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Nantucket Sound, Cape Cod. Wikipedia

‘Vast majority’ of Covid-19 cluster in Cape Cod were vaccinated

In Cape Cod, a geographic cape extending into the Atlantic Ocean in Massachusetts, the vaccinated are falling ill with Covid-19. The American town with one of the highest vaccination rates in the state, now has the highest rate of new cases.

Published: July 22, 2021, 9:39 am

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    An official told ABC News on Monday that the “vast majority” of the 132 Covid-19 cases were among vaccinated individuals.

    At least 33 people in a nursing home in Yarmouth on Cape Cod have tested positive for SARS-Cov-2. Most of the residents that tested positive were vaccinated, reported the Boston Globe. Health authorities “working closely with the CDC” tried to minimize the outbreak while local outlets like the Cape Cod Times blamed unvaccinated people.

    According to the Boston Globe, “at least 35 Covid-19 cases in Boston residents have been traced back to Provincetown” and the newspaper reported that the overwhelming majority of those had been fully vaccinated. A fully vaccinated Boston resident who had fallen ill while in Provincetown recently, told the Globe: “For two days, I was the sickest I’ve ever been in my life.” The same resident nevertheless hailed the initiation of vaccine passports.

    ABC News meanwhile downplayed the outbreak on Cape Cod among the fully vaccinated, but another individual who had fallen ill, admitted that “it’s definitely not what I expected being fully vaccinated”.

    Dr. Janet Whelan, a member of the Provincetown Board of Health, confirmed that the vaccinated could be spreading the Coronavirus: “The most interesting thing to me about this cluster of cases is so many of the people infected were vaccinated, which sort of means that a lot of the people that are vaccinated who are exposed to it may feel safe, but may also transmit it to others.”  ABC News however dismissed the spread as being “not a major concern”.

    Officials in Cape Cod’s Provincetown has issued a new mask rule for all the unvaccinated, including children under the age of 12. Unvaccinated people will be required to wear masks both outdoors in crowded areas as well as in all public indoor spaces, despite the fact that vaccinated people make up most of the active cases in the town.

    Provincetown authorities are also demanding that large venues require entrants to show proof of their vaccination status.

    The President of the United States has meanwhile been telling Americans that the vaccines offer complete protection against Covid-19.

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    • Rentia Diedericks

      What Joe means is that his investments in China won’t be harmed if YOU get the shot. Repeated mRNA vaccinations are 100% effective at preventing serious injury to Moderna or Pfizer stock. If you die it has no side effects on corporate wealth.

      • kelcraig

        also if you die, there is no recourse for your family. Thank GW for that.

        • Snow Monkey

          And his late father, as well.

          • kelcraig

            Circle of lights.

      • JCBINSC

        One of the best rips I’ve heard on this thing.

      • John Tokalenko

        As much as they like the profits, this is WAY bigger than profits. We still have yet to see the full-scope of the real purpose of these injections.

        • That Steve

          To kill people en masse I think, but I’m not even certain of that.

          • Sharia Blue Team Leader

            Why would they kill their consooomers, though? Seems more likely that this is a test of how hard the pushback they’ll receive will be when they come for guns/your home/your kids/to forcibly sterilize you.

            • battle boy

              Because…. We’re bad for the environment….
              Remember these are the same people who think it’s okay to abort full term infants. The have no regard for human life in pursuit of their goals. You have to remember that at all times in dealing with democrats.

            • lou1785

              Scratch a progressive and you’ll find a eugenicist.

            • Tommy Two Gears

              That is well said!☝️

            • raymond daubney

              I have asked progressive’rs over the last 50+ years ” But progressing toward what.?”

            • speakupamerica@fightevilnow

              chinacrat/communist demonrats have no regards for human lives except their own. Like a full blown sociopath, they see us all as properties, to do as with whatever they wish, including exploitation/slavery, killing, imprisonment, tortures, loss of liberty, of human rights etc. They want us as starved, ignorant animals for better control.

            • raymond daubney

              Great comment, deserving of many more thumbs up.

            • raymond daubney

              We must always remember also that they were “chosen” to do and control the rest of us in whatever means they deem necessary.

            • Snugglesgodofdeath

              Simple: they are fanatics who believe that the human population must be reduced significantly so they can usher in a “Utopia” that they will rule as the top class.

              Logic, reason, and such are irrelevant to the discussion because they have already decided that they are right and will ignore any evidence to the contrary.

              I read once that they wanted to reduce the population to 650 million people for easy management.

              There are nearly 8 billion humans alive right now. Think about how many they want to murder!

            • GeorgeFloydNeededTVs

              The TV show Utopia’s story-line was in the 500 million range (down from almost 8 billion) by tweaking our reproductive DNA.

            • aubreyfarmer

              Predictive programming.

            • drewcifer7840


            • aubreyfarmer

              The Kabbalist have been warning us for years about their plan for world domination.

            • allonright

              Three words, global population control.

              Only one reason why these two very evil men are working together. And it’s not to SAVE lives…they are both known for their de-population ideals.


            • GeorgeFloydNeededTVs

              Recently became aware of this. Predictive programming. 2013 UK TV show ‘Utopia’. Had second series (they don’t call them seasons) in 2014, so 12 total episodes. USA remake scheduled for 2015 on HBO but canceled. Revived as Amazon show 2020 (8 episodes, changed story but basically the same and ends similar to series 1 in UK). Group scares people with virus, announces vaccine as cure, people clamor for it, vaccine actually changes DNA so you can’t reproduce. Goal of dropping global population from almost 8 billion to just 500 million within 100 years. Watch the UK original first (it is better). Warning, both versions are VIOLENT (lots of head shots).

            • snuffy smith

              Uh George, do you think there might be a world-wide effort? The thought dawned on me, as I was looking through the links at Whatfinger News, that this a world-wide conspiracy to de-populate the planet. Especially interesting is the article from 20+ years ago where Tony Fauci wrote in a med review that hydroxychloroquine was miracle cure for the “flu”. You should see that one for yourself.

