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Carl Friedrich

Articles by Carl Friedrich

The transatlantic vassals should get themselves dogs

On the first anniversary of the Ukraine war, the chief ideologue of transatlantic vassals, FAZ editor Berthold Kohler, explained in a lengthy editorial why "Putin must fail".

Clown fatigue strikes Sanremo

The world-famous Sanremo Festival kicked off in Italy on February 7. Actually, on the last evening of the spectacle, on Saturday, the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky was supposed to appear there via video link.

Did Germany just declare war against Russia?

Is it a real declaration of war? Yes. On January 24, Baerbock gave a speech to the Council of Europe – not to be confused with an institution of the European Union. Although this speech contained borderline provocations, it was a scripted intervention. However, in the subsequent hearing, Baerbock had to answer questions without a prepared text.

Two knife killings signal the end of multiculturalism

A "confused" Arab stabbed two young German train passengers to death and seriously injured several others this week. In the same week, a Moroccan stabbed a Catholic priest to death in Andalusia, Spain. 

Calls for altmedia to be demonetized from an unelected free-speech fiend

BrusselsThe EU Commission, elected by no one, currently consists of a President, three Executive Vice-Presidents, a High Representative (Josep Borrell), four other Vice-Presidents (one Vice-President resigned because she is in prison) and 17 other commissioners plus a commissioner-designate.

The scandal that could sink Vienna’s cultural elite

ViennaThe shocking child porn case of the actor Florian Teichtmeister burdens the entire swamp of left-leaning Viennese cultural celebrities who had covered up and condoned the crimes. But they could not keep the lid on his heinous activities.

The European political class has completely lost touch with reality

In 1989, when East Germans demonstrated not only in Leipzig but also in Berlin in front of the Palace of the Republic and sought a confrontation with the nomenklatura of the GDR, Erich Honecker assumed that the opponents of the system were being infiltrated and politically controlled by "Western provocateurs". He could not and did not want to believe that significant parts of the GDR population had lost all confidence in his state, the GDR.

Happy New Year! A rollercoaster 2023 awaits us

Happy New Year and I hope we survive 2023! Stay healthy, don't let anything get to you, don't bend over backwards and above all don't give up fighting for what is important and valuable. 

Leftists turn Brussels into a den of corruption

BrusselsQatari bribes have uncovered an unbelievable network of socialist corruption in Brussels surrounding the now deposed Vice President of the European Parliament, Eva Kaili. Did the raids reveal only a fraction of foreign influence in EU institutions? 

Another Reichstag fire?

Drawing parallels between the latest operetta staged in Germany and Trump's alleged capture of the Capitol in the United States quite clearly indicate who is behind the story of the "seizure of the Bundestag".