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2016: Start of a Conservative Revolution?

Dan Roodt reviews the major events of 2016, and predicts that the inchoate Conservative Revolution will carry over into 2017.

Published: December 31, 2016, 5:37 pm

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    By October 2017, it will be hundred years since the Russian revolution when communism took root in Eastern Europe — with all its devastating consequences. In a sense, all revolutions are bad, and reading up on the French revolution one comes under the impression that the French are crazy to commemorate such a senseless, murderous event every year; let alone make it their national holiday.

    But the past year has offered us the glimpse of something new, which is almost a contradiction in terms: a Conservative Revolution. We had Brexit, and then — against all odds — the election of Donald Trump as US president. All over Europe, so-called “populist” parties are on the rise, with the establishment fretting over how to calm their own populations.

    Ironically, the kind of cradle to grave indoctrination — coupled with censorship — one saw in formerly communist countries has now become the weapon of choice for Western elites. Everywhere there is talk of new “hate speech laws” and a clampdown on free expression. Except that the elite censors are dinosaurs in a digital age, for in a networked world samizdat is now the norm, and no longer a marginal, late-night activity for a few anticommunist dissidents. Much of the internet may be off-limits to corporate employees the world over, who are only allowed to access news and information from politically correct, mainstream sources. But even those employees whose work computers are controlled by special software to filter out dissenting viewpoints, may still access the whole internet from their private cellphones.

    In fact, 2016 started off with official German censorship over the Cologne sex attacks by Muslims breaking down. Exactly one year ago today, on New Year’s Eve, at least 1 200 German women were raped or sexually assaulted by 2 000 men, mostly if not exclusively of immigrant origin. In the hours and days afterwards, both the German authorities and the mainstream media tried to play down the incidents and deny their ethnic character. As in South Africa, where the MSM are past masters at presenting black crime as “everyone’s crime”, so the German media tried to present the Cologne rapes as “everyone’s rapes”. Of course, to feminists, women are always raped by abstract nouns, such as “the patriarchy” or “masculinity” and never by real men, let alone real Muslim men. The pro-immigration mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, maintained after the attacks: “It’s completely improper… to link a group that appeared to come from North Africa with the refugees.”

    Losing the information war over the Cologne sex attacks was a first breach in Frau Merkel’s self-confident and politically correct order. After being initially suppressed, news of the Cologne attacks eventually made global headlines; for the first time the unpalatable truth as communicated by the “populists” via social media, websites and YouTube, won out against a carefully constructed, sanitised narrative actively promoted by the German government and the German MSM. It was the harbinger of new power relations between citizens in Western countries, derided as “populists” or even “populists extremists” and their respective nomenklaturas. But as yet it was dismissed as a once-off wobble in elite, PC rule and control.

    During all this time, of course, the Trump candidacy was being played out in the USA. Not only the American media, but also the European media adamantly dismissed Trump’s chances of even winning the Republican nomination, let alone the presidency.

    But before a groggy MSM and political establishment had to wake up to Donald Trump in the White House, or soon to be there — he will only be inaugurated on 20 January 2017 — the Eurocrats of Brussels, as well as the City of London, were shaken to their boots by the outcome of the Brexit vote on 23 June. British Prime Minister David Cameron resigned and Theresa with her trunks full of funny shoes moved into number 10 Downing Street.

    Again, the referendum whether Britain should remain a member of the EU saw the battle lines being drawn between an irate or frustrated citizenry and a comfortable, haughty elite that tended to lecture them on the advantages of globalism and the backwardness of those clinging to own borders and a national identity. The issue of immigration also played a distinct role during the referendum, with the Brexit voters rejecting the notion of open borders and especially accepting more third-world immigrants.

    “The long march of the populists”, to borrow a phrase from Mao’s China, culminated in the election of Donald J. Trump as US voters rejected an almost unanimous wave of vilification and scaremongering by the MSM. Among the catastrophes predicted upon a Trump victory, was a stock market crash. Yet since his election, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has risen from 18259 to the current 19762, an increase of 8,2%.

    In Italy, a referendum about constitutional reform proposed by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi ended in a resounding victory for the “No” camp, with 59,4% of voters opposing it and 40,6% supporting it. Renzi resigned from office, saying, “My experience in government ends here… I did all I could to bring this to victory. If you fight for an idea, you cannot lose.”

    These three key moments in Western politics during 2016, Brexit, American presidential elections and the Italian referendum were all won by the anti-establishment forces. (In Austria, the establishment won the presidential election, albeit narrowly.) Therefore, they represent symptoms of a sea change in public opinion.

    In his own New Year’s message, released on Twitter, Nigel Farage spoke of “letting the revolution roll into 2017”.

    What he meant was that the European elections coming in 2017, those in France, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway and so on, should show the same shift to the citizens voicing their opinion and having their say, as during the three major upheavals that occurred in 2016.