            • raymond daubney

              If the vax is to reduce the over population, why is it killing so many non populating people in western countries.? There must be any amount of ways to use a vax in over populated countries that has had modifications that no one knows about. I do not believe that this is simply about reducing the over population problem. Remember, this crap is coming from the rulers of western countries that have insisted on sending billions to such countries during the last 70+ years as aid.
              There is a much more in depth agenda behind all of this.

            • drewcifer7840

              That show was great, it gives away many secrets. It even gave us the blueprint for how they can stage false-flag school shootings.

            • aubreyfarmer

              The most obvious display of predictive programming has got to be the Georgia Guidestones. Predictive programming is masonic. It is their justification for the evil they do. Biden’s 30330 is masonic and Satanic. 33 degrees. JESUS murdered at the age of 33. They aren’t called secret societies for no reason. Divide the year 2020 by 666 the Mark of the Beast and see what you get.

            • George

              Don’t forget Gates’ Mark of the Beast ‘vaccine pass’ project.

            • Right wing

              Scary that Gates is the largest farm land owner in America.

            • aubreyfarmer

              Food is the ultimate weapon.

            • Another Trumper

              My guess: Make everyone sick so that Big Pharma makes even more $$, and a weak and sickened populace will be much more easily controlled.

            • Jim1937

              What, you mean the booster will not be free and Big Pharma will be making a profit from it? Say it ain’t so Joe.

            • JVolta

              Socialism doesn’t have consumers. Socialism has beggars.

              No one has money to buy anything with … As Klaus Schwab stated, “You will own nothing and you will be happy”.

            • Jim1937

              Fraudci’s new shoes?

            • Matthew2237

              To free up lots and lots of prime real estate.

            • disqus_RUOK

              Bill Gates put out already that the world is over populated.
              We need two thirds gone for the future.
              More prosperity for the ruling class with less noise from servants below.

            • kelcraig

              You will be forced to buy from the big corporations when they are done. That’s why the “wokeness” which hurts them now is ignored. No other sense to be made out of it. The Great Reset, read it, it’s not like they keep it secret. I suggest Duckduckgo, not Google.

          • GeorgeFloydNeededTVs

            The mRNA converts to DNA in the body and who knows what they programmed into that. The TV show Utopia (UK and then USA versions) say it was to control reproduction not outright kill us.

            • Right wing

              Bill Gates has made vaccinations to do just that in Africa, without the knowledge of those who got the shots. I would think that life in a tribal group in Africa may be very difficult for those women who can’t conceive.

          • JVolta

            This pandemic and the vaccine push that followed likely means different things to different people. To some it’s an incredible windfall of money from vaccine sales (paid by tax payers).

            To others it is an opportunity for much greater control over the population.

            To other, others it’s an opportunity to murder half the population of earth with no violence.

            To me it’s nothing, but leftist oppression and it ain’t over by a long shot.

        • snuffy smith

          John, the only reasons I can think of are 1.the vaxx cocktail doesn’t work or; 2.they were given saline solution instead of the poison jab. You should see for yourself the WH Press Secretariat tell a reporter the public doesn’t need to know such information (linked in the crawler top of Whatfinger news page). Listen up Jansake, there is a Federal lawsuit being filed in Alabama that includes documentation from a Government whistle blower of 45,000 people dying from the vaccines.

          • Jim1937

            Perhaps saline vaccines?

            • Right wing

              For the ruling class.

        • Lori

          Zoonotic cases. Lots of them to make Fussy happy.

        • raymond daubney

          There are agenda’s behind the agenda. When the ventriloquist is on stage, who is behind the curtain doing the talking.? AND, how many dummies are in the audience.?

        • tom

          The purpose of these jabs? Geez Louise wake up! These shots are a guarantee that Big Pharma will have MILLUIONS upon MILLIONS of future customers with all the illnesses they will cause! When “medicine/drug” corporations do NOT disclose what is in their products voluntarily, cover it up, you know they are up to no good!

      • John Durham IS Deep State!

        The VAERS Report is scrubbing the numbers in the middle of the night.

    • Clara Pete

      Vaccinations that depend on no one around you being unvaxxed are not effective vaccines, period. Trying to blame the unvaxxed is a weak stance. These shots have never been thoroughly tested and obviously no one knows what they really do to our bodies. The government is not in charge of keeping us healthy, they are in charge of keeping our rights protected. Seems the government does neither well.

      • Ticachaser

        Hydroxychloroquine works, just read Fauci’s medical journal writings from 20-30 years ago. Problem is it’s cheap and won’t make him money. He called it a virus wonder drug.

        • Bryan

          Yes it does why are they pushing this so hard when there are alternatives, should give everyone pause.

          • Gen14

            Along with the fact that the vax is free. Since when has any beneficial medicine or treatment been no charge? Never in the USA. And then there’s the fact that your health insurance won’t cover you because the vax isn’t FDA approved. Don’t overlook that life insurance also is no good if you die after vaxxing because you were injected with non-FDA approved substances.

            • Tjs

              An argument ive bern using against the vaxers harrasing me about the jab is to ask them how much they would have paid for the jab if it wasnt free? I respond by saying i would gladly pay $5k / dose for ebola vax that worked if ebola was spreading though the world. Same for covid if the CCP staged zombie vids were true when someone walking down the street would suddenly drop like a sack of potatos.

          • disqus_QaFVeHG6n4

            I don’t want a pause. I want to know where to buy HCQ and Ivermectin. I’m an elderly American with not the best immune system that I dont think would take kindly to the vaccinne or the virus.
            I take care of myself. This illegal government is out of control with our health and lives at stake. which is why I’m looking for HCQ or Ivermectin or both, to take care of myself before the government in their ignorance and greed do me in.

