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The photo on Stefanie's obituary notice was denounced by the regional German police. Facebook

Vienna: Feminists attack media office, white ‘patriarchy’ after 13-year-old’s murder by Afghans

The murder of a 13-year-old in Vienna, for which four Afghan asylum seekers are said to be responsible, poses a dilemma for feminists: Should there be sympathy for a girl who, according to the current state of the investigation, was drugged with up to eleven ecstasy tablets, raped several times and killed or outrage over "racist reporting"?

Published: July 9, 2021, 1:16 pm

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    The Wiener Einsatzgruppe Feminist Alarmabteilung (Wefa) decided on the latter. Around 20 hooded Wefa women stormed the rooms of the news portal in the Austrian capital on Wednesday and attacked the employees. On handouts, the feminists complained that reports of the heinous crime normalize and reproduce “the murderous patriarchy”. The murder of Leoni is being instrumentalized “for racist and sexist agitation” they screeched.

    If a migrant commits a serious sexual crime or murders a woman, it is never due to the cultural or ethnic background but because he is a man. Also, a foreigner is always noble and good and inevitably a victim of racism. In short, according to these banshees, European society is a sexist hell.

    The Wefa intruders reached the oe24 advertising sales offices via the garbage disposal and attacked several employees to protest against the “racist reporting” by after the recent murders of several European women.

    They distributed leaflets with the following appeal: “You say sexualised violence against FLINTAs – women, lesbians, inter, non-binary and trans people – has been imported. We say that violence against FLINTAS is the cruel consequence of a sexist society, of capitalism and patriarchy.”

    The police were there within a few minutes, after which the masked gang fled. The activists’ goal of occupying the newsroom or TV studio was not achieved thanks to the police action and the resistance of the oe24 employees.

    The oe24 managing director Niki Fellner issued a statement: “We strongly condemn this violent intrusion by masked extremists into freedom of the media. We will not let anyone – and certainly not such actions – hinder our critical reporting. oe24 played a leading role in uncovering the judicial failure of the recent murder of women by four Afghans and will not allow itself to be silenced by any action. In particular, we condemn the attacks on our female sales employees, who were terrified by the activists, and demand the strictest consequences from the executive.”

    In Germany, meanwhile, the police described the distribution of the photo of the obituary notice for the youngest, almost 25-year-old Würzburg victim Stefanie W. on social networks as “incorrect” and “not helpful”.

    This picture of the pretty, cheerful Stefanie, who was buried on Wednesday, gives the victim of the Somali knife attacker a face.

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    • Western Europe is committing cultural and racial suicide. This is just the latest example of that reality.

      • All planned for decades if you do any research — none of this is “just happening”….

        • Elizabeth_Erwin

          And we aren’t far behind if we don’t fight this nonsense with everything we have.

    • Deguello

      Mohammedanism is a pestilence more invasive and deadly than COVID-19.

      • why me

        If we were allowed to speak the truth we would say Islam is the religion of hate.

        • William Wallace

          Feminism is more dangerous and destructive.

        • Punkz

          If we look at the situation objectively the Western keft have done way more damage than followers of Islam. They have now gravitated to open promotion of pedophilia in MSM. When the kids become the target the civilization is lost.

      • yougottaproblemwiddat

        Don’t blame migrants. They’re not letting themselves in: people already here are.

        • greggreen29

          Blame both. Deport both.

    • Smargalicious

      Islam is a gutter superstition that glorifies death, violence, and the subjugation of women.

      • Paulbe

        The subject matter of this article suggests that some women are happy to do their own subjugating.

        • Punkz

          Their hatred for white men blinds them to anything else. If there was to be an imminent nuclear war their first thought would be for the migrants.

    • AzOCAllDay

      may mohamed rest in pig vomit.

    • why me

      Multiculturalism does not work. I would round up all the feminist and send them to Afghanistan.

      • Peaceisnolongerpossible

        Multiculturalism works just fine, you just don’t understand what the goal is.

