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Strange clouds: Photo credit: Joachim Süß

Spain: Law allows geoengineering experiments

Over 50 countries are currently carrying out "activities to artificially change the weather", explained the Spanish weather agency AEMET and speaks of "chemical contrails" or "chemtrails".

Published: August 18, 2022, 12:00 pm

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    Chemtrails are considered to be one of the most reviled conspiratorial theories of recent decades. Anyone who addresses this topic is immediately pushed into the corner of the really insane conspiracy theorists.

    But the World Economic Forum has already admitted that techniques like “spraying aerosols into the upper atmosphere” were part of a science called geoengineering and touted as a “large-scale solution to climate change”.

    It’s also no secret that tech billionaire and vaccination messiah Bill Gates believes in interventions in nature.

    Why is the CIA interested in climate change experiments?

    Alan Robock has sounded the alarm over CIA funding of a National Academy of Sciences report on different approaches to combating climate change, and the fact that the CIA has not yet explained its keen interest in an engineered “nuclear winter“.

    Lawyer Aitor Guisasola meanwhile highlighted the legal situation on the subject of “artificial weather manipulation” in Spain. The climate in Spain can be influenced by geoengineering because these interventions have been regulated by law since July 27, 2001 by Royal Decree 1/2001.

    In this decree, under Chapter 1, Article 3 , under the title “Modification of atmospheric conditions”, it reads: “The modification of the atmospheric conditions of the hydrological cycle may only be artificially modified by the state administration or its agents.”

    Of course, this also means precipitation or the lack thereof, explained Guisasola. “The Royal Decree clearly states that they may do it. This is very clear, obvious and evident. They can do it and they do it. Because a government doesn’t make laws and then doesn’t apply them.”

    Also on the official website of the state meteorological agency, AEMET, one can find information on geoengineering in Spain and other countries around the world.

    Drought can be engineered

    AEMET conceded that over 50 countries were currently conducting “artificial weather modification” activities. The expert committee of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is informed about their status in “regular reports”.

    These modifications are aimed at increasing the amount of precipitation, the reduction of the associated damage and the size of the hail and to the dissipation of clouds. It is also claimed that dry spells are engineered only “in certain airports or important traffic routes”. These activities are based on “developing technologies” that may not yet have a “solid scientific base”, AEMET noted.

    Why does geoengineering exist?

    The term geoengineering is used to refer to a wide range of techniques, including more recent experiments in weaponizing the weather associated with “climate change“. The objective is to manipulate the climate to reduce mainly two aspects: the variations in solar radiation and the increase in CO2 and thus alleviate the increase in temperature. These techniques suggest theories aimed at reducing the solar radiation that reaches the earth’s surface by increasing the reflection capacity of the surface or the atmosphere. This second group of techniques have an impact on a regional and even global scale.

    Various experiments have also been carried out in cities near the poles to provide light during the winter night, using satellites that reflect sunlight on the earth’s surface using sails.

    Military interest in the weather is not new: Over North Vietnam, Laos and South Vietnam, the US military had secretly seeded clouds to increase and control the rainfall for military purposes.

    Experiments that do not work

    From the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the Federal Government of the United States, experiments and financed campaigns began at the beginning of the 1960s, as was the case of the Stormfury project, which sought to attenuate the intensity of hurricanes. This project, despite criticism from countries like Cuba, was maintained for two more decades, until it was recognized that it did not influence the behavior of hurricanes. It was likely used as a cover for a military interest in a Cuban adversary.

    In addition to protection against frost, traditionally through the use of fans or irrigation of crops, the most important project in Spain has been the one carried out in the Duero basin between 1979 and 1981, proposed and carried out by the WMO, with the name of “Project of Intensification of Precipitation” (PIP).

    In this trial only the first phase was completed, the results were disappointing and impractical. The main conclusion was that it was necessary to deepen the knowledge of cloud physics and the structure of cloud systems before undertaking new research or operational projects.

    The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment in its latest report alluded to food security and curiously stated: “It should be kept in mind that the energy associated with weather systems is of such a magnitude that it is impossible to create cloud systems that drop precipitation, modify wind patterns to bring water vapor to a region, or completely eliminate extreme weather events. Artificial weather modification technologies that claim to achieve such large-scale or extraordinary effects lack a solid scientific basis (for example hail guns or ionization methods) and are not scientifically credible.”

    Harmful substances

    Some of the substances used, for example silver iodide, are certainly toxic and harmful to the environment, although the amounts used in artificial rainfall intensification programs are allegedly small, according to WMO reports.

    In the absence of other nuclei, one gram of silver iodide supposedly widely distributed in the cloud could lead to a precipitation of 1 l/m2 in an area of ​​1000 km2. Annual worldwide cloud seeding has been estimated to account for 0.1 percent of the amount of silver iodide incorporated into the atmosphere by human activities in the United States.

    In addition to the US, other leading countries for investments in operational weather modification programs are China, Thailand and India.

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