          • deb

            “Combined with hydrogel biosensor, which to do not suffer from rejection, instead becoming one with your own tissue, we may also find outselves permanently connected to the internet based cloud,for better or worse.”

      • kelcraig

        There are people that know exactly what those vaxes do. Dr. Lieber, Fauci, Gates, Deznak, DOD, NIH, CIA, goes on and on. This is bigger than the JFK conspiracy for sure, the only problem it rings too much of the truth.

      • Mr C

        Excellent summation.

    • Obviously

      I believe we are being lied too.

      • Marly Harris

        to not too
        And of course we’re being lied to.

      • Ranger_Ric

        Thank you captain obvious for that astute observation.

      • John Tokalenko

        That’s misinformation. Experts never lie. If you don’t have 20 letters behind your name, you’re not qualified to have an opinion. The US Government has never done anything to harm a single American.

        (sarcasm off)

      • misterlogic0013

        you do do ya about time

      • Bryan

        Yah think!

      • snuffy smith

        well duh

      • deb

        Combined with hydrogel biosensor, which to do not suffer from rejection, instead becoming one with your own tissue, we may also find outselves permanently connected to the internet based cloud,for better or worse.

    • Sybil Defense

      We will soon learn that the vaccines are the cause of the illness. Biden is hoping to get as many jabbed as possible before the flu season. After they all die, some fictitious chemist will take the fall and all bidens friends on the boards of Moderna, Pfizer etc will golden parachute to safety.
      But you’re neighbors will still all be dead.
      Then Harris will take over for Joe and build back better.
      Quite the plan for a few narcissistic Globalists

      • dont know anymore

        The problem they have is their liberals and democrats are the one getting the vax and not the conservatives. So in the end they will be the one eliminated by us.

    • PW Shields

      Blame the unvaccinated? Nah, blame yourselves for taking a chemical cocktail that big brother and the media complex shoved down your throat.

      • snuffy smith

        no tikee no takee

      • GeorgeFloydNeededTVs

        We live in a world of sheeple now. 2020 proved that. Cloth isn’t magical (smoke particles are bigger than any virus and go right through that) and these aren’t real vaccines. This has never been about health it has always been about control for the leftist elite over us. Democrats did this and now know they are about to get their clocks cleaned so they are trying to run without party affiliation. I saw a video of LiberalHivemind about that, and you can check it out in crawler link top of page at Whatfinger News. Among others Newsome in CA recall and a clown in Ohio tried it too. And the virus spreads 30 meters (just under 99 feet), not 6 feet then magically drops to the floor. They know that too!

    • CliftonTheAmerican

      Typical of Massachusetts liberals. They never learn because they are incapable of learning. A sad, miserable group they are…….

      • marjorie spencer

        its called useful idots….

      • Homo Vastans

        To paraphrase Mark Twain, It’s not what these genius Massachusetts liberals don’t know, it’s what they DO know that just ain’t so.

      • Charles Papp

        Ah, you misspelled the state. It’s Mass-of-two-shits.

      • Deb_Rawr

        I wonder if this is why we saw the politicians getting obvious fake vax early on?

        Be funny if only the “anti-vaxxer rubes” survived.

    • dont know anymore

      I will bet you that you will see more vaccinated people getting sick in the next few months but they will blame it on a new strain of covid and the people that have natural immunity wont get sick.

      • politically incorrect

        Yeah,most of us who are still capable of critical thinking are anticipating that,but see they HAVE to get almost everybody vacinated,so there WON’T BE a control group,otherwise,it will be impossible to hide the fact that it’s only happening to those who’ve been vacinated.The pressure is going to intensify on those who haven’t got the jab-theyre going to try everything they can think of,to get people to take it voluntarily, and if THAT doesn’t work,they will make it mandatory,and FORCE the unwilling to get it,or be locked up.THAT’S when the fun will begin.But then,if they try that before they disarm us,I think they realize it will not turn out well for them.You will know for a FACT that this vax is poicon,and they know it,by just how far they will go to get everybody vaxd

      • jdelane

        no they will blame the unvaxed. then they will come for us too. depopulation. pray to god of global warming.

        • disqus_QaFVeHG6n4

          Yeah, they’re going to take everything from us, our children to slave on their prison farms, our homes, our transportation, our savings, finally our lives – and we’re going to sit here waiting as it slowly all slips away!

          When the good nuns taught me decades ago, about the Jews waiting for Hitlers troops to come for them, I thought the nuns were lying to us.

          Humans with half a pea brain dont sit and wait to lead their children gently into that good night.
          We think and we organize and we plan (we learn from our enemies) to save our children and this wonderful earth that God created for us.
          God would be very disappointed if we did not save his creations.

          First – personal private secure communication

          Well, I fear the commies have addled me head a bit. I’ve finally slipped a cog. Me and China Joe. Y’all just ignore me. Pass your comments around me. Very INFORMATIONAL. I’ll LEARN from them

          Oh tie a yellow ribbon round an old oak tree, it’s been way too long since we decorated this tree. Oooops, I always loved singing sweet notes, never could remember words.

          We AMERICAN COMMENTERS are as smart and DEVIOUS and constructive and INFORMATIONAL as our forefathers who gave us a constitution TO LEARN FROM and BUILD ON.
          WORLD WIDE COMMENTERS can LEARN from us.

          Pay me no mind.- I’m just looking for SOMETHING TO DO, just another ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST! Or was it a sparrows nest, or some crazy bird STRUTTING ITS STUFF.

          A few months, maybe a year, can mean a lifetime.

    • inevitable

      They just can’t admit that the gene therapy is not technically a vax and even with evidence vaxxer catch and spread they go after the non vaxxers very strange indeed.

      • kelcraig

        It’s not that simple, yet it is obvious. Certain ones of their group like Bill Gates comes right out and tells you, yet people don’t listen. He is not the only one that wants to reduce the population of mere cretons like us. I just don’t understand those type of Hitlerite type people.

