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German Corona critic fears for his life

The well-known German critic against Corona measures, has fled Germany fearing for his life. After a raid-like house search, the scientist Prof. Stefan Hockertz, sees the writing on the wall.

Published: August 21, 2021, 12:33 pm

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    Hockertz is an immunologist and toxicologist and not only a critic of Germany’s Corona measures but also of the gene injections, which for him represent “gross bodily harm” as Austrian weekly Wochenblick reported.

    In March last year, the immunologist stated that Corona was comparable to the flu in terms of danger. His book Generation Maske also caused a sensation, in which he emphasized the harmful effects of wearing masks on children.

    A few days ago, all Prof. Hockertz’s accounts were blocked and a garnishee order of 820 000 euros was issued. His lawyers are of the opinion that the tax allegations are groundless. Although it is not customary to arrest suspected tax evaders, Hockertz has decided to leave Germany. “I can no longer live here and certainly no longer work,” he is quoted as saying.

    On February 1, 2021, German public broadcaster ARD’s “fact checkers” described a Twitter message from Hockertz as a “completely twisted statement”. In this, Hockertz claimed, referring to a press release from Merck & Co, that the pharmaceutical giant had said that after intensive research it had determined “that it would be better to get the virus and let your immune system work instead of a vaccination”.

    Prof. Hockertz fears for his life

    After the house search in June, Prof. Hockertz was “totally in shock,” it was reported, citing sources. His family doctor diagnosed him with post-traumatic stress disorder after the search. He is still unable to work and is afraid that his professional status will be ruined and his wealth will be stolen from him.

    Four days ago, Hockertz left Germany in a hurry. Hockertz has also stressed that he was not suicidal, fearing that a “suicide” might be staged to cover up his murder.

    The background to the raid-like house search was the suspicion that Hockertz might have evaded taxes.

    State Trojans and surveillance software

    After the search, Hockertz hired criminal tax lawyers and managed to get his cell phones and computers back within a few days. He had the devices examined by experts, who found state Trojans and other surveillance software installed on his computer. An explosive detail is the fact that only a single name of an officer appeared on the search log. This is not customary because normally all officers involved should be listed. The report speculated that officials from the Office for the Protection of the Constitution may also have taken part in the house search.

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    • Kemo Sabe

      Angela is a yuuge proponent of Global Governance. Do what yer mastesr says and most importantly, believe what they say. Or else…
      You may find yourself being the first AI brain implant done by Klaus Schwab himself. He’ll split the skull w/ a cleaver. Stick in the AI thingy, Duck tape your head back together..

      • Temporary Security

        So are most of the American and EU leaders:

        • Highlander

          Ah yes, the man who still can’t afford a good comb for his hair. Get a clue Boris.😂😝🤦‍♂️

        • Kemo Sabe

          Of course our Communists are.. On board.. Klaus and his WEF Cabal are running a test to see if the Sheeples will Go Gentle Into That Good Night.
          Millions are going. Submissively getting their Communist Chinese bio-weapon Wuhan Special jabs which will be never ending.. Until they are ready for their AI implants.

          • Temporary Security

            Sad problem it looks to me like we are more than willing to buy the propaganda and go along.

            They don’t need AI by the way, vaccine passports on you cellphone and the phone need to buy and sell, they have as much or more info than any implant could give them all in a device capable of transmitting around the world and on the internet.

            • Kemo Sabe

              True.. But the AI implant proposed by Claus and the WEF will be able to send an an electrical shock/jolt to your system for any stray thought that may cross your mind, thought/s that is/are not approved on the thought approved circuit programmed into your AI.

            • Temporary Security

              LOL not many people would not just get a knife and cut it out.

    • Edo Tokyo

      I saw a video of a German scientist having his home raided while transmitting live. Apparently he did broadcasts that conflicted with the official Covid-19 narrative. I wonder if this is the same person. The level of coercion to comply on every level should make everyone question the verity of what they’re being told by politicians & bureaucrats.

      • Lavrenti Chudakoff

        Hitler won the war posthumously. Good work libtards.

        • Jason Ledd

          Lesson learned?
          Your money is not safe in any bank.
          Government and IRS of every nation can steal your money, as is the usual customary habits of politicians and tax collectors.
          This is a perfect example of why people need privacy cryptocurrencies.
          With Bitcoin and nearly every other non-privacy cryptocurrency, everyone and every government can see how much you have, AND what you’ve been buying.
          But with privacy cryptocurrencies, like Monero, Dero, and especially Pirate Chain, no one can see what you have, how much, or what you’ve been buying. Most importantly, your money is all yours, no one can take it.
          Pirate Chain is the future of money. Put your money where its safe.

        • SZorin

          You are confused.
          Hitler was against political-business-cultural globalization of the planet and against liquidation of national states and national cultures.
          He was against Marxism, that means he was against what the World’s political and business [especially banking] elite has been doing since the 1910s. This elite is drunk on the ideas of J e w i s h Marxism.
          Hitler was against what is now the current cultural agenda of promoting sexual degeneracy and debased morals, he was against ideas and forces that dismantle and debase music and arts, he was against J e w i s h Marxist ideology of feminism, he was against unregulated J e w i s h savage financial capitalism, against open borders, against dismantling and destruction of culture of White people, against racial mixing [the Jews agree with him on this].
          Since Hitler was AGAINST THE WORLD’S CURRENT POLITICAL, BUSINESS AND CULTURAL AGENDA then it follows that he “won the war posthumously”. Quite the opposite. His enemies and their agendas rule the World.

          • HuggyBear

            Hitler also underestimated the Zionist control of Western National States.
            An admirer of the British Empire building he allowed ( this is arguable) Dunkirk to evacuate when he had it within his grasp to crush the Brits – he assumed that Britain was an independant Nation free of Zionist control and Churchill was not a “zio-puppet”.

          • alvin_firpo

            so few understand the truth. national socialist germany was a bulwark against russia’s intended/desired european conquest.

            were it not for hitler and national socialist germany, communist russia would stretch from the atlantic to the pacific across the entirety of the european continent.

            • RC Cyberwarrior

              Most of those in this comment thread are deluded. Hitler was a member of the world’s ruling cult. His grandfather was a R o th s child. Both the Nazis and the communists were put in power by the ruling cult and financed by the same cult using stolen taxpayer dollars. Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin were all buddies and related by membership in the ruling cult. They orchestrated the world war and the setting up of communism in Eastern Europe. The same families and cult members are behind the current health totalitarian regime. Wake up to reality before it is too late.

            • RC Cyberwarrior

              Their main enemies are the enemies of Lucifer — Christianity, family and nation-states.

          • dec.23.1913 urfkd

            Get rid of that avatar.No real general will allow his country to be broken up and then send his soldiers to die for those that did that that.You goat fuckers got lucky that Stalin allowed you to get back what was rightfully yours.As for Antonescu he should’ve put a bullet in king Michael’s head the moment he signed away Transylvania to the shitskins.

        • Steve Golf

          Hitler didn’t stop the Bolsheviks around the world. Maybe losing the war helped them. Germany and Poland don’t have many Bolsheviks left these days, although their influence still exists from without.

    • John Sheridan, Deplorable

      Why those that are questioning the way government are handling this “pandemic” are being treated so harshly? I mean if the narrative is true, then the governments have nothing to worry about? Right?

      Or maybe the narrative is a pile of fecal matter?


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