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The veiled termagant of Oceania, Jacinda Ardern, has called for ousting the unvaccinated from society. Wikipedia

New Zealand PM, Naom Chomsky call for unvaccinated to be dispossessed of civil status, starved

The New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern confirmed a reporter's question about whether she could create two classes of people, with only those vaccinated retaining their civil status: "That's it, yes, yes".

Published: October 26, 2021, 9:33 am

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    Her new “Covid-19 response framework” to be released on Friday, will make life unbearable for the unvaccinated in her country and she looks forward to this development: “It will become very clear to people that if you are not vaccinated there will be things that you miss out on, everyday things that you will miss out on,” Ardern told Morning Report.

    “It’s about both rewarding people who have gone out and done the right thing but also keeping away people who are less safe.”

    There is no supporting data or the slightest evidence for Ardern’s assertion. Getting the jab may not be “the right thing”. In fact, the British government has published a finding showing that the vaccinated people do not produce antibodies to the nucleocapsid protein, which happens to be a crucial part of a healthy response in the unvaccinated to the virus. This may explain why the vaccinated now constitute the majority of hospitalized Covid-19 cases.

    Moreover, vaccines do not stop infection or transmission of SARS-CoV-2, while natural immunity appears to be a much better way to fight off the virus.

    Despite the alarming evidence already piling up, the Ardern administration proudly plans to roll out vaccine certificates to coincide with the new two-tier system. “We’ve always said once we’re vaccinated it will be different, so we need to therefore design what that looks like.”

    Ardern’s notion of punishing the unvaccinated is supported by globalist shill Noam Chomsky, who has called for starving the unvaccinated by denying them access to food.

    It is evident from the meteoric rise in cases that Ardern’s Corona response has been a total failure, but she seems to be pressing on in compounding the disaster. The same trend is evident in highly vaccinated Wales, but the New Zealand prime minister appears to be igoring all relevant information.

    German doctor Wolfgang Wodarg, who almost single-handedly stopped the global swine flu vaccination campaign in 2010 in the European Council, has warned against damage to the immune system due to these jabs.

    The “fully vaccinated” last month accounted for the vast majority of Covid-19 deaths in the UK, Belgium and Sweden, according to official government data. Because of the risk of developing heart problems, Swedish health officials also imposed a permanent ban on the Moderna vaccine to anyone under 31, the Daily Mail reported.

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    • Bob

      No jab no food expect major chaos

      • holugu_CDN

        One would think that the PTB won’t be that stupid, but who knows.

    • Eric the Red

      Expect the vaxx cult to instigate the utmost personal evil. They will sacrifice the unvaxxed on the bloody altar of their collective Holy Narrative.

      • Harold Lowry
      • holugu_CDN

        The jabbees are roughly comprising of 3 groups.

        One is Vaxx Covidians, the cult. Many of them are narcissists and sociopaths and a power trippers, the rest belong into the “misery loves company” segment. They are the people you are talking about and one should, if possible to distance from them in a physical sense as far as miles long pole. About 25%.

        The second group covers people who either a) are low information consumers but aren’t necessarily cultish and somewhat open to a review on of their take and b) “take it for the team” folks, for instance a guy, 35, with a family of 3-4, a mortgage and a job he can’t afford to lose in his view. These (b) belong into a “it’s a personal choice” paradigm. 50%

        The third group is “buyers remorse” folks. Once the information became available, they realized they’ve been had. They hope that their predicament can be reversed and they see uncontaminated purebloods as their possible ticket to mitigation — in part of fully — of the vaxx effects, therefore it is in their best interest to have as large pool of the purebloods as possible. 25%

        I have a friend in Switzerland and she did her anecdotal survey (sample ~150) of people participating in the recent anti-mandate/passport demos and she concluded that about 40% of participants belonged to 2b and 3 groups.

      • Nexusfast123

        The jabbed are gone if the decline in immunity is correct. They will kill rest of us.

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    • Orwell Knew

      NZ is seriously messed up. One is left wondering how many citizens agree with their leaders vs. disagree. It used to be more difficult to understand how Germany became Nazi. I thought there must have been something very unique about Germany. Not any more. There appear to be wannabe fascists just itching to put their boots on people’s necks everywhere you look.

    • Rentia Diedericks

      Bloomberg reports on Covid hospitalizations of US children (already extremely rare compared with the adult population) falling sharply as schools reopen. But the FDA panel has just called for human experiments on children.

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    • Facing_It_Together

      They have ousted themselves from Heaven, that’s all! Seperating the wheat from the chaff…it must happen, and they are unknowingly, as usual, helping in their own demise. To the pit with them! Evil is ALWAYS self destructive, it can’t exist on it’s own.

    • Ashley Johnston ❤

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    • DarkEyes

      Naom Chomsky finally shows his real colors.

    • DarkEyes

      The tunes Naom is playing for Jacinda sounds like the right music to her.
      Bye NZ!


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