        • disqus_QaFVeHG6n4

          I’m sick of our having to tiptoe around them with no legal government that can or is brave enough to help.

        • Miss miller

          Gates is buying up much farmland in America. Go green. Little, expensive meat in the future.

    • Bull Gator

      I thought Provincetown was the epicenter of the new Illuminati, you know the LBGTXYZ community. Not sure how murdering your supporters works in the Political World. But it is entertaining to watch from Florida.

      • Iconoclasticles

        They’re supporters until you achieve your political ends then they become dead weight.

        • JCBINSC

          Unwitting pawns. But they almost all stay that way. Because as apparently Mark Twain said, it’s much easier to fool people than convince them they’ve been fooled.

    • Cavity Man2

      The vaccine is a crock.

    • BOPOS

      Oopsy doodle

    • Iconoclasticles

      I’m envisioning a time in the near future where those who aren’t having their organs harvested, will be wearing vaccine pumps to deliver a continuous stream of Fauci’s Fabulous Ol’ Fashioned mRNA to keep us alive, well, and safe from serious illness. Of course you’ll have to rent the pump since we’re not allowed to own anything anymore.

    • LucasMcCain123

      so…un-vaccinated people can get vaccinated people sick??…so…reason 1358 why not to get the vaccine shot!!! IT DOESNT WORK…in fact…it looks like IT MAKES YOU SICK!!!!

    • WhoCares? / ICare!

      Let’s see, how do we spin this?

    • Garion60

      Um…I’m no ‘SCIENTIST’ but…the JAB DOESN’T WORK! Thankfully, GOD gave each of us an IMMUNE SYSTEM! WAY BETTER than a DNA-ALTERING POISON that NOBODY knows what harm it’ll do over time.

      TRUMP WON!!!

      • disqus_QaFVeHG6n4

        Trump was also right about HCQ and Ivermectin. I read another medical article last week about its effectiveness in treating the COVID virus.

        Does anyone here have info on where we can acquire it?

        • Tjs

          There are links to drs prescribing. I just picked up a bunch in mexico without RX (ivermectina). If your close to border or traveling down there. Price has rocketed at ~$10/2tabs. There are online mex pharmacies, but i never tried them. Mexico govt studied effectiveness and found it to work.

          Also try equine ivermax. Look at feed stores, tractor supply. I have that too and is very cheap. $1/dose. Be very careful with dose. One equine syring is 5 doses. Ive read many ranchers have taken the horse version with no ill effects but keep in mind its not intended for humans.

        • Bobster

          use to email them, otherwise your email will bounce back.
          if you don’t see it on their website, just email them and tell them what you are looking for. legit pharma company in India. Hydroxy comes in blister packs of 15 ($.11/tablet), Iver in packs of 10 ($0.71/tablet), and Azith in packs of 5 ($0.40/tablet). been buying from them for years. shipping to east coast about $45. takes 10-15 days to arrive.

        • JVolta

          The sell Ivermectin over the counter in Spain and likely many other more civilized countries.

        • Walter Wego

          Go to They will prescribe Ivermectin and HCQ for you. The left has been fighting hard to shut these good Dr’s down.

      • throughthewringer

        Not enough info about strong immune systems fighting the virus. I’m in the vulnerable category and and got it end of March 2020. I barely recognized that I was sick. The virus couldn’t find a home in me so it moved on.

        • GeorgeFloydNeededTVs

          As of a few months ago the average age of ‘covid’ death was 75.5 and already in poor health. In Italy it was 78.5 with prior heath issues. There was no reason to lockdown everyone and shut down the global economy. We just needed to safeguard the sick and old. The leftist’s knew that and used the virus to grab control.

          • JVolta

            The government is responsible for thousands of deaths that didn’t need to happen. And Cuomo is getting away with it.

        • Right wing

          And now you have the T cells and antibodies. Better than any shot!

      • GeorgeFloydNeededTVs

        More people are dying over the last few weeks from the ‘vaccine’ than from the virus. Fact!

    • kelcraig

      Their narrative is falling apart fast. This is why they push so hard. The vax is not what they say it is. We in a heap of trouble now.

    • CDaJFunk

      Provincetown? You can trace all kinds of odd diseases back to there.


      LIAR FAUCI BUSTED: 2018 Video Shows Dr. Fauci REINSTATING Gain-of-Function Research at NIH – Defending Its Use
      “Dr. Anthony Fauci Seems to be Still Funding Gain of Function Research…The Chinese Military Is Involved In This Research” – Dr. Lawrence Sellin
      now there is proof that Dr. Fauci was lying again under oath in yesterday’s hearing.
      And there is video proof that Fauci was lying.
      Back on January 29, 2018, Dr. Fauci announced, “NIH Lifts Funding Pause on Gain-Of-Function Research.”
      And Dr. Fauci defended its use.
      It appears Rand Paul has an open-and-shut case against liar Tony Fauci.


      CDC Quietly Deletes 6,000 COVID Vaccine Deaths From Its CDC Website Total in One Day — Caught by Internet Sleuths (VIDEO)
      As reported earlier the CDC-linked VAERS website released its weekly numbers last Friday.
      The website has now recorded 11,140 reported deaths from the COVID vaccine in the United States.
      This is up from 9,125 reported deaths from the COVID-19 vaccinations total from last week.
      The number of deaths linked to vaccines this year has absolutely skyrocketed. According to the CDC’s own data.
      On Wednesday the CDC posted on its own website that there were 12,313 reported deaths from the COVID Vaccine since December.
      This number would track with the VAERS website number.
      But then a strange thing happened. After the CDC posted this number they went back hours later and switched it to 6,079 reported deaths in the US from the COVID Vaccine.


      Buried Truth: CDC Reports More Covid Vaccine Deaths than Covid Deaths Over the Last Two Weeks
      Don’t expect to see this data reported on CNN or the Washington Post anytime soon.
      An analysis of data available on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website reveals a shocking truth. Over the last two weeks, there has been such a huge spike in Covid-19 “vaccine” deaths reported through VAERS that the totals are higher than the deaths attributed to Covid-19 itself during the same time period.

