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Frost-damaged Argentine wheat. Two years ago, drought and cold hit large parts of the Argentine winter wheat. This year, it looks just as bad in terms of weather, but then there is a lack of fertilizer and a lack of other inputs, as well as rampant inflation, which further hampers farmers. Photo: BCR Mercadosa

Australians urged not to charge their electric cars

The world is plagued by record high energy and fuel prices at the same time as energy supply is becoming increasingly strained. It can be seen not least in the southern hemisphere where winter now reigns. At the same time, the globalists' mandatory "green" change is taking place all over the world, which has created and is driving the energy crisis and the now rampant inflation.

Published: July 6, 2022, 2:12 pm

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    Governments around the world are being admonished by globalists in order to avoid an alleged climate catastrophe in the form of global warming. This is despite the fact that the earth’s average temperature is now falling and harvests around the world are being decimated by increasingly colder weather.

    In Greenland, climate alarmists had warned, the ice would melt. Instead, once again, they are experiencing record volumes of snow and ice.

    Australian leaders are now urging the already hard-pressed population not to charge their electric cars. This is due to the ongoing energy crisis, which has affected the whole world but especially Western countries. The authorities demand through warnings, which are sent out several times a week, that the population reduce their use of electricity. However, it is already so expensive that most people are doing everything in their power to limit their electricity consumption.

    ELECTRIC CARS AND ENERGY CRISIS is a bad combination. Not only are electric cars very expensive to buy, but now their “fuel”, electricity, is also becoming exorbitantly expensive worldwide. The energy crisis only looks to get worse and electric cars are also expected to become even more expensive to manufacture. Nickel, cobalt and lithium are exported to a significant part of Russia, which the West sanctions… or rather using to harm themselves, as they suffocate their own industries and populations. Photo:

    Some people in South Australia are said to be freezing in their own homes, as they cannot afford heating. The winter, which now prevails in the southern hemisphere, is unusually cold this year in Australia, South America and southern Africa. A record amount of early snow in Australia allowed many ski resorts to open several weeks earlier than usual, while other resorts were surprised during renovation or preparation work and now cannot open at all due to the huge masses of snow.

    Argentina has seen over half a century old cold records broken in recent weeks and many other countries are experiencing the same thing.

    It is not just a matter of electric cars’ “fuel” becoming as expensive as fossil-fueled cars, but that the availability of electricity is no longer a matter of course. Too few charging stations are no longer the main problem. Here you can see a Tesla owner driving around with a Honda generator and petrol in the boot to charge the electric car’s batteries. Many are forced into similar emergency solutions. Still image: TikTok

    The warning that Australians receive is that poor compliance with the authorities’ order to save electricity will lead to power outages. The outages can be planned to save electricity or unplanned due to congestion. Some Australians have perceived it as almost blackmail. The fact that Australia is the largest coal exporter in the world, while the population suffers from energy shortages, has made many Australians furious. Anger is not alleviated by the fact that regardless of the record high electricity price and severe energy crisis, the authorities continue to prioritize “green conversion” where at least 80 percent of all energy in Australia must be renewable by 2030.

    The rulers of the Western powers demand that their populations save energy. The EU urges us to heat or cool our homes less, to work from home, to drive less and not at all on Sundays. In Germany, people are urged to shower less and the system media has published articles with headlines such as “It is enough to wash these four body parts”. In Sweden, they have been advised not to vacuum when it is cold.

    It is seldom said outright that it is for the sake of the climate, but claims that it will in some way punish Russia and its President Vladimir Putin – even though it is the peoples of Europe who have suffered.

    EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager personally went out and called on Europeans, including Swedes, to “Control your own and your teenager’s showering, and when you turn off the water you say: There you got Putin!”

    That we should stay at home, travel less, use less fuel and electricity, not eat meat and so on – whether it is due to an alleged Corona pandemic, climate threat or to “punish Putin” – is not up for debate. The diktats of the globalist powers now affect those who “did as they should” and bought an expensive electric car, at the urging of climate alarmists.

    The call in Australia is not the only one that has recently hit electric car owners. In May, the electric car manufacturer Tesla went out and asked its American customers in the state of Texas, where the company’s headquarters recently moved, not to charge their electric cars under high load online between 3pm and 8pm. This is due to difficulties for the state in meeting electricity needs. It happens every time the weather is hot or – which has started to happen more and more often in recent years – unusually cold, as homes and businesses have to cool or heat their properties to a greater extent.

    In February 2021, Texas (known for its deserts and western movies) was hit by a snowstorm where the temperature dropped to -19 degrees Celsius. The blizzard killed at least 246 people in Texas, many of whom froze to death.

    Texas residents are just as annoyed as Australians, as the state is by far the largest oil producer in the United States with a share of 42,7 percent. However, it is “dirty and dangerous” energy.

    Greenland’s ice cover is growing

    Recent data from the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) revealed that Greenland’s melting ice has slowed down considerably over the past decade, and that the trend has now clearly turned, with the ice expanding.