        • teachem2think

          The “afghan asylum seekers” should all be executed immediately, buried with pig carcasses, and the process videotaped as a warning to every “asylum seeker.” It is the only language they actually understand. Sad that too many in The West have no understanding of “the religion of peace.”

          Obviously, the goal is the death of Western Christendom and European Culture. Any questions for the idiots who elected and re-elected these monsters who are doing this dirty work? The dirtiest work will arrive eventually and then the feminist psychotics will be truly displeased … but God knows they will have deserved every pain.

    • Edo Tokyo

      So the feminists have done a 360, now marginalizing violent attacks against women, back to the pre-feminist era. Sorry, but no one will tell you that Afghan culture is less sexist than Western society. If Austria is facing the same problems as Sweden, where violent crimes against women are disproportionately committed by immigrants, then women should be made aware. Every victim should be remembered and their family & friends have every right to memorialize their loved one.

    • john carter

      Dying civilization…..

    • William Wallace

      Nuke Europe.

      • teachem2think

        How about if they just send the savages back to their shi7hole countries?

    • Oliver Clozoff

      Those left-wing feminists all deserve to be drugged, gang raped, and murdered.

      • Paulbe

        They are the true definition of a traitor in action. Traitor against their Nation, their culture, their fellow women, against children, in fact by that, against the future.

    • Movie Blue Diving Suit

      Horribly written article.

      “The Wiener Einsatzgruppe Feminist Alarmabteilung (Wefa) decided on the latter.”

      The latter what? You mentioned one thing. Go back to journalism school.

      • Goober

        Re-read the upper introductory paragraph:

        [The murder of a 13-year-old in Vienna, for which four Afghan asylum seekers are said to be responsible, poses a dilemma for feminists: Should there be sympathy for a girl who, according to the current state of the investigation, was drugged with up to eleven ecstasy tablets, raped several times and killed or outrage over “racist reporting”?]

        It is in another respect that the article is confusing, though — it presents the photo of a different, older victim from a different case in a different country, then at the end of the piece, gives only fleeting mention of what it has to do with this story, which itself has to do with being wrongfully used in reporting the case in question!

    • terro9000

      Leftists are death based and diabolical. They insisted we take unlimited immigration. And we let them.

    • tai

      The police described the use of the victim’s picture as ‘incorrect’ and ‘not helpful?’

      The way they dehumanize white people is beyond sick.

      • teachem2think

        Ever notice how our “helpful” media never describe or show photos of our oppressed perps in the initial articles?

    • JeffC

      There was a time when these monsters would be dragged from their cells and killed. My how “civilized” we’ve become

    • Kimbell

      Welcome Australia to the U.S. World of Communism……Now we can suffer together !!!!

      • teachem2think

        That’s AUSTRIA, my dear fellow, and the Austrians have, like the other retrogressive European States, been flirting with communism for decades. When you vote for socialists and globalists, you will be invaded and subverted by primtive foreigners aka “diversity.”

        • Punkz

          Another American who doesnt see his own country is now owned by Communists.Didnt the Coup give you a clue?

          • teachem2think

            Unfortunately, punky, if you had ever read some genuine history, you would know that this internal, domestic subversion has been ongoing since FDR. Now go away and try to impress someone else who doesn’t know any better.

          • Kimbell

            This American is Multi-National and agrees as well as understand just how deep into Communism our Country has become…..We were fooled for years thinking Russia was the biggest threat and now with Obama, Biden and most of the U.S. Congress and MSM on the CCP Payroll American’s are losing their Country and Freedoms at a record Rate and thanks for your concern, but the U.S. will survive……we have a plan !!!!!

        • Kimbell

          I gotta get some glasses…..When re-read my comment, I thought why Australia, the article mentions Vienna ????

    • Kimbell

      Bar all Muslims from traveling outside their respective Countries and the World can return to normal quite living again !!!!!

    • EADOman

      Europe is already lost. Australia, New Zealand and Canada are not far behind. Guess what country is next?

      • Punkz

        America is already lost and is in fact in worse state than Europe. I mean you just had an actual coup and then they stuck barbed wire around their seat of power telling you they took the country.

        • EADOman

          Valid point

    • Patricia

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