      According to the CDC’s vaccine adverse reactions portal, there have been 4,006 deaths following Covid-19 vaccinations reported between June 26 and July 9. During the same time period, the CDC shows 3,114 deaths attributed to Covid-19. That means there have been over 28% more vaccine-related deaths than Covid-related deaths during the two-week period.

      Vaccine proponents and the “arbiters of truth” in mainstream media will “debunk” this by claiming that VAERS data is inaccurate. We agree; estimates by respected analysts put the reported data at somewhere between 1%-15% of reality. In other words, for every family member who even knows to report their relative’s vaccine-related deaths to VAERS, there are many more who did not.

      This information is being ignored by the media, censored by Big Tech, and suppressed by our government. They are well aware of the health risks associated with these so-called “vaccines” but they will not allow their narrative of ubiquitous vaccinations to falter no matter how many people die as a result.
      The most widely used “debunking” tool is the unverified status of VAERS reports. As The Gateway Pundit pointed out:
      The VAERS database contains information on unverified reports of adverse events (illnesses, health problems and/or symptoms) following immunization with US-licensed vaccines. The CDC government website links to VAERS platform.
      What the pro-vaccine media refuses to acknowledge was also noted in The Gateway Pundit story. We’re not talking about a “vaccine” that is simply more dangerous than previous vaccines. We’re talking about one that is exponentially more dangerous. To put it into perspective, there have been more post-vaccination deaths reported in the last week than there have been in any given year since the data was first collected in 1990, and it’s not even close.
      Filing a false report on the database is a federal offense, so unless the powers-that-be and arbiters-of-truth want to claim there are thousands of people willing to risk their freedom for the sake of playing a minuscule role in perpetuating a conspiracy theory, they need to drop the narrative that VAERS data is completely wrong. Again, we believe it is wrong… in the other direction.

    • Ron Larsen

      One thing I notice with every article I read about vaccinated people getting Covid, they never tell you the particular brand of vaccine or if it’s all of them equally.

    • Ranger_Ric

      MA leftists… I hope they all die.

    • Dunny

      “Provincetown authorities are also demanding that large venues require entrants to show proof of their vaccination status”… why are they requiring proof of vaccination if you can still get the Wuhan virus after taking the experimental vaccine? Will “the science” look at this? Or just ignore the data? 🤔🤫

      • characteristicallysuccinct

        Ignore….doesn’t fit their narrative.

    • perryds4919

      Where is the CDC, hiding under their desks??? Silence, is not helping Americans. We need the truth, not lies and cover your and your leaders A$$ stories.

      • John Tokalenko

        Do you still not get it? The CDC is aiming for your death.

    • politically incorrect

      If you haven’t figured out the truth by now,go ahead and take the vax….you’re to stupid to live

    • Buckethead


    • john wilson

      Well as I suspect, they have a high vaccinated rate. in places where its closer to 50/50, the split is closer to 50/50. I think the conclusion is the vaccine doesn’t work. What has worked is all the people who got covid and have the antibodies, that is what set this virus down…herd immunity from natural antibodies!

      • snuffy smith

        that always is how the different flu’s have subsided

    • John Tokalenko

      This is IMPOSSIBLE, Lord Fauci (masks be upon him) assured me the “vaccine” works. And it’s “safe.”

      Experts never lie.

      • Chester Courtland

        Dr. Fraudci

    • That Steve

      Maybe this vaccine destroys your immune system leaving you susceptible, kinda like with AIDS.

    • ReagansGhost

      If you want to know why getting the vax may in fact make you more susceptible to Covid and Variants, google “Antibody Dependent Enhancement & Covid 19”. You’ll be shocked what you read about the mRNA vaccines and why they didn’t work on Covid SARS-1. I’m not a virologist but I bet what we are seeing now is ADE.

      • tomaso

        Yup….and just wait for the next flu season!!

    • 199libgrunt

      Over a million superspreaders from all over the world brought over the border and shipped to every state and the maskholes and vaxholes think they can get a handle on it. Remember it started with a few thousand wuhan visitors allowed to fly to all countries as china disallowed their travel inside the country to kill 4 million worldwide. How many of bidens virus spreaders he placed all over will kill how many more? Don’t need much more proof that masks & lockdowns don’t work after 18 months of masking or that the vax jab doesn’t work with the thousands vaxxed newly infected cases reported daily. With all these lies why do they think folks just can’t believe them and don’t follow their ‘suggestions’.

    • Joe McCarthy was right

      Could it be, that the vaccine actually makes you more prone to Covid19 by suppressing your immune system?

      • Starland sound

        it will certainly be found out that the variants cropped up from the vaccinated and the virus trying to work around their artificial immunity.

      • Sharia Blue Team Leader

        AZT sends its regards.

    • Starland sound

      lol, tell that to the tens of thousands of vaccinated who make up a lot of covid patients throughout the world!

      84% of the Israeli covid patients, 60% in Britain…

    • Jeff Id

      Because masks work?

    • Bob

      How in the F are “most” if the people in a nursing home vaccinated and not all? Good God MA! God is coming for the idiots that vaccinated… LOL

    • Casimcea

      Should we conclude that the “vaccines”are useless? Neh !!!! Goofy insists they they work.

    • Arvid

      Again in the face of facts, they make a nonsensical decision. Mask up unvaccinated even though you’re not the ones causing issues

    • Len Mullen

      So, let me get this straight…

      1. Fully vaccinated people can become very sick with COVID
      2. Fully vaccinated people can spread COVID
      3. Fully vaccinated people may die or become permanently disabled or get very sick from the vaccine

      When the vaccinations began, I expressed a concern that the vaccinated would take risks and act in ways that would make things worse. I guess I was right.