    Paul Reiter, British professor of medical entomology at the Institut Pasteur in Paris who left the UN climate panel IPCC in protest. Still: The Great Global Warming Swindle (Climate Documentary)

    The Greenland ice sheet has stabilized in recent years. Since 2016, an increase, so-called positive surface mass balance (Surface Mass Balance, SMB) has been measured.

    The term SMB is used to indicate gain (positive) and loss (negative) of mass at the surface of the ice sheet. This includes ice melting, snowfall, freezing of meltwater and evaporation of snow (sublimation). Since 2016, daily and monthly records for this century have been set. Decades of reliable satellite measurements have made it possible to detect trends and thus trend breaks when they occur.

    Nevertheless, the system media remain silent when the climate narrative is contradicted by nature itself.

    Greenland, which is the world’s largest island, lost ice mass from around 1995 to 2012. This was used to the maximum by climate alarmists, who instead of pointing out natural fluctuations over time, claimed that it was due to global warming, which was said to be due to man-made carbon dioxide emissions. The lowest measurement point was made in 2012 and the trend for the SMB average (1986-2021) turned upwards in 2013. This without any new trend break in almost a decade. This growth trend will continue during the most recent season 2021/2022, where several measurement results for the ice cover have shown this time and time again. On Tuesday, June 14, a record-breaking positive SMB for June was published, of over 4 gigatons, which beat the SMB average for 1981-2010.

    For thee but not for me…

    Despite this clear trend, the establishment, their paid researchers and the media, have chosen to continue to report that “A previously unprecedented melting of the Greenland ice sheet is taking place”.

    This is what Dagens PS wrote on 23 February and it continued: “The Greenland ice sheet is melting faster than previously thought, a new study shows. It can have major effects on sea level rise.” On June 15, they had another article entitled “The sea will engulf houses near the beach within 30 years.”

    We also read that “within 30 years, 200 000 houses will be destroyed by sea level rise in the UK, according to a new study. The changes are impossible to avoid and will require that entire communities be moved.” PS also stated that “sea levels rising due to climate change is well known”.

    For whom it is “well known” is never mentioned, but we can confidently state that it is not known by top politicians or climate alarmists since they have invested in beach properties. An example is the current climate scaremonger in the United States, John Kerry. Despite warnings of rising sea levels since 2014, he invested in a beach property that cost the equivalent of $11 million and moved into it in 2017.

    Swedish television on May 26 reported that “the warming of the Arctic is going faster than expected”. Among other things, we learn that “in Greenland, hunters are forced to kill their sled dogs because the ice is no longer reliable to ride on”. This is despite the fact that the latest data from the European weather satellite organization European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) shows that the ice cover at the North Pole in May was the largest in three decades

    It is quite evident that such climate panic is political, not scientific.

    Hope wheat from Argentina is graveled

    This massive disinformation campaign is misleading not only the public, but also political representatives. This can have serious consequences, especially as agriculture has been hit hard in the last four years by colder and wetter weather with a shorter growing season or destroyed crops as a result.

    Timothy Ball, Canadian Professor of Climatology and Geography, commented on the prevailing narrative at the UN Climate Conference (COP14) in December 2008 in Poznan, Poland: “If we are at all facing [a crisis], then I think we are preparing for [global] warming, when it looks more like cooling. We’re preparing for the wrong thing.”

    An example of this is Argentina, the largest wheat exporter in South America and the eighth largest (sixth if Russia and Ukraine are excluded) in the world. Instead of preparing the country and the farmers for cooler weather, they prioritize globalist agendas such as Agenda 2030. Now politicians are surprised to wonder why their harvests have decreased in recent years.

    This is especially serious as there were high hopes among wheat-importing countries, especially those who had previously bought their wheat from Ukraine and Russia, that Argentina in particular could make up for the loss. However, these hopes were dashed when the sowing of winter wheat, just like the summer wheat in the northern hemisphere, was delayed by frost and unusual cold. Until June 8, only 30 percent of the land used for winter wheat had been planted and the previous drought combined with unusual cold has alarmed the country’s farmers.

    Jeremias Battistoni, a market analyst at the Argentine agricultural consulting firm AZ Group, commented: “This year there will be fewer hectares planted with wheat and less use of fertilizer this season.”

    This means not only much smaller wheat harvests, but also that many farmers choose other crops such as barley. For wheat production, it is as bad as when the thousands of farmers do not plant anything at all. However, the order books are already filled by wheat-hungry countries as if a normal harvest was to be expected later this year.

    “About 90 percent of the exportable quota has already been filled, but only 30 percent of the crops have been planted… so there is a risk there,” the analyst warned.

    Not only does this mean that Argentina will not be able to compensate for the global wheat shortage, which many had hoped for, but the large food producer will not even be able to cover existing orders. When Argentina cannot fill its export quota as intended, it not only increases the global deficit, but creates a domino effect; with increased pressure on other exporting countries, more restrictions or stops on exports, growing shortages and skyrocketing prices.

    The world is now in the devastating negative spiral of worsening manure and food shortages and rampant inflation that we have been warning our readers about for over two years. This autumn, when the harvests around the world do not live up to expectations, we will enter the next phase… with food shortages, unsustainable prices for many, social unrest, violence and incipient starvation.

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