    But perhaps there is a profounder sense of the word “revolution” that I hinted at above, by using “Conservative Revolution”, a term first popularised by Austrian author Hugo von Hoffmansthal in the early 1900s. After all, we are living with the consequences of so many left-wing revolutions that had started in 1789 with the massacre of, not only the nobility, but also the civilians who were opposed to the revolution, especially in the west of France. Until now, revolutions have been synonymous with orgies of destruction, burning, looting, murdering on a large scale. Lest we forget, even during the West’s most recent revolution during the 1960s, students under the spell of Maoism and cultural Marxism were rioting in the streets of Paris, whereas less violent demonstrations took place on US campuses, as well as elsewhere in Europe.

    In essence, the so-called “New Left” revolution of the 1960s had created the political correctness of today, with its continued destruction of the family, national and “gender” identity, and so on.

    What has been very liberating over the past few years, is how it is no longer taboo to discuss a whole variety of thinkers from the early part of the twentieth century. One such thinker is Carl Schmitt who had his own ideas about conservative revolution.

    One famous quote from Carl Schmitt is the following:

    “The pinnacle of great politics is the moment in which the enemy comes into view in concrete clarity as the enemy.”

    If we think of the failures of the Right or conservatism since World War II it has to do with their incapacity to discern an enemy. As quite a few American commentators have remarked, the definition of conservatism is “late adoption of left-wing ideas”. Multiculturalism, feminism, LGBT values, etc. have all been adopted by centre-right parties, except a bit later than their left-liberal counterparts.

    A lot of positives have come out of the Trump campaign. But even more so out of the anti-Trump campaign waged internationally against him! The MSM in the USA, Europe, Australia, Latin America and South Africa were united in their implacable hostility and ridicule of Trump. In a way, all of the enemies of conservatism have assembled, like barbarians at the gate. So they have “come into view in concrete clarity”, as Schmitt would have said.

    Merkel is one of them. So is George Soros, with his global network of NGOs having as their vocation the undermining of the nation state, as well as Western civilisation generally. The mainstream media have this year also been guilty of overreach in their naked propaganda campaigns and fake news broadcast to what they consider to be the blinkered, manipulable mass of voters. Professional journalists as a class are the enemy too, we have learnt this year.

    The danger is that a Trump administration in the US, as well as the rising patriotic parties in Europe, could lapse into “business as usual”, and imagine that they could find a compromise with people and ideas that have openly declared their hostility to Europeans, whites, heterosexuals and anyone still attaching value to their traditions or heritage. We can only hope that “the mainstream” will cotinue to make the same mistake as they are wont to do, by seeing the populus, bearer of populism, as anathema and screaming it from every TV screen and in every leading article in the major newspapers.

    That way, the new right or alt-right or patriots or whatever we may want to call ourselves, will be constantly reminded of whom we need to take the fight to.

    A personage no less than the current President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker admitted in an interview at the end of November that it was a “mistake” to have imposed economic sanctions on Austria at the time when the Freedom Party had participated in government.

    “We decreed sanctions against Austria, in a moment of autobiographical weakness, when the far-right took over some government control in Austria. This was a mistake because voters should not be punished or sanctioned for making a bad choice. You have to discuss, debate, even fight with the political reality which could be like the one you describe,” Juncker said.

    It seems to have dawned on Juncker and presumably some others that treating patriotic parties with duly elected representatives as “illegal movements” and punishing the voters who vote for them, is an approach that will only exacerbate the current divisions.

    Having overplayed its hand, the Left currently is at pains to paper over the differences and minimise its former hostility which was almost war-like in intensity. We have also seen how many of the globalist news corporations have toned down their attacks on Trump. In France too, for a number of years now, Marine Le Pen has been treated as a semi-respectable politician. Although it still happens occasionally, she is no longer openly accused of being a “racist” and a “fascist” whenever she appears on television or radio. The French presidential election in May will be next on the Western agenda, and it is to be hoped that she will defy the polls currently predicting a win by François Fillon, much as Trump did.

    Having underestimated the revolt of the voting cattle and the “stooges of democracy”, the Left and the globalist elite seem to be taking a step back from openly calling for the imprisonment of dissidents, although specific crimes around “hate speech” will still lead to imprisonment. We have now become inured to seeing media reports about people being sent to jail simply because of something they had said on Facebook or Twitter or published on a blog. However, it remains shocking and should remind us that it will be a short step from imprisoning people for incorrect speech to incarcerating them for having the wrong opinions or supporting the wrong parties!

    As in judo — Vladimir Putin would appreciate this — where one uses the opponent’s momentum to throw him to the ground or to hurt him, we should learn to use the left-wing hysteria, including ethnic riots in both the USA and Europe, to further the agenda of a Conservative Revolution. We should not tone down our objectives either, but strive for the complete overthrow of our current overlords, with their corrupt system masquerading as “multicultural tolerance”. It is neither tolerant, nor cultural, in any sense of the word.

    Despite and notwithstanding all of the constraints of his office, hopefully Donald Trump will also understand that.

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