      The first post-COVID cruise only boarded fully vaccinated passengers and required a negative test within 72 hours of boarding. Two passengers had COVID by the end of the cruise.

      CDC/media misinformation is a very dangerous thing.

    • 1withabrightfuture

      I’m tired of being lied to…

      Now Joe and others tells me that the jab keeps you from getting Covid, meanwhile 60%+ of fully vaxxed are testing positive with 43%+ of the dead in hospitals are fully vaxxed…
      These jabs aren’t vaccines if they can’t confer immunity to you…

      Joe, tell me another one…

    • Mr. House

      That sounds like the result of virtue signaling by getting sterile saline in your jab to make you feel superior.

    • PaoloRM

      The “Vaccine” was never intended to stop the Covid bug, it is intended to alter DNA in a manner that makes those who are “Vaccinated” susceptible to something down the road the government will unleash when they need to cull the population. It is very much like the Yellow Star of David the NAZIS made the Jews wear.

    • Mitt McSwamp

      ……as soon as it becomes clear that the vaccine is toxic, the state run media will start to call it
      The TRUMP vaccine ….

      • snuffy smith

        or they will tie Fl Gov DeSantis to it and blame Trump for the Hati assignation

    • Dave Hunter

      Even the inventor of the mRNA “vaccine”, Dr. Malone, says that it is not safe.

    • Dennis L.

      The vaccine is a thousand times more effective than a mask. What’s with the mask paranoia?

      • arnieus

        1000 x 0 = 0.
        Every published study for 72 years (1946-2018) concluded masks don’t work.

        CDC: “In our systematic review, we identified 10 RCTs that reported estimates of the effectiveness of face masks in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infections in the community from literature published during 1946–July 27, 2018. In pooled analysis, we found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks.”

      • Herb Daniels

        1000 times zero equals zero. very effective indeed…lol
        what’s more effective than either in creating mass hysteria
        take a minor disease…. find a brand new way to count deaths….
        not “cause of death” (which covid caused maybe 20-30k total)
        but “disease influenced deaths” in this case Covid influenced deaths…
        Which everybody thinks is a valid death count but is not.
        It’s a meaningless statistic of how many people died when they were allegedly “positive” testing, even though the tests themselves are widely fake.
        So like goody goody communists, we compare apples & oranges complicate without a question & those who question are cancelled & censored….
        COVID IS CURABLE…. just let it go… & make “Social Distancing” illegal… It’s really bad for everybody’s health and weakens our immune system, which is already the best way to fight covid… & will always be if we just let a curable disease run it’s course.
        Look…millions of blind brainwashed panicked former human beings’
        Too dumb to see a nursing home full of covid patients and no mention of anybody dying in 2021….

    • Herb Daniels

      Great article.. too bad it took 2 days to find national exposure @ citizenfreepress
      I hope other people redirected here do like I do and bookmark the home page of this site …
      One good story… I’ll look here for more. thanks

    • joecapoe

      it’s the vaxxed* causing the variant. dr. yeadon was sounding the alarm bells back in march. dr. yeadon was the vice president of pfizer not too long ago

    • libertarianmark

      Sounds like ancient Rome–blame the Christians for their problems.

      Or 1930’s Germany–blame the Jews for the socialist government’s failures.

    • tonkaGuy

      Biden’s assertion that only the unvaccinated are being infected appears to be misinformation.

    • Iso Opto

      Close the borders

    • DeplorableHoosier

      lol, that’s funny, the vaccinated are getting sick at a higher rate than the unvaccinated, and it’s the UNVACCINATED’s fault, NO……. if you got the vaccine, and got sick, Don’t blame the unvaccinated, We are doing just fine, I’d say if you got the vaccine, and got sick afterwards, you got a bad dose of the Vaccine, question is, are there ANY good doses?????
      No thanks, they will have to inject this crap into my dead body, otherwise, I’m NOT taking it

      • Kemo Sabe

        It may come to that.. Big Pharma makes $$ for each jab. They don’t care if it’s a living or dead arm.

    • MilesMonroe

      And the kabuki theater continues unabated.

    • constantvigil

      The time has come to distrust the Biden Administration: the vaccine is harmful, unnecessary and ineffective- they said it would protect the elderly and people with comorbidities – this is not true! They said 95% efficacy it was near 0 in Israel…and is decreasing here.

    • Gr8tium

      Since it’s becoming more and more obvious the vaccine isn’t a vaccine, why are they pushing it so hard???

    • Randy Lee

      what I’ve gathered from all of this is if you don’t want to catch the flu, stay away from vaccinated people. they are the ones coming down with it again. so much for getting jabbed.

    • bub23

      What I want to know is what is the rate of breakthrough infections among the millions of us who have naturally acquired immunity. The fact that they are not reporting it tells me that naturally acquired immunity is effective whereas the jab is not.

    • IMBACK

      the most vaccinated countries in the world are experiencing covid surges… the lease vaccinated are not.

      the vaccine is a failure.

    • Sentinel

      When will they learn? The drug trials proved the vaccines don’t prevent infections or spread. Why else would they have warned the vaccinated to stay away from pregnant woman because the drug can transmit from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated?

      The trials proved failure. That’s why it’s not a vaccine and when pubic officials or drug manufacturers call it a vaccine they are deceiving the public.

      The CDC’s definition of “Vaccine”

      Definition of Terms

      Immunity: Protection from an infectious disease. If you are immune to a disease, you can be exposed to it without becoming infected.
      Vaccine: A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease. Vaccines are usually administered through needle injections, but can also be administered by mouth or sprayed into the nose.
      Vaccination: The act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce immunity to a specific disease.

      The COVID medical products under EUA’s were not designed to confer immunity. But recovering from natural infection confers long lasting, broad immunity that may even be life long, so why punish the unvaccinated who have immunity? They are your safe buffers, they are where herd immunity starts and ends.

    • Hector

      Provincetown: Homo-Lesbo-qwerty HQ in the East. More susceptible because of other ailments?

