying 98 police officers and gendarmes were injured, and the toll was growing.

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    • LuciusAnnaeusSeneca

      Macron and Darmanin are likely to stand fast and have their way, and the proposed bill will become law. These violent demonstrations that have targeted the police show exactly why such a law is necessary. However, it will be a useful device that can not only be used by governmenet against violent leftists and anarchists that target the police, but against the Yellow Vests and other populist or nationalist protesters. And some members of the French public are certainly concerned about that. While the bill’s proponents claim they are defending French “republican values”, they are also advancing the powers of the administrative state.

      • jay

        how do you manage not to see that the gov’t is doing this because they want the public to have to choose between slavery and civil war with the army replacing the police?

        The french gov’t takes the examply of nazi germany because the french gov’t likes that example. All ‘citizens” (hostages) working and giving everything over to them.

        why now? two best reasons are that they’ve destroyed all paper and electronic money and they need to make sure that nobody starts building free energy devices and distributing them the same way they would distribute illegal substances.

        you saying the law is necessary and acting like you’ve got an open mind shows either your cognitive dissonance or that you’re a government or commercial shill.

        • LuciusAnnaeusSeneca

          Go back and read what I said. I believe I laid out the purpose of the law quite well–to expand the government’s power, just as you say.

          I also said that there were plenty of laws on the books already to address violence toward law enforcement . They don’t need new ones.

          • jay

            I understood that you were saying this:

            These violent demonstrations that have targeted the police show exactly why such a law is necessary.

            I interpreted that to mean that you think that a law prohibiting filming police actions in public is necessary. Did I understand you correctly?

            • LuciusAnnaeusSeneca

              My bad choice of words, should have been “why such laws are necessary”. The French authorities have sufficient legal means to prosecute attacks against law enforcement.

            • jay

              ok, thanks. I can be annoying with my method of taking everything literally and not even considering that there was a typo until I’m told.

              so we agree here. This is good.

              Just curious, do you believe that there is a new virus?

              If you do, please do yourself a favor and find one of the only real journalists still active today, Jon Rappoport and look at today’s blog entry.

              Quite a good explanation of the covid fraud with footnotes leading to the official truths emitted by the usual suspects. Truths which appear nowhere in the press other than on mr. rappoport’s blog

            • LuciusAnnaeusSeneca

              I don’t think we know enough to be sure whether or not there is a new virus out there, but will take a look at what Rappoport has to say. There are still a lot of unanswered questions about COVID-19, and we may be seeing it mutating over time and space, as is typical with other viruses.

            • jay

              It’s still known as the germ theory. It’s a theory. It doesn’t seem set in stone that there even are viruses as opposed to exosomes. In the case of covid, you’ll see that Rappoport shows that they don’t even have pictures of exosomes.

              There’s a theory that our “diseases” are actually a repertoire of different techniques that the body has to restore its own order in reaction to different toxicities.

              I don’t see where there’s more evidence to support one than the other, or even other theories that neither of us knows about.

              It’s clear to me that it’s silly to believe anything these people say, they’ve been caught lying so many times and have so much to gain by lying more.

              For you to talk in a way that shows you accept so many things you can’t prove and haven’t been proven is unfortunate in my view.

              If you really feel that it works for you keep it up, but you might want to take a new look at everything you believe.

              I try to do that every day.

              I’m looking forward to seeing your reaction to rappoport’s blog

    • jay

      The definition of fascism according to a M. Moussolini is the merger of gov’t and corporate power. Right now amazon, one of the biggest corporations ever must surely be taking up a lot of the business that used to be done locally before people had to write themselves a note to go outside. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see amazon open up thousands of bars and restaurants in the buildings which will be for sale or for rent when those business owners go out of business.

      If the society wasn’t fascist, then the gov’t would tell the banks that they can’t charge interest on loans which were taken out to run businesses which that gov’t has shut down.

      But the banks run the world, so don’t wait for that. Instead the fascist gov’ts will give away money which will be borrowed from banks and paid back with interest. So it’s clear that the banks are making money in many different ways off of the fake virus which has never been proven to exist. A bit like HIV, another virus never proven to exist.

      It’s quite easy for the gov’t to succeed in its lies, the bankers have been paying people for generations to transform the public into a group of fools incapable of separating fact from fiction.

      Not all of the public is incapable. So some gov’ts have passed laws prohibiting talking about real events of the past which they find inconvenient to be discussed. It seems that all that the citizens of these countries are good for is working hard to pay for the gov’t’s and the corporations’ excesses and whims.

      that sounds like fascism. I have long ago stopped referring to these countries as democracies or republics. that’s a joke, or at best just a vestige. They are plutocracies. fascist regimes.

      There are no more citizens. There are royalty and hostages.

      • John U

        The covid shamdemic here in Britain & so many other countries was never about public health. That was just a diversion. smokescreen really. Whether you believe the virus exists, I think it does, its risks are negligible or minimal compared to other far worse illnesses & dangers to human health. The real agenda as driven by the banksters, corporate raiders, internet tycoons etc. of the Davos set who organised the covid scamdemic has been & is: corporate, financial & political control.

        • jay

          John, you’re preaching to the choir.

          Do me a favor and check out Jon Rappoport’s blog. Today’s entry is a great summary of all he’s been saying and has the reference to both u.s. and european official frauds which demonstrate with their own words that they have zero samples of this “virus” because (we believe) it doesn’t exist.


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