    • 8ball

      Joe Biden has a serious case of dementia. He lies about everything. He actually claimed that there was no Covid-19 vaccine when he became president, when in fact in excess of 27 million had been vaccinated, including himself. Why would anybody believe anything Joe Biden says?

    • JVolta

      The vaccine doesn’t work and we are now seeing it fail in real time. Wait and see what the future side effects are. It could get ugly for millions of saps who lined up for the jab like Turkeys on Thanksgiving.

    • Duane Affolder

      Where is the science when allowing untested, unvaccinated, illegals to cross the border, and then dispersing them all over the country, is purposely spreading the covid trail, and other sickness, in America. Pandemic 2 is on its way, along with lockdowns, masks, and passports. Seems intentional to me.

      • Kemo Sabe

        It IS.

    • Kemo Sabe

      Each jab puts more $$ into the pockets of Big Pharma. And you can bet some of your Bippies ( of all) that some pols are getting brown bags.. They are getting and have been getting so many brown bags, they can start their own Brown Bag companies, LLC… The Brown Bags are being distributed far and wide, even to non-pols who have significant input/voice in the medical community.
      If any of these non-pols jumps ship, well, no more guvmint research grants and will be censored by Big Tech, a branch of the Deep State and the Communist party, w/ extreme prejudice..

      The Deep State- Communist Party and Big Everything runs the country.
      On Communist News Network the other night, Joe China, in the depths of his Alzheimer “guaranteed” the vaccines ( actually a Gene Therapy) will keep you safe from the Communist Wuhan Special bio-weapon virus and said the CDC (?) will soon give the vaccines official standing/blessings, instead of the temporary EUA . Emergency Use Authorization..
      We will see if that really happens.. IMO, Lawyers will be chomping at the bit. Until then, we will see different variant of the bio-weapon., we are only on D right now.. Control is irresistible.. To dicKtators.

    • John Durham IS Deep State!

      I don’t think Joe is intentionally lying. I think he truly believes everything that comes out of his pie hole.
      “I have never talked to Hunter about his business dealings.” THAT may be an exception?

    • Tom

      Let me translate: The vaccination doesn’t stop covid. You can get infected and pass it on to others. Basically the vaccination is a crap-shoot.

      • Humus B. Chitinme

        Perhaps the vax had nothing to do with covid…

    • MMB

      From the many sources that I read it appears that this is actually ADE. Of course, getting real science out to the public is a challenge these days. Plus the vaxers will never admit they are wrong.

    • Riley2c

      I’m in the healthcare industry. It seems, that alot of people getting it are Vaxxed. They don’t want people to know this. Why? The remaining unvaxxed will not get it.

    • Jeff Kingston

      Does anybody in the media have a brain? Assume in a given area, 100% of the people are vaccinated. Then assume that one person contracts the virus. The resulting statistic would be “100% of the new virus cases are with vaccinated persons”. Simple math. Then to add to the idiocy of the reporting, we don’t know if this was simply a positive test that occurred because of false positive (which happens a lot with vaccinated people since the test is fooled by dead virus fragments), or if the case was asymptomatic, or if it were mild like a cold. What matters now are serious cases that require hospitalization…which are extremely rare. The rest matters not at all.

    • BuckarooBanzai

      why would anyone take the vaccine in the middle of war time?
      are people so stupid to still think these people are not evil. that they still have your best interest at heart?

    • Jim1937

      When those who test positive are asymptomatic, what difference does it make? This is another scamdemic!

      • constantvigil

        The vaccinated people who are dying from Covid are the elderly and people with comorbidities – the “Vaccine” doesn’t protect those per some recent study…

    • constantvigil

      So the Government will come in and say we need more harmful ineffective vaccinations and boosters and because when you give people more of a harmful substance people will get more sick in the short and long term. They are too arrogant and greedy to admit this vaccine was a mistake and things will get worse until someone in a position of power has the moral courage to stop it and regroup…

    • LSpooner

      Provincetown. Interesting. I am going to go out on a limb and guess that all the new infected are men. perhaps there were sexual interactions between VXX men. perhaps this is what caused them to become sick, Lots of questions that this story avoids…purposely.

      • UrsulaS

        You took the words right out of my mouth. P-Town in July. The P might as well stand for Petrie-dish.

    • 8675310

      Some doctors have reported that the ‘vaccines’ destroy any Covid antibodies that you already have, thus making you susceptible to infection when you weren’t before. But, that’s just a conspiracy theory, isn’t it?

    • Humus B. Chitinme

      Since they won’t say whats in the witches brew why would I believe them when they say it’s a covid vax? Especially when vaxed people are still getting sick.

    • Nobodys Fool

      I notice that all the articles trying to emphasize/spin that vaccinated people are comprising a majority of new “cases” doesn’t really say anything about severity of the case. I never thought we were promised the vax would prevent us from getting COVID, just that it would minimize the chance of hospitalization and death from COVID. Maybe more vaxxed people are getting it because they’re going back to “riskier” behaviors. Maybe the majority of these “cases” are mild and/or asymptomatic. I also notice that all the people who want to say that every post-vax illness or death was caused by the vax are the exact same people who want to tell you that nobody died from COVID. The people who want us to be afraid of the spike protein in the vax ignore the danger of the spike protein in COVID. The people who want everyone to get vaxxed completely ignore natural immunity from people who already had COVID. The people who say no one should get vaxxed and if you still wear a mask you’re stupid completely ignore the significant part of the population that’s immunocompromised, most from diabetes, for whom getting COVID is more likely to be a death sentence. No one seems to be rational, everyone seems to have an angle they want to push, surely some of the info in the mix is intentional misinformation to cause additional fear, confusion, and conflict…. Meanwhile ordinary citizens are having to wade through all this to make what could be a life-or-death decision for themselves.

      • LSpooner

        “Meanwhile ordinary citizens are having to wade through all this to make what could be a life-or-death decision for themselves.”

        After 18 months what we know is that 99.97% of the planet population will not die from ‘covid”
        After 19 months we know that 99% of the people who died, which is ,ooo3 % of the human population had an underlying conditions. according to the CDC, hypertension was the #1 co morbidity, attributed in over 50% of the deaths, followed by heart disease and diabetes. For the overwhelming majority on this planet. there is nothing to fear. it is NOT life and death. the life and death we all make is trusting those claim to be “authorities” and are “just looking out for our best interest” those who say ‘trust me”. putting your trust in anyone whol talks like that increases your risk of death and mental illness damage far worse that “covid”

    • Steve R

      Sanctimonious New England liberals hardest hit.

    • Jack76

      It’s on the Cape, not in the Cape.
      Rookie mistake in editing.

    • Michael A

      People are dying because people are lying. Shut down the vaccines. Biggest medical catastrophe in human history.

      • John Keller

        The term “catastrophe” implies accident or stupidity. This is all intentional. Hence, the term should be genocide.

    • Sir William

      Just fear mongering.

    • Dollops

      And still, the basic fact is Covid-19 has not been exceptionally deadly as seasonal “flus” go. From the beginning, we have experienced a fear campaign to justify heavy-handed government restrictions on normal lives.

    • George

      Gullible vaxtards getting sick and dying.

    • Arlene Kara

      Joe shills for Big Pharma and China as part of Hunters: “By my Crappy Art for millions” deal and my dad will push your poison.

    • Arlene Kara

      I think it’s only a matter of months now when it becomes clear that the vaccine is the bio weapon, not covid.

    • Jackson

      I cannot believe how many stupid folks taking experimental jabs from a convicted serial killing company Phizer.

    • yirgach

      The increase in cases is normal and constantly publishing the number is an exercise in absurdity.
      That is simply because as a virus mutates it becomes MORE contagious and LESS virulent.
      Right now the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) for Covid is about 0.15%, which is like the standard flu.
      So testing positive is NOT a death sentence, it just means getting some rest and maybe buying more tissues.
      Yes, it affects higher age groups and those with comorbidities more than the general population, but that is exactly why those groups should be quarantined and NOT every else.
      There is something going on with the focus on vaccinations and it it not a healthy situation by any means.

    • seth rich

      Ever notice that the government and media always lie?

    • no one

      What if game…..what if the pandemic was created so that people who got the vaccine would have the virus attack their systems like a beacon? The side effects of the vaccine causing many different types of medical issues like blood clotting, seizures, tremors wear down the body’s immune system allowing the virus to grow and the anti-bodies cannot fight the infection. Either way this virus and vaccine was created to produce a reaction that nobody knows the future outcome.

    • aubreyfarmer

      “At least 33 people in a nursing home in Yarmouth on Cape Cod have tested positive for SARS-Cov-2.” SIMPLY AMAZING how often “33” shows up in a news report about the Woo Flu. Do a search and see what I mean. 33 degrees in masonry. JESUS murdered at the age of 33. Text Biden to 30330. Divide the year 2020 by 666 the Mark of the Beast and you get 3.033030330303303033030330. Their “secret” way of mocking GOD.

    • Jerry Sanders

      Regardless of ideology, all need to bring solid data otherwise the value is “trust me, the check is in the mail”. “Most” is not solid data. Of 132 positive cases how many were fully vaccinated. How long after the booster shot, did symptoms of infection occur? What were the age groups involved (at least 33 were nursing home residents but what was the age? What signs and symptoms did the patients have and what was the duration of the illness? Was the illness identified by PCR or a rapid antigen test? This observation holds doubly for the vaulted CDC, they should know better than to come forth with any advice without making all the data available to the public.


    Biden plans to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian

    KievPresident Joe Biden is gearing up for a war with Russia over Ukraine. On Wednesday, a group of US Democratic senators introduced a bill that would authorize an additional $500 million in military aid to Ukraine, on top of the $300 million that has been given to Kiev by the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act.

    Facebook and Google accused of ‘secret agreement’ to corner advertising market

    AustinMeta chief Mark Zuckerberg and his counterpart at Google, CEO Sundar Pichai, secretly made a 2018 agreement to split the digital advertising market between the two IT giants, according to recently revealed allegations by senior US government officials.

    Indiana: Life insurance CEO sees 40 percent rise in deaths in ages 18-64

    IndianapolisThe head of an Indianapolis-based insurance company in the US said the death rate has risen by 40 percent among working-age people, skyrocketing from pre-pandemic levels. The company has also seen an “uptick” in disability claims. Initially short-term disability claims rose, but long-term disability claims have also been increasing.

    Warming Arctic could lead to ‘little ice age’ in Europe

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    Has the Corona uprising started in Florida?

    TallahasseeFlorida Governor Ron DeSantis is currently the loudest opponent of US President Joe Biden's nonsensical Corona policy which aims to make injections that do not stop illness or transmission mandatory.

    Brazil’s vaccine passport data wiped in cyber attack

    BraziliaVaccination data from the Brazilian Ministry of Health's website was copied and deleted in an apparent ransomware attack.

    Covid-19 has killed more people in 2021 than 2020 in the US

    Covid-19 was reported as the underlying cause of death for some 377 883 people in 2020, accounting for 11,3 percent of deaths, according to the CDC. More than 770 000 people have died from the Coronavirus as of Monday, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

    Not very confident: FDA to publish info on Pfizer’s Covid-19 jab in 55 years

    The request for information on the shots would have been a great opportunity for vaccine manufacturers and advocates to demonstrate the success of their products with the data that exists on vaccine safety, effectiveness and "rare" side effects.

    The strange link between the sterilization of wild horses and mRNA vaccines

    A strange link has been made between the sterilization of wild horses and the Covid-19 vaccines. Vaccination against the porcine zona pellucida (PZP) is designed to contain the wild horse population by generating antibodies that prevent the mares from producing fertile eggs.

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